Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Necklaces 2018

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Whether they’re sentimental, symbolic or simply sweet, Valentine’s Day necklaces are the perfect way to shower your lady with love this year. From some unexpectedly different and unique heart necklaces to infinity symbols, Celtic knots and Claddaghs, we’ve found dozens of Valentine’s Day jewelry surprises that are seriously budget friendly, but will definitely still melt her heart.

Among this group of necklaces, we’ve selected many that also feature gemstones with special meanings. Perhaps you’ll pick the perfect pearl to symbolize her purity, innocence and devotion, or maybe you’ll decide on that gorgeous diamond studded heart, because diamonds reflect unity, vulnerability, and true love. Sometimes the gem theory can be even more meaningful than the symbols these stones embellish. And one thing’s certain, these tidbits of added information can really rev up the note inside your Valentine’s Day card. When you can impress her with the thought you put into selecting her gift, it will mean even more.

If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for on this list, check out our eclectic list of the best heart necklaces, beautiful amethyst jewelry, and Valentine’s Day rings. And if, after browsing, you decide you really need to find something totally unique and cool Valentine’s Day ideas for her instead, we have some killer gift ideas here. Check out these Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Necklaces, and then decide how you’re going to make the most of this totally romantic holiday.

Best Heart Necklaces for Valentine’s Day

1. Sterling Silver Freshwater Cultured Pearl Pendant Necklace

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With a romantic gift in mind, Valentine’s Day jewelry is always a winner. This beautiful freshwater pearl pendant is one of our favorites because it’s such an interesting homage to the heart necklace. This pretty pendant features a creamy, luminescent pearl as the focal point. You can share with your love that pearls represent faith, innocence, devotion to a cause. Could that cause be you? It’s surrounded by swirls of sterling silver, studded with sparkling pear and marquise cut green cubic zirconia, adding a glorious pop of color. Hanging from an open heart bale, with a sterling box chain, it will sit beautifully at the nape of your sweetheart’s neck, reminding her of your love whenever she wears it. If she’s not into heart jewelry, the Sterling Silver Freshwater Cultured White Pearl Grape Pendant Necklace adds a pop of pink cubic zirconia to the mix, and it too gets rave reviews for its beauty.

Price: $49.99

Buy the Sterling Silver Freshwater Cultured Pearl Pendant Necklace here.

2. Sterling Silver Oxidized Marcasite & Colored Glass Filigree Heart Pendant Necklace

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Amazon Collection

You’ll have a new way to say I love you, when you give your Valentine this art deco style heart necklace as a gift. This sterling silver necklace features a heart-shaped glass pendant, encased in marcasite-accented filigree. The bale is equally pretty as it’s also studded with sparkly marcasite, the go to in depression era jewelry, when diamonds weren’t affordable for most. This pendant is as pretty on the back as it is on the front, adorned with an openwork heart in a unique design. It’s suspended from from a super sparkly, diamond cut 18 inch rope chain. Naturally we picked a red heart pendant because it’s so perfect for Valentine’s day, but this beauty also comes in blue, green and purple, so you can pick your lady’s favorite color. If you’re shopping for a younger girl, this Sterling Silver Oxidized Marcasite & Glass Heart Pendant Necklace features a playful stone studded flower on the front, and it’s also super budget friendly at just a little over $13. If you want to skip past the hearts and flowers, the Sterling Silver Oxidized Marcasite and Garnet Colored Glass Textured Teardrop Pendant Necklace is a beauty, and you can also get the matching earrings to amp up your Valentine’s Day jewelry gift, although these earrings would match all of the pendants we’ve mentioned.

Price: $41.50

Buy the Sterling Silver Oxidized Marcasite & Colored Glass Filigree Heart Pendant Necklace here.

3. “Heart of Ocean” Swarovski Crystal Pendant Necklace

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If your sweetie is a hopeless romantic, she’s undoubtedly watched the movie Titanic, probably numerous times. A focal point in that picture was that beautiful blue heart-shaped sapphire necklace that went into the ocean at the end. While you might not have the budget to buy a stone that size, you can still express the kind of love that goes beyond time with this pretty Heart of the Ocean necklace. A sparkling Swarovski faceted crystal heart is swept up in a swirl of crystal studded ribbon all tied up in a bow, and on the back, it’s etched with “Love You Forever.” This pendant is substantial, and hangs from an 18 inch wheat chain. Both the pendant and chain are nickel free, so you won’t need to worry about her skin getting irritated. If you’re looking for a heart pendant that’s more true to the original, this Sterling Silver Heart of the Ocean Blue and White Sapphire Pendant Necklace uses lab created gems to make it more affordable. If you do want to splurge on a natural stone necklace, the 14K White Gold, Diamond And Blue Sapphire Heart Pendant is a lovely option.

Price: $35.99

Buy the “Heart of Ocean” Swarovski Crystal Pendant Necklace here.

4. I Have Found the One Infinity Heart Necklace

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A Charmed Impression

If you’re looking for the kind of gift that she’ll absolutely melt over, this infinity heart necklace is going to leave her charmed. The 14k gold filled infinity symbol is intricately woven through a heart, symbolizing true love forever. This pretty charm has a coating of 24k gold vermeil to give it added appeal, and it hangs from a delicate 14k gold filled chain that’s 18 inches in length. But probably the capper on this lovely Valentine’s Day necklace is the card from which it hangs, which has a soulful sentiment just perfect for this time of year. This lovely necklace is handmade by an artisan jeweler at A Charmed Impression in Tennessee. Get this same pretty infinity heart necklace in sterling silver for a few dollars less, or consider the Forever and Always Interlocking Eternity Circles necklace, which is also beautifully handcrafted in sterling.

Price: $34

Buy the I Have Found the One Infinity Heart Necklace here.

