Best March Birthstone Jewelry: Top 10 Stunning Aquamarine Pieces

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March babies were just born lucky. Lucky, because their March birthstone is the lovely aquamarine. It’s interesting that this beautiful aqua stone so well matches the March sign of Pisces, one of the water signs in the zodiac. If you’re looking for gift ideas for a March birthday girl, we guarantee an aquamarine jewelry piece will deliver delight. If you’re looking for your own birthday gift, or you’re just enamored with this gorgeous gemstone, you deserve something truly breathtaking.

Aquamarine is a variety of beryl stone, a family of gems that also includes the wildly popular pink morganite, as well as the coveted, much more rare emerald. These stones are naturally transparent, and reasonably durable, at 7.5-8 on the hardness scale. Once they’re faceted, they transform into incredibly beautiful cuts, making them perfect picks for some seriously stunning gemstone jewelry. This stone is equally beautiful in its natural form, and you’ll see we’ve featured some beautiful earrings made with rough chunks of aquamarine. Aquamarine jewelry, in particular, often delivers big carat weights for surprisingly reasonable prices. That means you can get more impressively sized stones, without the accompanying sticker shock. As you’ll see here, we’ve featured lots of lovely choices from just $25 – $40.

Gem theorists have long prized aquamarine for it’s spiritual properties. Known over the centuries as a stone of courage, wearing aquamarine jewelry is purported to support quick thinking, problem solving and protection. That makes it a perfect stone for engagement and wedding rings, as well as necklaces, earrings and other jewelry pieces.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate a March birthday, or (like us) you’re simply in love with this gorgeous gem, we’ve rounded up ten remarkable pieces, and suggested dozens of others, that can add a bright spark of color to every woman’s jewelry collection. They will look great with everything from casual to formal wear, any time of the year. Check out our Best March Birthstone Jewelry: Top 10 Stunning Aquamarine Pieces. If you’re looking for cool jewelry, with no specific parameters, be sure to check out our favorite amethyst, amber and copper jewelry too.

Best Aquamarine Necklaces

1. Sterling Silver Pisces & Aquamarine Birthstone Pendant Necklace

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Amazon Collection

There’s no more perfect combination for the March birthstone than to combine it with the month’s main sign of the Zodiac, Pisces. It’s fitting that this water sign meets up with the liquid, blue water color in this aquamarine necklace. The shimmering sterling silver puffed zodiac sign is highlighted with a 0.263 carat, prong set stone at the bottom, but the sparkle doesn’t end there. It’s also studded at the top with a tiny, bezel set diamond to give it the perfect symmetry of design elements and gemstones. It hangs from a pretty 18 inch box chain, and at the reasonable price, it’s a perfect gift for any woman born in March. For a different interpretation of the Pisces sign, Astrology Jewelry’s Aquamarine Pendant delivers lots of shine but in a more impressive 10k white gold setting. You can also get this aquamarine necklace in 14k yellow gold, with a 22 inch rolo chain, which would look terrific on either a man or a woman.

Price: $38.13

Buy the Sterling Silver Pisces & Aquamarine Birthstone Pendant Necklace here.

2. Sterling Silver Aquamarine & Diamond Pendant Necklace

aquamarine necklace, aquamarine jewelry, aquamarine pendant

Amazon Collection

If a big stone presence is what you’re looking for in your aquamarine necklace, this lovely pendant is definitely a statement piece. Two large aquamarine gemstones are connected to one another with sparkly interlocking diamond studded links, making for a longer look that’s beyond eye-catching. The aquamarines total a hefty 2.85 carats, while the diamonds are 0.34 carats total weight. The deep sterling settings feature a beautifully lacy filagree on the sides, with the pretty singapore chain looping through the upper stone setting itself. If you’re looking for one impressively large stone, versus dividing the carat weight into two, the 14k White Gold Pear Shape Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant Necklace has a single 2.75 carat focal stone, surrounded by diamonds. While it’s about twice the price, it’s on sale right now for 63 percent off. The 10k Gold Love Knot Aquamarine Pendant Necklace features a 1.6 carat gemstone, surrounded by .025 carats of glittering white diamonds, and this beauty is priced under $300 as well.

Price: $347.71

Buy the Sterling Silver Aquamarine & Diamond Pendant Necklace here.

