Top 20 Best Copper Jewelry Pieces for Women

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The history of copper jewelry and body adornments goes all the way back to the Pharaohs of Egypt, and perhaps even earlier. In fact, evidence points to the discovery of copper some 13,000 years ago. Copper jewelry was often associated with gods and goddesses. Such jewelry was revered by pharaohs and kings,(and Cleopatra, of course.) It eventually became so prized, copper was traded as money. No surprise to those of us with scads of pennies laying around, which, sadly, we don’t value so reverently these days. But we do still love our copper. Think Statue of Liberty, her gorgeous verdigris patina, and her inspiring message of hope and freedom to the melting pot that is America. Did you know that copper mining was so prevalent in the early 18th century, thousands of immigrants to our country headed straight for Montana, where hard rock mines once produced more than 26 percent of all the world’s copper? But I digress. Today, we still love copper jewelry.

Copper jewelry looks luxurious, but it’s a lot more practical from a cost perspective, so you can afford more unique pieces in your jewelry collection. In fact, the huge trend toward rose gold jewelry wouldn’t exist without copper, which is mixed with gold to create that warm, rosy color. Copper pairs beautifully with many stones, from turquoise and agate to gorgeous gemstones. And, because of its malleable nature, many jewelers love to design with it. What amazed me as I delved into the realm of copper jewelry, was the huge range of styles and design ideas, from necklaces and earrings, to bracelets and rings. While designer jewelry still relies primarily on gold and silver for wedding rings, diamond earrings and other high end pieces, when you see what’s out there in copper, you’re going to want it, a lot.

Copper has been used for healing purposes, almost as long as it’s been used in jewelry and decorative items. In recent years, copper has been touted as a fountain of youth for its purported ability to heal wounds more quickly, stave off arthritis and other aches and pains, and even give you younger looking skin. While little scientific evidence bears out these claims, it’s clear that what our minds believe, can create indisputable physical results. There are many copper necklaces and bracelets that incorporate rare earth magnets, also said to improve health issues. While we’ve only included one magnetic therapy bracelet in this post, you’ll find plenty of beautifully designed and fashionable pieces here.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself, or buy a gift for someone else, copper jewelry can be a casual or elegant choice that looks great with every skin tone, hair color and clothing style. Copper is quite often used as a a beautiful accent in mixed metal jewelry designs. And if you’re thinking cool copper pieces are strictly southwestern style, you’ll be seriously surprised and delighted by these Top 20 Best Copper Jewelry Pieces for Women.

Best Copper Rings for Women

1. Solid Copper Celtic Knot Ring

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(Copper Celtic Rings)

This gorgeous copper celtic knot ring is a perfect way to promise your lady that you’ll love her forever. The unique design features a celtic floral pattern, surrounded by the knot design. Made of solid copper, it’s nearly 3/8 inch wide – bold enough to make a statement, yet delicate enough for your lady. Celtic knots are complete loops that have no start or finish. It’s often thought that they represent eternal love, loyalty, faith, and friendship. Only one thread of copper is used in each knot’s design, as a symbol of how life and eternity are interconnected. Another cool celtic ring features a beautifully ornate center knot on a delicate band, also cast in solid copper. An openwork copper ring has a smaller profile, but makes an equally impressive statement.

Price: $42

Buy the Solid Copper Celtic Knot Ring here.

2. Elaments Design Hammered Copper Spiral Ring

copper jewelry, copper rings, egyptian jewelry, egyptian ring, women's rings

(Elaments Design)

You’ll feel like the queen of Egypt wearing the beautiful hand hammered, solid copper ring. Made by a single artisan, the simple, dual spirals make for an elongated ring style that would be eye catching with any outfit. Keep it polished to a high shine, or let it glow with the natural patina that will develop over time. Either way, this gorgeous design won’t go out of style any time soon. Elaments Design also makes beautiful copper arm bands, earrings and necklaces in similar styles, so you can affordably get a unique set of copper jewelry that goes together perfectly, but isn’t too matchy matchy.

Price: $21.99

Buy the Elaments Design Hammered Copper Spiral Ring here.

