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23 Best Water Features for Your Patio & Yard

There’s nothing quite as calming and beautiful as the sight and sound of running water. Now you can add that aesthetic to your garden and yard with these water features that are easy to install and will give you years of enjoyment. Along with your choice of outdoor furniture, the right water feature can transform your space into a peaceful retreat.

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Why Should You Buy a Water Feature?

Water features can transform your space from a visual as well as an aesthetic standpoint, plus they add a layer of soothing sound to your space. Honestly, they're good for your health according to this helpful article from Landscape East & West.

That's why te world's most famous gardens all include water features and fountains as an integral part of their design.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Water Feature?

There are many things to consider when choosing a backyard water feature. While available space is definitely part of the picture, you'll also want to decide whether you're trying to create a specific design style. 

If you have small children, safety is another concern. If your kids are small, you may be best to go with a fountain that has small basins versus large pools of water. 

This article from House Beautiful offers some excellent tips.

How Do Water Features Work?

Whether you opt for a water fountain feature or you choose to builder a larger in-ground pond, water features require a submersible water pump to circulate the water. 

In most fountains, these pumps come pre-installed and you simply add water and enjoy. With an in-ground pool or pond, there is more elbow work required to excavate and line the pond before adding fountains and sprayers. 

Water circulation is important to avoid your water feature from becoming a haven for nasty hatching things like mosquitos. 

Are Water Features Difficult to Install?

If you choose a water fountain, they are easy. You simply plug them in, add water, and enjoy. That does raise the issue of where and how to string cords so they are less visible and don't become trip hazards. 

If you choose solar powered water fountains, the task is even easier as you only need to ensure that you've placed your fountain in an area that gets adequate sun to power the water pump. 

If you're planning to build a larger pool for aquatic plants and fish, you'll still need electricity, which presents more work and know-how to do it right. 

Do Water Features Require a Lot of Maintenance?

It depends. If you are buying a plug and play water fountain or solar fountain, you will want to occasionally treat the water with an algicide to avoid it getting slimy and staining the sculptural parts of your piece.

If you opt for that larger pool or pond, a muck remover is helpful as it literally eats away the scum at the bottom of your pond. This also helps to prevent fittings and fixtures from getting clogged and having to be removed and cleaned which isn't a fun job.

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