Top 10 Best Christmas Cufflinks 2018


You know you want a great pair of Christmas cufflinks. But did you know the pedigree of your cufflinks? Allow us to all attend Cufflink U. together now.

In the mid-19th century shirts were starting to be manufactured on a mass scale. According to the book, “Cuff Links,” which details the history of cufflinks, the fact that the shirt cuffs were starched led to the need for cufflinks. Then, in the early 1900s, the Duke of Windsor — fashion plate that he was — started wearing casual shirts without cufflinks. That had a big impact and cufflinks became less quotidian and more of an exception to use with formal wear. But lately the cufflink has roared back into favor. All you have to do is tune into just about any sporting event on t.v. and you’ll likely see some of the commentators wearing cufflinks.

But with these Christmas cufflinks, your sport is displaying the fashion details that matter. Maybe you already have a great Christmas tie. If you’re still looking, check out this list of the Top 10 Best Christmas Ties for Men. If it’s a bow tie that makes your game, peep our list of the Top 10 Best Christmas Bow Ties.

But back to the cufflinks. Now, we know that — for you — putting on a pair of cufflinks is a no-brainer. But it’s for the other guy that we’re including this video that gives the basics of cufflink science.

So check our list of the Top 10 Best Christmas Cufflinks, grab a pair or two, and get ready to let those wrists go wild.

1. Oakmont Cufflinks Holly Cufflinks

The look is clean, simple and unique. These are silver plated solid steel Christmas cufflinks. The link maker, Oakmont Cufflinks, actually calls this pair “holly mistletoe” cufflinks, but, in fact, the image is of holly, not mistletoe. (However, you don’t have to tell anyone this fact if it works in your favor to hover your wrists above the head of someone you may like to know a bit better.) The image of holly is under a glass dome. The links are made in the U.S. and come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. Another pair of holly cufflinks, by Mr. Cuff, feature more pronounced holly imagery and aren’t set under glass.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Oakmont Cufflinks Holly Cufflinks here.

2. H Salutto Santa Cufflinks

Put Nick on the cuff with these brass, silver plated Santa Claus Christmas cufflinks. This pair features St. Nick in the traditional red and white with the black boots. The silver plating is polished to a very shiny, twinkly finish. The cufflinks come in a gift box, so if you are buying them as a gift, you’re already covered there. Salutto makes a variety of other Christmas cufflinks and we’re especially fond of the pair that depicts stockings filled with gifts, which have a great 3D look to them.

Price: $10.99

Buy the Salutto Santa Cufflinks here.

3. Platinum Plated Christmas Tree Cufflinks


A super strong discount on these very elegant Christmas cufflinks. They’re definitely not the novelty type of design, as they’re very bright and sophisticated looking with the 18 karat platinum plating on the brass metal. They will work for a formal occasion or non-formal as well. Bonus: the cufflinks come in a gift box.

Price: $13.59 (73 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Platinum Plated Christmas Tree Cufflinks here.

4. Cuff-Daddy Crystal Christmas Cufflinks


Cuff-Daddy makes a ton of different cufflinks — usually with a sense of humor — but these are pure elegance. The Christmas trees are green, white and red crystals set in a rhodium plated brass. The discount is very strong right now, so this is a good buy. If you do want something on the more clever side of things from Cuff-Daddy, this penguin pair would work very well as Christmas cufflinks.

Price: $38.99 (22 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Cuff-Daddy Crystal Christmas Cufflinks here.

5. Merry Christmas Cufflinks


Very traditional, slightly conservative but rock solid Christmas cufflinks. The clear resin is over a red background with two reindeer framing the words “Merry Christmas.” There are two lines of detailing featuring green Christmas trees and white snowflakes. It’s a silver plated alloy metal. If gold works better for you, check out the same pair of Christmas cufflinks set in a gold color.

Price: $9.99

Buy the ? Merry Christmas Cufflinks here.

6. Fancy Christmas Tree Cufflinks

We’re including this pair from Cufflinks, Inc. in the list primarily because of the uniquely stylized Christmas tree. Simply put, the design of the tree is terrific on these Christmas cufflinks. While they are stylized in a non-traditional manner, the colors of Christmas are there: green, red and gold set in a silver plated base metal.

Price: $54.95

Buy the Fancy Christmas Tree Cufflinks here.

7. Mr. Cuff Snowman Cufflinks

Let Frosty bring the bling with this silver plated pair. Each link features four crystals set in the snowman’s torso — you know, where the charcoal buttons would traditionally go. Mr. Cuff sends these in a hard-sided presentation box so they’re ready for gifting. One thing we think should be considered: these are 3D so make sure you don’t snag your snowman as you’re reaching for another ladleful of the Christmas punch.

Price: $19.88

Buy the Mr. Cuff Snowman Cufflinks here.

8. Zunon Christmas Cufflinks & Tie Tack

Very clever, very good deal. You get the pair of Christmas cufflinks and a matching tie tack. The design is simple: it’s Santa’s belt buckle over his red and white coat. The buckle is gold colored, so a nice tie with some gold in it could be the thing…or a pocket square that picks up the gold. The cufflinks are in a silver setting. Zunon makes many other Christmas cufflinks, like this pair, set in gold plating, that features a stylized white Christmas tree on a red background (with a tie tack included).

Price: $14.99

Buy the Zunon Christmas Cufflinks & Tie Tack here.

9. Mr. Cuff Christmas Ornament Cufflinks

This is a very beautiful pair of ornaments in a deep red with silver snowflake and tiny crystals imagery. The red finish is almost luminescent so these will pick up the light very well and, we think, will definitely get noticed. And don’t worry: they aren’t real ornaments. They’re metal, so they aren’t going to break unless you forget to take them off prior to doing your annual Christmas karate demonstration at the holiday party.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Mr. Cuff Christmas Ornament Cufflinks here.

10. Symbols of Faith “Inspirations” Cufflinks

If you’re thinking about what many people say is the reason for the season, and you prefer to cop a pair of Christmas cufflinks that have a faith-based meaning, this is a terrific set. These cufflinks, from Symbols of Faith, are dipped in 14 karat gold. The imagery is the Jerusalem cross, a Christian symbol consisting of a large cross surrounded by four smaller crosses. Comes in a gift box.

Price: $32

Buy the Symbols of Faith “Inspirations” Cufflinks here.

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