3. Solid Copper Hammered Ring

copper jewelry, copper rings, hammered copper, women's rings

(West Coast Jewelry)

Hammered copper is shiny and interesting. The unique, facet-like hammer blows create a one of a kind look that’s individual to each piece. This simple, yet elegant copper ring is a perfect example of timeless design that looks great with everything. Kind of chunky, this ring would look great on both women and men, although do take note, it tends to run a bit small, so you may want to size up. If you’re not into the hammered look, a smooth finish copper band is another affordable option, and delivers lots of shine. Plus, you can get it in varying widths from 6mm down to a dainty 3mm band.

Price: $15.95 (38 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Solid Copper Hammered Ring here.

4. Energy Stone “BALANCE & BEAUTY” Etched Floral Meditation Spinner Ring

copper jewelry, copper rings, women's rings, spinner rings

(Energy Stone)

Copper jewelry can be spiritually powerful, and this Balance and Beauty ring features the bold mixed metal look that’s so popular right now. Beautifully designed, the main shank is created from sterling silver with a lovely floral and leaves pattern. With outer copper and brass spinners, this women’s ring is perfect for meditation, stress release and fidget control. The outside spinners can be used for prayer, and to center your focus during meditation. For a simpler hammered silver shank, with copper and brass spinners, the Breeze Meditation Ring is a beauty. For a southwest vibe, the Sante Fe Meditation Ring features tri-colored spinners and a native feel.

Price: $39.94

Buy the Energy Stone “BALANCE & BEAUTY” Etched Floral Meditation Spinner Ring here.

5. Solid Copper & Amazonite Women’s Ring

copper jewelry, copper rings, metal rings, women’s rings, dome rings

(I Love Copper Rings)

This big, bold and beautiful copper ring looks like a woven work of art, with swirling copper openwork around a domed band. Highlighting the center, a large Amazonite cabochon delivers a pop of vivid turquoise color. Amazonite is a stone that is well-known for soothing emotional pressures and anxiety, dispelling negative energies and boosting all love related communications. When combined with the healing powers of copper, what woman wouldn’t want that kind of power in her ring? If you love the look of gemstones and copper, but want a more formal design, genuine turquoise, variscite, rhodonite, jasper, spiny oyster shell, copper and sterling silver mix it up the gorgeous Relios Mixed Metal Blazing Gemstone Inlay Ring. A floral pattern dome ring in solid copper is another beauty, at a terrific price.

Price: $36

Buy the Solid Copper & Amazonite Women’s Ring here.

Best Copper Bracelets for Women

6. Forged Copper Neo-Victorian Dragonfly Cuff Bracelet

copper jewelry, copper bracelet, copper cuff bracelet, cuff bracelet

(Elaine Coyne)

People will likely rush up to get a closer look this gorgeous cuff bracelet, every time you wear it. The dynamic neo-Victorian style is made from pure, hand hammered copper in the tradition of the Arts & Crafts movement. The delicate solid brass filigree acts as a backdrop for the beautiful dragonfly that appears to have recently landed on your wrist. It’s hand polished to a mirror shine, a total standout scene for the beautiful, multi-tone verdigris dragonfly that has an exquisite patina. The bracelet epitomizes modern design meeting turn of the century craftsmanship and style. Bugged by the dragonfly? You’ll get butterflies in your stomach when you see the Forged Copper Neo-Victorian Butterfly Cuff Bracelet, made with the same beautiful attention to detail. You can also get a gorgeous copper necklace to pair with either the butterfly or dragonfly cuffs.

Price: $175

Buy the Forged Copper Neo-Victorian Dragonfly Cuff Bracelet here.

7. Steel with Brass & Copper Leaves Cuff Bracelet

copper jewelry, copper bracelet, cuff bracelet, fair trade jewelry


This gorgeous, botanically inspired bracelet features beautiful copper and brass leaves, layered atop each other on a bold steel cuff. The mixed metal details come to the fore, as each layer is carefully embellished with brass beading and outlines. This cuff bracelet would make a beautiful and heartfelt gift for any woman who cares about the plight of women in third world countries. It was produced by a fair trade organization that provides sustainable employment that empowers women. This bracelet would look simply stunning, worn with the handmade, mixed metal Sunrise Earrings or Sunlight Goddess Pendant Necklace. Both were inspired by the spectacular sunrises on Cape Cod, and hail from the studio of award-winning artisan, Judith Stiles.