5. Sterling Silver Blue & White Diamond Heart Necklace

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When you can get a half carat of sparkling diamonds for right around $200, it’s just too good a deal to pass up. But when you can get those diamonds in the perfect Valentine’s Day necklace, it’s even better. This beautiful diamond heart necklace features swirling rows of sterling silver, embellished with pavé set blue and white diamonds, that shimmer and catch the light constantly, the twisted heart design makes this Valentine standard a lot less predictable, and far more dramatic. This pendant comes with an 18 inch sterling silver rolo chain, that has a sturdy lobster claw clasp, which is great for keeping it securely in place. Get your sweetie some halo set Sterling Silver Blue and White Diamond Round Stud Earrings to match this necklace, and she’ll be over the moon. The Sterling Silver Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace features a half carat of both round and baguette diamonds in a similar twisted heart design.

Price: $204.61

Buy the Sterling Silver Blue & White Diamond Heart Necklace here.

Best Symbolic Valentine’s Day Necklaces

6. Celtic Knot Pendant Necklace

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Amazon Collection

Because Celtic knots have no start or finish, they’re considered to represent eternity, and that’s totally awesome, when you’re talking about love. This perfect Valentine’s Day necklace is a Celtic Triquetra knot design, made in 18k yellow gold plated sterling silver. Inspired by the interlacing and continuous designs prevalent in Celtic artwork, this Celtic necklace highlights the interconnectedness and continuity of your lives together. Pretty romantic, right? Be sure to put this info in her Valentine so she knows the deep meaning of this pendant. It comes with a beautifully delicate 18 inch rolo chain, and because this piece is so affordable, you might want to get her the matching earrings too. To wish your sweetie everlasting luck in love, the Sterling Silver Good Luck Irish Triangle Celtic Knot Heart Necklace beautifully intertwines the symbols’ meanings. The Sterling Silver Eternal Celtic Knot Cross Pendant Necklace is another gorgeous way to express your faith in her love.

Price: $29

Buy the Celtic Knot Pendant Necklace here.

7. Sterling Silver Amethyst Claddagh Pendant

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Claddagh Ring Store

There are so many symbols to express love, and the Claddagh is one of them. The traditional Irish Claddagh represents love, loyalty, and friendship. In this beautiful Claddagh necklace, the faceted amethyst heart represents love, while the crown represents loyalty, and the hands signify friendship. Made by master artisans in Ireland, this sterling silver necklace features the ancient symbol, surrounded by a shimmering circle of silver. Since amethyst is the February birthstone, we chose this as a special Valentine’s Day necklace, but you can also get this pretty necklace in the birthstone for every month, you can choose the perfect present for the love of your life. For an even more old world look, the Sterling Silver Oxidized Claddagh Celtic Knot Pendant Necklace is a wonderful choice at less than $20. A gorgeous garnet heart acts as the centerpiece of the 14k Gold Claddagh Love Pendant, which has a diamond embellished crown.

Price: $67

Buy the Sterling Silver Amethyst Claddagh Pendant here.

8. kate spade New York Infinity & Beyond Knot Mini Pendant Necklace

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kate spade New York

Perfectly petite, yet totally elegant, this infinity necklace from kate spade New York is a favorite for women of every age. Your sweetie know you’re tied up in knots over your feelings for her. This Valentine’s Day necklace features a faceted glass centerpiece, with both smooth and roped metal creating the love knot. The adjustable chain means she can wear it like a pendant, or like a choker, depending on her mood. Because of it’s diminutive size, this necklace would be perfect to wear layered with a longer gold chain lariat necklace, or she could pair it with an elegant crystal bead necklace.

Price: $58

Buy the kate spade New York Infinity & Beyond Knot Mini Pendant Necklace here.

9. 24k Gold Dipped Real Rose Pendant

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Picked fresh, and preserved forever, this delicate rose is the real deal. A perfect symbol of love and beauty, the rose has been revered for its meaning since ancient Greeks equated it with Aphrodite. That’s why this rose necklace is a perfect gift for your goddess of love. Valentine’s Day jewelry represents all your loving wishes for your sweetheart, and this blood red rose, will symbolize your passion as well. Dipped in 24k gold, this lovely pendant hangs from a matching gold-tone chain. Another vivid icon from nature which represents love and fertility is the Japanese maple leaf, and you’ll find a real one in the 24k gold embellished Japanese Maple Real Leaf Pendant Necklace. The 18K Gold Plated Black Rose Flower Necklace is an elegant homage to the flower of love, and you can get it in either white or rose gold plating.

Price: $27.99

Buy the 24k Gold Dipped Real Rose Pendant here.

10. Black & White Diamond Infinity Necklace in Sterling Silver

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Amanda Rose Collection

If you could promise your sweetheart love everlasting, and empowerment for eternity, wouldn’t that make the best kind of Valentine’s Day gift for her? Then you could punctuate those meaningful phrases by giving her the symbol of both. This infinity necklace delivers on all counts, both sentimental and emotional, because diamonds have long been a stone equated with love, and this beauty is positively loaded with them. Set in sterling silver, two interlocking infinity symbols are studded with prong set black and white diamonds. This necklace is the perfect statement piece to wear every day of the year. Budget friendly, at less than fifty bucks, we think this is a total Valentine’s Day jewelry score. If you’re game to spend a bit more, this Sterling Silver Black and White Diamond Infinity Pendant serves up 1/3 carat of diamonds in a single infinity symbol with a dramatic look. The 14k Yellow Gold and Diamond Infinty Necklace features sparkling white diamonds with a larger center stone for added focus. At just under $300, it’s the most expensive of the infinity necklaces we’ve featured, but isn’t your lady love worth it?

Price: $47.97

Buy the Black & White Diamond Infinity Necklace in Sterling Silver here.

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