Vont Smart Light Bulbs: Everything You Need to Know

vont smart bulbs

Looking for a new, cool way to improve the ambiance in your home? Adding a color-changing light bulb that isn’t going to break the bank and can be controlled via your cell phone or tablet or other Bluetooth or Alexa-powered device. The Vont Smart Bulb is not only an energy-saving bulb you can put into most lamps and light fixtures. It saves nearly 80% energy over other similar 9 watt light bulbs and can produce 16 million different color options.

After a long day of work, there is no better way to unwind than by selecting a calm, soothing color and relaxing. Order some food, throw on your favorite show to binge and let the stress of the day disappear. With all the colors to choose from, you can select one based on your mood and let the light do the work. The Vont Smart Light Bulb makes for an excellent gift idea.

Here’s everything you need to know about Vont’s Smart Light Bulbs:


  • 16 Million Colors
  • Works With Alexa and Google Assistant
  • No Hub Required
  • LIFETIME Warranty

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More About The Vont Smart Light Bulb

One of the great things about this smart light bulb, and there are a lot of great things, is that you can get the app through the app store on your smartphone and have complete control over everything that this bulb has to offer. You can pull up the visual light spectrum available on the phone and through the lights and change every hue. Featuring RGB colors, which are a combination of the primary colors Red, Green, and Blue, hence the name RGB. There are so many color combinations that you could scroll and search for hours and not see the same color twice.

You can add multiple bulbs throughout your house to the app and control everything in your house from the living room to the game room to each of the bedrooms. You can even turn a light out in your kids’ rooms when it is bedtime. No more having to ask them fifteen times to turn the lights out. With total immersion and control over the house at your fingertips, you’ll save on your energy bill by cutting down on running lights. Also, you are going to save on light bulbs in general, at 810 LUMENS the light is bright and at 20,000 hours run time, you will be changing the lights less frequently.

Another great reason to add this item to your shopping cart is that each bulb comes with a lifetime warranty. The warranty reimburses you if a bulb doesn’t work or if it is stolen. This kind of peace of mind isn’t available in every smart light option. Between the savings, the performance, the ease of use, and the lifetime warranty, the Vont Smart Light is a great choice for personal use and as gifts.

Our Review

There are a bunch of options out there for smart bulbs but none of them have all of the amazing features that this particular bulb offers. The control, the ease of use, and the ability for any user to understand and work the bulbs are something you can’t just find anywhere. Also, the value. If you are looking for great value on a great product then you have come to the right place. There are three options available. A one-pack, a two-pack(which is featured), and a four-pack.

Vont Smart Light Bulb Packages

Vont Smart Light Bulb 4-Pack ($29.99)

Vont Smart Light Bulb 2-Pack ($17.99)

Vont Smart Light Bulb 1-Pack ($5.00)

Between the money you will save on the actual product and the money you will save over time between changing fewer bulbs and having fewer lights left on without anyone there the energy bill is going to shrink. You will also be less stressed not just about money, but when you get home and can surround yourself with calming lights to chill out in front of the TV, romantic lighting for a nice date night, or intense lighting for a night of gaming with friends.

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