Price: $29.95

Buy the Steel with Brass & Copper Leaves Cuff Bracelet here.

8. Copper Sunburst Bracelet by Sunrise Copper

copper jewelry, copper bracelet, link bracelet, bracelet


This bracelet will start every day with a sunny smile. The beautiful link bracelet is a finely crafted work of art. The seven smiling sunshines, one featured on each link, are crafted with great care by skilled artisans, making each bracelet completely unique, and something that could be passed down through your family. At seven and a half inches long, it easily fits most women’s wrists, and stays secure with a sturdy lobster claw clasp. The southwest inspired Sunburst Bracelet features six copper conchos linked by double copper bars.

Wheeler makes lots of beautiful copper jewelry for women. Browse for more of it here.

Price: $21.98

Buy the Copper Sunburst Bracelet by Sunrise Copper here.

9. Sage Bundle – Sergio Lub Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

copper jewelry, copper bracelet, bangle bracelet, magnetic bracelet, magnetic therapy

(BillytheTree Jewelry)

Of course, we can’t write about copper bracelets without including a magnetic therapy bracelet. This beautiful sage bundle design is handcrafted from solid copper and mixed metal wires. It contains two powerful, permanent North Pole facing rare earth magnets, encapsulated in stainless steel, that enhances their conductivity. Magnetic therapy is an alternative medical practice that uses static (i.e. unmoving) magnets to alleviate pain and other health concerns. This bracelet contains Rare Earth Magnets, which are made of the mineral neodymium, that never loses its strength. The Caduceus magnetic therapy bracelet is a simple, dual color design and a slightly narrower profile for women with delicate wrists. An adjustable copper cuff bracelet turns magnetic therapy into an eclectic art piece.

Discover hundreds of different magnetic therapy copper bracelets right here.

Price: $69.90

Buy the Sage Bundle – Sergio Lub Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet here.

10. Antiqued Braided Copper Healing Bracelet

copper jewelry, copper bracelet, bracelet, chain bracelet


This lovely antiqued, solid copper bracelet is made up of a flexible, flat band of interwoven links. Its bold style would look beautiful on any woman’s wrist. The braided chain bracelet features detailed bezel ends that lead to the closure, a simple hook-and-eye clasp. While this isn’t a magnetic therapy bracelet, copper has been used for centuries for its healing properties and could benefit one’s health and well-being. For a chunkier style, the Braided Copper Bracelet from Nepal delivers the goods with an antiqued patina. The Solid Copper Link Bracelet is a daintier option that features interwoven copper jump rings to create an ultra-feminine design.

Price: $23.95

Buy the Antiqued Braided Copper Healing Bracelet here.

Best Copper Earrings for Women

11. Chased Copper Long Tear Drop Earrings

copper jewelry, copper earrings, drop earrings, earrings

(John S Brana Designer Jewelry)

If you love the hammered jewelry trend, but prefer your jewelry to have a softer, more feminine look, these chased copper earrings have the warmth and feel of rose gold, with a hue that has a touch of pink. The unique texture looks you incredibly trendy, but the traditional tear drop shape is timeless enough to ensure you’ll be wearing these earrings for years to come. These handcrafted copper earrings are coated with a durable clear lacquer to prevent tarnishing and patina formation, and they come with a lifetime guarantee. The chased copper design comes in many earring styles from leaf shape, to clever curves. Since you’re splurging on yourself, why not add a Chased Copper Cuff Bracelet to your jewelry collection too?

Browse here for more gorgeous chased and hammered copper jewelry designs by artist John S. Brana.

Price: $25 (29 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Chased Copper Long Tear Drop Earrings here.

