13 Best UV Lamps to Sanitize Your Space (Updated!)

These days, people are more concerned than ever about germs, bacteria, and most especially viruses. If you’re looking to keep your home or office safe and virus-free, a UV lamp is an ideal way to clean and disinfect areas like bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens by using a germicidal UV-C light to sanitize all kinds of surfaces – including areas inside your car and RV. Keep in mind, for most lamps you’ll need to leave the space while they work to avoid eye or skin damage.

While larger areas can also benefit from UV air purifiers, these germ-killing UV lamps can add to your health-conscious arsenal and give you a little peace of mind during our current health crisis as well as during the regular cold and flu seasons. Use these lamps to sanitize your keyboard and mouse, as well as your whole office.

If you’re concerned about water quality as well, UV water purifiers use the same powerful UV-C light technology to effectively kill waterborne pathogens while you’re at home, in your RV, or even in your water bottle while you’re on the go.

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How Does UV Light Kill Germs?

When UV-C light hits microbes like germs and viruses, the light disrupts their DNA together. Without working DNA, bacteria and viruses can't replicate themselves or even perform normal cell functions and so they quickly die off.  

That's why UV lamps, phone sanitizers, and professional UV sterilizers are so popular right now. We're all living in fear of the current viral threat, and UV light is one way to keep us safer at such times.

For more information, this article from Scientific American really spells out things in detail. 

Where Can I Use UV Lamps?

As you'll quickly see, UV lamps come in all shapes and sizes. You can use them to clean your smaller rooms and even inside your car, where bacteria and viruses can easily cling to small surfaces.

Many people utilize these lamps to kill mold and bacteria in their bathrooms, and since a number of them also offer ozone, they can sound the death knell to stinky odors as well.

If you've been thinking about a phone sanitizer, we can certainly understand as this article from Time Magazine makes clear just how gross our phones and devices are. 

But if you're trying to decide between UV sanitizers that do different things, these lamps can accomplish a lot of sterilization without having to invest in a bunch of different equipment. 

Are UV Lamps the Same as Germicidal Lamps?

In most instances, you'll find that germicidal lamps rely on UV-C technology to do their work. That's why the terms are really quite interchangeable. 

Often, we think of germicidal lamps as specifically those used in clinical settings, however, we're lucky to live in a time when this technology is readily available to consumers for home use. 

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