3. Sterling Silver Bezel Set Aquamarine & White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Drop Pendant Necklace

aquamarine necklace, aquamarine jewelry, aquamarine pendant

Amazon Collection

It’s so interesting to see aquamarine jewelry that pairs the March birthstone with another precious gem like this creamy white freshwater pearl. Philosophically speaking, gem theorists often refer to the stone’s intrinsic properties as beneficial for strength, courage and protection, so it’s a cool combination with the pearl’s properties of innocence, purity and devotion. It’s almost like they need each other. And you’ll need this necklace if you love both of these stones. This lab-created aquamarine has a deep azure blue color, and it’s beautifully bezel set, to maximize showing the stone’s surface, while the freshwater pearl dangles from a tiny silver loop below. The bezel actually creates the bale for the delicate 18 inch rolo chain from which it hangs. Because this aquamarine necklace is so affordably priced, if you’re buying it as a gift, you might want to consider snagging the gorgeous matching earrings to go with. All in, you’d still spend less than $75. If you’re looking for a natural bezel set aquamarine necklace, and you’re willing to spend a bit more, the By Yard Round Aquamarine Drop Necklace has the super popular Y-necklace design, with two beautiful gemstones as the focal points.

Price: $36.51

Buy the Sterling Silver Bezel Set Aquamarine & White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Drop Pendant Necklace here.

Best Aquamarine Earrings

4. Bezel Set Aquamarine Calla Lily Drop Earrings

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We love gemstone jewelry, especially when it’s designed to reflect a form found in nature. These evocative Calla Lily earrings showcase a natural oval aquamarine, in a polished white gold bezel, set on a sandblasted, white gold textured background. The exterior of the lily is done in high-shine yellow gold, which makes every element of these unique aquamarine earrings a real show stopper. With polished fish hook earring wires, these earrings dangle just a little over 1.4 inches from the lobe. You can also get these stunners in rose gold, with white gold accents as well.

Price: $479

Buy the Bezel Set Aquamarine Calla Lily Drop Earrings here.

5. Ron Hami Threader Drop Earrings

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Ron Hami

Threader earrings are one of the most popular designs right now for their multi-level look, which is both elegant and edgy. These aquamarine earrings feature a unique bezel setting inspired by architectural design. The brilliant cut stones sit in an elongated diamond shaped drop bezel, while the chain and weighted back threader add presence and shine. Crafted in 14k gold, the beautiful blue aquamarines are most definitely the stars of the show with these. Another gorgeous and unique design is the Round Aquamarine Sterling Silver & Pewter Threader Earrings, which feature round aquamarine stones, rather than the traditional faceted stones. They’d look perfect for casual wear, especially anything denim. The Faceted Aquamarine Cultured Pearl & Swarovski Cluster Drop Dangle Earrings are another pair you’ll fall in love with for their long dangle, and sparkly clusters of tiny stones in addition to the large focal stone at the end.

Price: $295

Buy the Ron Hami Threader Drop Earrings here.

6. 18K Yellow Gold Cushion Cut Aquamarine & Diamond Halo Stud Earrings

aquamarine stud earrings, aquamarine earrings, aquamarine jewelry

DazzlingRock Collection

We’re not sure what you’ll love most about these aquamarine stud earrings. Is it the 1.8 carats of sparkling blue aquamarines, or their amazingly glittery cushion cut? Could it be the diamond halo settings that make them seem extra dazzling? Whatever it is, these caused a covet-worthy flutter of our hearts right off. Set in shimmery 18k yellow gold, these aquamarine earrings feature secure screw back posts, so you’ll feel safe wearing these gorgeous earrings anywhere and everywhere. If you’re looking for an ultra-mod stud earring, and one in which the aquamarine stones play the starring role, the 10K White Gold Princess Cut Aquamarine Stud Earrings give you 2.75 carats of this precious blue stone in a simple prong setting, for just a little more than a third of the price. For another on-trend gem cut, the 10k Rose Gold Aquamarine Trillion Stud Earrings feature a full carat of gorgeous aquamarine, in the unique triangle shape. They can be yours for under $115. For a classic look, the 14K Yellow Gold Emerald Cut 1.75 Carat Aquamarine Stud Earrings are a stunning selection at under $200.

Price: $416.90

Buy the 18K Yellow Gold Cushion Cut Aquamarine & Diamond Halo Stud Earrings here.