12. Hammered Copper & Turquoise Earrings

copper jewelry, copper earrings, dangle earrings, earrings


Made from richly textured copper to catch sunlight, these drop earrings are a great addition to any woman’s jewelry collection. The open triangle shape is accented by little drops of turquoise from Kingman, Arizona, surrounded by a sterling silver bezel. Turquoise was long used by warriors for strength and protection on their vision quests, and today it’s one of the most sought after stones for its wide range of colors and interesting striations. Copper embellishments highlight the stainless steel earring hooks, making these dangle earrings both pretty and hypo-allergenic. You can also find similar copper dangle earrings in an open oval shape, also accented with Kingman turquoise. Textured Solid Copper Hoop earrings are an elegant option for any occasion.

Price: $25

Buy the Hammered Copper & Turquoise Earrings here.

13. Elaments Design Solid Copper Earrings – Wave & Fire Design

copper jewelry, copper earrings, dangle earrings, egyptian jewelry

(Elaments Design)

Experience quality hand-hammered craftsmanship, fashioned in the ancient Egyptian tradition. These solid copper dangle earrings gracefully glitter three inches below the loop of a stainless steel ear wire with coil and ball. Light and comfortable, they weigh in at only 4.5 grams each. The interesting copper waves and fire will evoke a warm feeling, whenever you wear them. Since these earrings were created from bare wire, with no plating or plastic coating, you can allow them to patina into an organic antiqued look, or polish them to keep bright and shining. For a more dramatic dangle earring, the Solid Copper Long Wave Earring hangs 4.5 inches from the french hook. The Wavy Open Pendulum Earrings are even longer, but still lightweight to wear at just 9 grams apiece.

Elaments Design has mastered the art of hammered copper jewelry for women. You can find more styles here.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Elaments Design Solid Copper Earrings – Wave & Fire Design here.

14. NOVICA Sterling Silver & Copper “Aztec Domino” Dangle Earrings

copper jewelry, copper earrings, dangle earrings, earrings, Novica


NOVICA, in association with National Geographic, works together with talented artisan designers around the world to produce stunning, keepsake jewelry treasures, and these Aztec Domino earrings are a perfect example of what makes this collection special. Handcrafted by Argentinian born Maria Belen, these gorgeous and chunky dangles are cast from sterling silver and embellished with pure copper. If you’re looking for copper earrings with serious presence, these fit the bill. After moving to Mexico, Belen set up shop. Now her beautifully crafted jewelry designs are inspired by Mexico and renowned artist, Frida Kahlo. Her Solar Frieze earrings feature sterling silver drops topped by a shimmering copper sphere.

To browse for more of NOVICA’s handmade treasures for you, your home and your life, click here.

Price: $62.99

Buy the NOVICA Sterling Silver & Copper “Aztec Domino” Dangle Earrings here.

15. Silpada ‘Global Glam’ Copper & Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

copper jewelry, copper earrings, hoop earrings, earrings, Silpada


These Silpada Global Glam earrings feature a sterling silver bar between copper sides, and they’re sure to become your go-to favorite hoop earrings. The copper’s soft, reddish-tone gives these earrings a punch of color and intrigue that you just wouldn’t get from sterling silver alone. Plus, the mixed metals, and different textures, mean you can pair up these hoops with lots of different looks, including your favorite white gold jewelry. At more than two inches in diameter, these bold beauties can go casual or elegant, depending on your mood. The Silpada Culture Club dangle earrings add brass to the mixed metal equation, along with a sparkly Swarovski crystal for extra shine.

Want to see more of the hip and trendy Silpada jewelry line? Browse for it here.

Price: $39 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Silpada ‘Global Glam’ Copper & Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings here.

Best Copper Necklaces & Pendants

16. Oxidized Copper Tribal Tree of Life Necklace

copper jewelry, copper necklace, copper pendant, necklaces for women

(Stylephyle Collection)

Different cultures and religions have their own unique meanings for the Tree of Life, but this symbol is universally embraced as a spiritual icon. Some believe it sprouts the seeds of good, and evil. Others say it helps one attain spiritual enlightenment, or it represents a fount of knowledge. Artisan crafted, this one inch diameter Tree of Life pendant is made from rich looking oxidized copper, giving it a unique patina. It hangs from a gorgeous copper popcorn chain that’s 18 inches long. Whether you give it as a gift, or simply gift it to yourself, this copper necklace will be treasured for years to come. For a completely different take on the Tree of Life necklace, how about a beautiful purple amethyst teardrop, wrapped in a copper wire that illustrates the design? You can also get the wire wrapped necklace with a rose quartz teardrop, or dozens of other stones, each with unique spiritual properties of their own.

