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21 Best Weathervanes for Your Home & Garden

Weathervanes have been around for thousands of years. An early method to literally figure out which way the wind was blowing, today they are mainstream as decorative pieces.

There is a weathervane for every decor, style, and house type. From barns to ranches to other types of homes, a weathervane is a really cool addition that won’t break the bank. Spruce up your home and/or garden with a beautiful accessory like one of the best weathervanes for your money.

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As we stated above, weathervanes have been around for thousands of years and there hasn't been much of a change to the construction of these amazing items. The content of the items has changed but only for the better. Now there are more designs than ever before and some really specific and unique options that will make a lot of people really happy to put up on the top of their homes. Each weathervane on this list is standard size and built to withstand any kind of weather and made to last. Once you are up on the roof attaching these items is easier than ever before. 

Each review has some accessory options and even features extensions rods for taller and bigger barns and farms. Some even feature garden options that you can put in the ground to add a little accent to your ever-growing garden. Adding one of these to your garden will make you love landscaping for the day. Anyone that sees your new, cool weathervane will definitely comment about it and ask you where you got it. Make sure you tell them that Heavy did all the hard work and all you had to do was choose your favorite and add it to your cart. 

What are the Best Weathervanes for Farms and Barns?

Each and every farm is different, from what they produce to the way they are set up and the way they perform. Luckily for farmers and ranchers out there, we have put together this amazing list of unique weathervane options. No matter if you have a dairy farm or an alpaca farm, there is something for everyone on this list, each as equally cool as the last.  All you need to do when you receive your new accessory is get to the top of the roof and install it. Each item comes with everything you will need to put together and attach to your roof or garden. Even the most novice handyman or woman will be able to put your new piece together and add some serious flair to your barn or farm.

One of the most classic and iconic weathervane designs is the rooster. A staple of farm life and every farmer's alarm clock, the rooster is a proud bird that looks amazing spinning in the wind on top of a barn or home. The copper and steel makeups of these incredible weathervanes add longevity to their lifespan. These weathervanes will last years and will most likely be on the house and in good working condition long after you are gone. Click the link above to see one of the great selections.

Another really cool design that will look great on your barn down on the farm is the trotting horse. Tons of farms and ranches have horses on-site and promoting what kind of animals you have via your new weathervane is a great move. The horse can be seen from hundreds of yards away and is a neat way to advertise that there are in fact horses on your farm or ranch. The horse weathervane is a classic look and one of the more popular purchases for farmers and ranchers. When the wind blows and spins this horse around it will look amazing and you will most likely catch yourself staring at it in all of its glory. This is an item you can purchase, install and admire for decades to come. 

Suns, moons, and planets are other popular weathervane designs that date back to the original weathervanes. Mixing meteorology and astrology isn't a distant gap to bridge. The two go hand in hand and looking up at the sky and seeing this weathervane will immediately make you take a second and enjoy the view. Imagine going out at night, with a full moon in the sky, and seeing the silhouette of this weathervane spinning in the breeze. I get chills just thinking about it. This item is built to last and will be able to withstand all kinds of weather from small storms to snow squalls and high winds. 

What are the Best Weathervanes for Gardens?

The Hummingbird is one of the most fantastic creatures on the planet. They are cute, their ability to hover as if they are floating is unique and they are frequent customers of gardens with tons of flowers. Why not pay homage to these beautiful creatures with a hummingbird weathervane for your garden? Adding this weathervane will not only add some color and style to your garden, but it will also pair well with a bird feeder that these cool birds can enjoy. Just take the item out of the box, bury the steak or pole into the ground so it is sturdy, and enjoy it for years and years. 

Sticking with the bird theme, the cardinal is one of the brightest and best birds to watch. Grab your binoculars and sit back while these bright red birds enjoy your garden and their mirror image in your new weathervane. The cardinal weathervane completely captures the beauty of these birds and will scratch your ornithologist itch. While these birds aren't rare by any stretch, seeing them live and up close is always a treat. The 38-inch weathervane has an extension rod that will make it taller and you can check that out in the review for this particular weathervane. 

Bunnies are cool creatures to see in the wild. I live in a fairly large city but every once in a while I will see a fluffy white tail hopping across the grass and will stop to enjoy how exceptionally cute the rabbit truly is. For those of you with gardens packed with veggies, the bunny might not be your best friend and you will most likely have to put up some fencing to keep those critters away from your harvest. Adding this weathervane to your garden will allow you to enjoy the site of a rabbit without the heartbreak of seeing bite marks in your carrots and lettuce and cukes when you go out to tend the garden. 

Add a weathervane to your home and you will get to enjoy decades of seeing your unique accessory. With price points for every budget and content for every kind of person, there should definitely be a weathervane for everyone within this amazing list. All you need to do is purchase and set it up.