Snow Joe Snow Blower Deal: Save Up to 52% Off

Snow Joe Snow Blower Deals

When winter weather is ready to strike, you’ll feel much more comfortable knowing you have the tools needed to keep your driveway and sidewalks clear. If you’re not already equipped for the impending snow and ice, Snow Joe is currently running a sale on their line of snow blowers that can save you up to a whopping 53% off. That amounts to over $200 dollars in savings on some models.

Snow Joe Snow Blowers & More


Never Worry About Gas or Pull Cords Again

One of the best features of the Snow Joe line of snow blowers is that they are all electrically ran. You won’t ever have to worry about ensuring there’s gas in the garage. Nor will you have to tear your shoulder apart yanking on a pull cord to get the blower running.

Instead, Snow Joe’s blowers each run on either electrical cords or battery. Obviously, the battery models are ideal so that you aren’t tethered to an electrical outlet. But if you don’t have all that much area to clear, you can save yourself some cash by going with a corded model.


Snow Joe iON 18-Inch Cordless Single Stage Snowblower Kit

The best snow blower deal of the bunch is definitely on the 18-inch Snow Joe iON. Currently listed at 53% off, you’ll save yourself well over $200 if you pick one up while they’re on sale.

The iON is battery operated, so you won’t have to worry about dragging an electrical cord through the snow. It’s also designed to be lightweight at just 32-pounds, ensuring that everyone will be capable of handling it.

It starts instantly and runs super quietly thanks to its electrical motor. Battery run time is roughly 50-minutes, which when combined with its 18-inch clearing path, should be enough to tackle most jobs. And thanks to a steel auger and dual rubber blades, you can move up to 500-pounds of snow per minute.

The Snow Joe 18-inch iON sports an automatic 180-degree chute so that you can aim the snow right where you want it. And it projects those flakes up to 20-feet in the air ensuring little gets left behind.

iON18SB-HYB – Snow Joe iON Cordless + Electric Hybrid Snow Blower – Live DemoAccess the Snow Joe iON18SB Hybrid Snow Blower here: DUAL DYNAMO, REVOLUTIONARY RECHARGEABLE! Just a few short years ago, Snow Joe® took the world by storm with their innovative line of eco-friendly, battery-powered snow blowers. Now they’re back in a BIG way again with the iON18SB-HYB. Ideal for clearing snow from sidewalks, mid-sized driveways…2015-08-10T17:20:45Z


Corded Snow Blower Deals

There are great deals listed today on corded Snow Joe snow blowers too. You can currently save yourself 46% off (that’s $137.85!) on the Snow Joe 22-Inch Electric Snow Thrower. This 22-inch 15-amp model can handle up to 25 tons of snow an hour. And its 22-inch steel auger can cut up to 13-inches deep, which is pretty impressive.

You can aim the chute to target exactly where you want the snow thrown. LED lights are built into its design so you can plow snow in dark conditions. And because it’s powered by an electrical cord, you’ll never have to worry about a battery dying on you mid-job. This 22-inch Snow Joe is a large blower at a small price.

Snow Joe is also offering their 18-inch corded snow blower at over $110 off. That’s nearly 50%! It’s slightly smaller, but it still touts the ability to easily handle 720-pounds of snow a minute thanks to its 15-amp motor and 4-blade steel auger.

Snow Joe 18-inch snow blower in action.

The 18-inch Snow Joe also has a Halogen light on the front to help you see in darker areas. It chute too can rotate 180-degrees. And snow is flung up to 25-feet to help you clear your area more quickly. It even comes with a tool to clear your chute should snow begin to build up within it.

Finally, there’s also a smaller sale on the excellent Snow Joe 20-Inch iON+. The deal isn’t as robust as the others above, but this snow blower outclasses its brethren in nearly every way. It houses 2 4.0-Ah at the same time to double your power capacity. Its 1,200-watt brushless motor can handle moving 14-tons of snow before needing a new charge. And the front of this beast features a pair of LED lights to keep you working in dim lighting. It’s worth a look at the very least.

A Warranty to Protect Your Purchase

At this point, Sun Joe and Snow Joe are pretty well known brands. And the company gets that recognition due to reliably great products with a powerful warranty to match them. Each of these Snow Joe snow blower deals comes with the manufacturer’s 2-year warranty included. Meaning that should you have any woes with your product within those 48-months, just give their friendly customer service a call and they’ll help you tackle any issues you’re having.

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