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33 Best Space Saving Beds for Small Rooms (Updated!)

Whether you’re building a tiny house, living in a small studio or loft, or you just like to keep things compact, there’s no getting around the fact that beds take up a lot of space. We’re here to offer you some great alternatives.

You’ll sleep like a baby in these space-saving beds that do double duty as lounge areas, or work, storage, and study spaces, giving you plenty of room to flex your design muscles on your favorite decor pieces.

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What Are the Best Space Saving Beds For Me? 

There's no one right answer to the question, because it truly depends on your needs and the space you're trying to fill. Pull down beds and Murphy beds are terrific options if you want to keep your sleeping quarters well hidden, while sofa sleepers and futons take the place of two large furniture pieces at once.

The Murphy bed probably has the most entertaining and unexpected history, all having to do with a sneaky way to entertain the ladies. This article from Smithsonian Magazine is a fun romp with the facts. 

What Are the Best Space Saving Beds With Storage?

We think that when you're dealing with smaller rooms, you can't beat beds that also offer storage. As a rule, captain's beds offer tons of drawers in a pedestal with a mattress platform on top, so you won't need to take up space with additional dressers.

If you opt for a captain's bed with a headboard, be sure to get one with added storage shelves that will allow you to eliminate the need for nightstands as well.

What Are the Most Affordable Space Saving Beds?

When it comes to overall affordability, bunk beds win on price and often on functionality too. And we're not just talking about bunk beds for little kids. We discovered that there were great options for college students and adults, especially if you're looking to create a bunk room at your rustic cabin or retreat. 

Many loft bunk beds offer a second lower bunk, and we even found the most clever triple bunk bed that can be reconfigured into three cute twin beds once kids need their own rooms.

Many of these loft beds feature bases that include dressers, closets and even desks and added chairs all for a really affordable price.

What Are the Best Space Saving Beds for Adults?

One thing you'll note is that there are many bed options for kids and singles, but if you're coupled up, you won't be satisfied with a twin or full size mattress. 

The best space saving beds for adults were most definitely captain's beds and Murphy beds which we found in full, queen and king sizes. Do keep in mind, most space saving beds have very specific requirements for mattress depth and weight, so you'll want to research your options well before making a purchase.

Are There Space Saving Furniture Options for Toddlers?

We'll admit it. Some of the absolute cutest space saving beds were totally geared toward the toddler group. While they featured standard twin mattresses, they also had dressers, bookshelves, toy storage and even a little book nook to keep bedtime stories close at hand. 

If you're shopping for a toddler, lower loft beds are a popular choice, although bunk beds offer the option as they grow to move to the higher bunk, especially when they hit the age for friend sleepovers. 

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