X-Chair X-Tech Executive Chair Review

x-chair x-tech review

As someone who spends 40+ hours a week in an office chair at my home, it’s safe to say that I know a thing or two about the importance of comfort. But there’s more to buying an office chair than just comfort. There are other things to consider, including aesthetics, build quality, and your own budget.

For those who place less emphasis on price and more emphasis on quality and getting the most premium option available, X-Chair has a new executive office chair, rightfully dubbed the X-Tech, that is the clear winner in the luxury office chair market, as it’s absolutely loaded with style, and more importantly, features.

(X-Chair provided us with an X-Tech office chair for review purposes).

One of the most notable features of the X-Chair X-Tech is the Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL). DVL is a major factor in making the X-Tech as comfortable as it is. It’s a small section of the chair that sits behind your lower back and adjusts itself to your body, moving into just the right spot every time you move (regardless of how you’re sitting in your chair). In fact, it’s the main reason I included the X-Tech on my list of the best gaming chairs for back pain over at Nerd Much?.

x-chair dvl

The X-Tech was clearly built with adjustability and support in mind, as just about every part of the chair can be tailored to your body. It has the typical features like adjustable armrests and chair height, but X-Chair takes adjustability to the nth degree with the X-Tech. The armrests can be adjusted in four different ways: height, depth, width, and angle, allowing you to get the perfect position you need with ease. Both the headrest and the backrest heights are adjustable, so whether you’re Danny Devito or Yao Ming, you can get the right height.

The chair also has a contoured seat that was built with comfort in mind, and it’s made with cooling gel that’s both supportive and keeps you cool.

The X-Tech comes with X-Wheels, which is essentially a fancy way of saying it uses rollerblade-like wheels. These wheels are 100% rubberized, which makes them super quiet and glide easier than the standard roll wheels.

The build quality of the X-Tech is top-notch, which is what you’d expect from a luxury office chair. Each piece feels and looks like it was hand-picked with care, and the end result is an immaculate-looking office chair that all of your friends and family will envy.

Cooling, Heat & Massage Option

Do you want an office chair that also functions as a massage chair? X-Chair has an option for that with its Elemax add-on that brings cooling, heating, and massaging to whoever sits on it.

The massage function could be stronger, but it does provide nice vibration to ease lower back pain while you’re working or gaming.

As a gamer, the cooling function is what makes the X-Tech’s Elemax option worth it. It has small fans that will cool your lower back during those sweaty battles.

X-Tech Color Options

There are many different color options available for the X-Chair X-Tech, and they’re all super fancy-looking. My personal choice is the Onyx, a black base with white DVL, but there are a handful of other options available including Stone, Shitake, Midnight, Reef, and Navy. There are also some new Special Edition Summer Edition colorways available, including Cayenne, Morning Sky, Night Sky, and Rose Red.

See What the Colors Look Like Here

X-Chair’s Warranty

As far as the warranty is concerned, X-Chair provides an industry-leading five-year warranty. For the first two years of the warranty, X-Chair covers both the cost of replacement and shipping. For the next three years, X-Chair will cover the cost of the replacement but the shipping is on you, the buyer. I think that’s a pretty fair deal.

One of my only gripes with the X-Chair X-Tech is that it isn’t as comfortable for those who like to sit with their leg underneath them. Where this position feels natural in my Secret Labs chair, it feels awkward and cumbersome when sitting in this position while using the X-Tech. It’s not a dealbreaker – by any means – but it is worth mentioning.

Our X-Chair X-Tech Review Final Thoughts

If you’ve got the extra two grand to spend, the X-Chair X-Tech is the creme de la creme of office chairs and is worth the price tag. Its build quality, adjustability, five-year warranty, and premium look make it a standout in the wildly crowded office chair market. But to be clear, this is a luxury chair, and if you’re not looking for such, you’d be better served to buy something else. But if you’re on the hunt for an executive office chair that’s extremely versatile, stylish, and is from a company that backs up its claims with a great warranty, you won’t be disappointed with the X-Tech. It’s unmatched in both style and quality.

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