Price: $34.95

Buy the Oxidized Copper Tribal Tree of Life Necklace here.

17. Genuine Murano Glass Bead & Copper Leaf Necklace

copper jewelry, copper necklace, copper pendant, necklaces for women

(Just Give Me Jewels)

We’ve been mixing metals with copper in this post, so now we’re switching it up to mix glass. This strand of genuine Murano Sommerso Aventurina glass bead necklace comes directly from from Venice, Italy. The gorgeous amber colored strand is infused with gold-toned veins and flecks. The center of attention here is the dangling copper maple leaf and acorn pendant. This real maple leaf has been dipped in copper to preserve its natural beauty and shape. At 26 inches long, it’s the perfect way to accessorize a simple blouse or dress. Copper dipped sugar maple leaf earrings would be a lovely addition to this necklace, especially as a gift. If the beads seem a bit much, you can simply get a copper dipped maple leaf pendant on an 18k gold chain.

Price: $69.95

Buy the Genuine Murano Glass Bead & Copper Leaf Necklace here.

18. Solid Copper Chakra Collar Necklace – Rising Sunset Design

copper jewelry, copper necklace, collar necklace, necklaces for women

(Elaments Design)

This stunning collar necklace is a real head turner. The solid, hand-hammered copper gives it outstanding shimmer and shine. This African inspired collar represents the moon’s rise and the sun’s demise as evening sets in. The Chakra Collar is designed off centered for an artistic and unusual appeal. The larger portion of the design is worn centered in the middle of the chest, while the smaller side caresses your skin just below the collar bone. The Chakra Collar is easy to adjust with very small movements. To put it on, you simply pull open to the size of your neck, slip on from the back or side, push the two side designs together, allow them to spring back and separate, and simply center the larger side to the middle of your chest. The Copper Omega Chakra Collar turns the classic symbol of greatness into a gorgeous piece of copper jewelry. The Swinging Sun Chakra Collar features a single swirling sun in front and opens from the back.

Price: $54.99

Buy the Solid Copper Chakra Collar Necklace – Rising Sunset Design here.

19. Silpada Copper Compass Necklace

copper jewelry, copper necklace, copper pendant, necklaces for women, Silpada


A durable and flexible, natural rawhide leather cord suspends this beautiful copper compass with a sterling silver center and brass backer. It’s the perfect piece to wear alone, or layered with other necklaces, from turquoise beads to copper and silver chains. The leather choker measures 20 inches in total length (including a two-inch extender) and is finished with a lobster clasp. It would look righteous with Silpada’s Black and Gold Ring, a chunky stunner that pairs copper with silver and black agate, or the equally bold Metallic Mix Ring in which a copper underline highlights a big beautiful citrine.

Price: $59 (46 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Silpada Copper Compass Necklace here.

20. Orgone Energy Large Reversible Pendant Necklace in Copper with Carnelian

copper jewelry, copper necklace, copper pendant, necklaces for women

(LSK Originals)

This unique, big and bold double sided pendant incorporates a quartz crystal, copper coils, tiny silver bits and genuine natural carnelian chips, all assembled in a large circular open bezel and sealed in a matrix of orange tinted resin. This deep bezel has been stamped with beautiful paisley designs, and is made of lead-free pewter that has been plated in pure copper, that is oxydized to perfection. The necklace comes together with a double strand necklace of genuine chocolate brown leather cord, with copper accents. Orgone Energy jewelry is created to be a powerful spiritual tool that you can use to enhance your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. All these materials together are intended to create a positive energy generator, and I think any busy woman could benefit from that. If you’re a woman who loves heart shaped pendants, you can get this same mix of powerful elements in that form as well.

Browse here for more of the spiritually powerful jewelry pieces from LSK Originals.

Price: $46

Buy the Orgone Energy Large Reversible Pendant Necklace in Copper with Carnelian here.

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