7. Sterling Silver Rough Aquamarine & Blue Topaz Earrings

aquamarine earrings, aquamarine jewelry, March birthstone

Ana Silver

These Boho chic earrings are like a rhapsody in blue. They’re set with large chunks of rough aquamarine, topped by a bezel set brilliant cut blue topaz. Handcrafted in solid sterling silver, each pair is completely unique, so you’ll know you’re getting aquamarine earrings that are one of a kind. Dangling from French wires, they’re comfortable, despite the fact that they have some weight to them. For another really cool take on the rough cut stone design, the Rough Aquamarine, Rainbow Moonstone, Blue Topaz Earrings feature a troika of blue stones, each bezel set in a dangling design. If your focus is on the March birthstone, alone in all its glory, the Rough Aquamarine Earrings give you big chunks of this favorite gemstone in handmade bezel settings on a French wire.

Price: $26.09

Buy the Sterling Silver Rough Aquamarine & Blue Topaz Earrings here.

Best Aquamarine Rings

8. Sterling Silver Pear Cut Natural Aquamarine Ring

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BL Jewelry

If you’ve been looking for a statement ring, but you think you’re going to have to save for years to make it happen, we’re here to prove you wrong. This gorgeous pear shape aquamarine ring is a delight, with a 2/3 carat center stone surrounded by beautiful accent stones. You’ll notice lots of celebs are once again sporting pear cut rings, which means you’ll be right in style when you choose, and only you’ll need to know that it was just around $30 to get it. This ring features an elegant split shank and is set in high polished sterling silver. For a similar price, get the Sterling Silver Pear Cut Genuine Natural Aquamarine Halo Ring or the Sterling Silver Emerald Cut Natural Aquamarine Ring with an even larger center stone that’s .80 carats in size. The Sterling Silver Aquamarine and White Topaz Oval Halo Ring has a .95 carat center stone, surrounded in .30 carats of glittering white topaz for about the same price. All these aquamarine rings are real statement pieces, at what’s frankly, a budget price.

Price: $33

Buy the Sterling Silver Pear Cut Natural Aquamarine Ring here.

9. 14kt Gold Aquamarine & Diamond Trillion Twist Ring

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Jewels For Me

Whether you’re searching for spectacular cocktail rings, or aquamarine wedding rings, this beauty is an affordable choice. It is beautifully designed, with a stone that’s uniquely cut. Triangle trillion cut stones are a bit more difficult to set, but their huge advantage is that stones cut this way actually have greater presence, and appear larger for their carat weight, than more traditional cuts. We think this aquamarine ring is a real find. Two sparkling accent diamonds stud each side of the beautiful blue 2/3 carat center stone. The gems are set in an openwork 14k gold band that’s a bit reminiscent of many Celtic designs. If you’re looking for a true Celtic design, the 14kt Gold Aquamarine Oval Celtic Trinity Knot Ring features a 0.90 carat oval center stone, surrounded on each side by trinity knots, symbolic of infinite love. The 14k Gold Cushion Cut Aquamarine Celtic Knot Ring features a stunning round center stone, with so many facets, it glitters in any light. We think it’s a total wow, especially set in 14k rose gold, although you can get it in white or yellow gold as well. All of these aquamarine rings come in under $300 – a small price for a huge presence.

Price: $249

Buy the 14kt Gold Aquamarine & Diamond Trillion Twist Ring here.

10. 14K Rose Gold Halo Style Vintage Aquamarine & Diamond Engagement Ring

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Houston Diamond District

Engagement rings have taken a different approach in recent years, with women considering stone alternatives to big diamonds. For some, it’s because of cost, either financial or philosophical. For others, it’s a matter of wanting a ring as unique as they are. Whatever your mindset, this beautiful halo style aquamarine engagement ring is a seriously gorgeous choice. The one carat heirloom quality center stone is a brilliant cut, brilliant blue aquamarine, surrounded by .35 carats of certified conflict free diamonds. Milgrain edging adds to the vintage look of this beautiful engagement ring, and the fact that it’s less than $1,000 means this forever investment is a great deal too. If you’re shopping for an aquamarine engagement ring that also comes with a wedding band, you’ll love the modern look of the 14K White Gold Pave Set Black Diamond and Aquamarine Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set from Houston Diamond District. For a petite hand, the 14K White Gold Halo Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement Ring is perfect.

Price: $850

Buy the 14K Rose Gold Halo Style Vintage Aquamarine & Diamond Engagement Ring here.

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