Z Grills 7002C2E Pellet Grill & Smoker Review

z grills 7002c2e review

Z Grills

In the past few years, pellet grills have become increasingly popular. Wood pellet grills are no exception to this popularity explosion, and the Z Grills Backyard Warrior 7002C2E is one of the best budget grills on the market today.

We recently received one of these pellet smokers from Z Grills for review, and I’m actually quite impressed (for a number of different reasons I’ll go into below).

The 7002C2E features everything you need to grill your favorite foods without worrying about flare-ups or burnt meat due to hot spots. This is probably the most important aspect of any grill, and in my experience with the 7002C2E, it cooks evenly.

We’ve tailored this article to walk you through the product features of the 7002C2E and everything in-between so that you can make a more informed choice for the best meat smoking experience.

Who Are Z Grills?

Z Grills is one of the most rapidly expanding pellet smoker producers in 2022. Since entering the market in 2016, they’ve increased their market share by providing high-quality pellet smokers at budget-friendly prices.

Z Grills previously manufactured pellet smokers for several other major brands before selling direct to customers, and their 30+ years of experience shows in their products.

Assembling the 700C2CE Is EASY

If there’s one thing any experienced griller can appreciate it’s a super easy and quick assembly process. The grill ships unassembled, but assembly took less than half an hour, and it was one of the most painless assembly processes I’ve experienced. The instructions were easy to follow, and the assembly process, itself, didn’t require hundreds of screws and the need for an extra body to help (although having a second person for lifting is recommended). I was able to fully assemble the grill in about 25 minutes with zero hiccups, and everything I needed was included.

This very reliable pellet grill maintains an impressive temperature range, whether you are cooking low and slow or fast and hot. You can smoke for hours, or sear a steak to perfection. It’s a wood pellet grill that can both smoke and sear, making it one of the most efficient backyard grills available.

In fact, since owning the 7002C2E, I’ve made multiple smoked pork butts, a few racks of ribs, a brisket, and a couple of turkey legs that came out juicy and flavorful. And, on the grilling end of things, I’ve grilled the standard burgers, hot dogs, salmon, and steaks that were cooked to perfection thanks to this grill’s even cooking.

Quick PROs 

  • It features an upgraded PID temperature controller.
  • Convection cooking maintains temperature across the cooking chamber without any hot spots.
  • The manual feed button forces pellets into the fire pot more quickly, allowing it to return to temperature quickly after the lid is opened.
  • Includes two meat probes to help you know when your food is ready.
  • The pellet hopper window and door let you conveniently change pellets.

Buy the 7002C2E From Z Grills Here

What Makes It Stand-Out

There are a few noteworthy features of the 7002C2E that make it a stand-out in the pellet grill category. Here are a few features that set it apart from the competition:

  1. It has 697 square inches of cooking space, which is enough for five rib racks, 29 burgers, or five full chickens. It’s big and spacious, allowing you to smoke or grill multiple items at once.
  2. It has a massive, 24-pound hopper, so you can cook for almost 20 hours at smoking temperatures, so an overnight brisket cook is perfectly in the wheelhouse for this grill. The 700C2CE also has a manual feed button to raise the temperature after opening the lid.
  3. It comes with a rain cover! This means you don’t have to spend any extra on an after-market one.

The 7002C2E is excellent as an all-around family smoker because it is simple to operate and durable enough to last many years of great outdoor experience.

The 7002C2E gives you all these features and comes in at a significantly lower price point than both, making it our number one wood pellet grill smoker. If you’re looking for a way to smoke food at home that tastes just like smoked meat from five-star restaurants and caterers, you’ll want to use an outdoor smoker that takes care of everything for you. This smoker from Z Grills does exactly that and more—it will help ensure your smoked food turns out juicy and delicious every time. 

Buy the 7002C2E From Z Grills Here

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