25 Best Birthstone Rings for Mom: The Ultimate List

Birthstone Rings for Mom


It seems nearly impossible to choose one perfect gift for your favorite lady, unless of course, you plan to shop for birthstone rings for mom. Then the choices at least get funneled down to one of 12 birthstones, particular to the month in which mom was born, or perhaps when you were born. Easier, right? Maybe not. Birthstone rings are as widely varied and beautiful as any, so making a thoughtful choice on such a personal gift can be hard. That’s why we’re here to help.

It’s fun to learn about the gem theory behind birthstones, because often you’ll discover how the unique properties of a birthstone uncannily seem to fit a person, in a rather spiritual way. The list of birthstones by month has actually been around since 1912, according to the American Gem Society, with only one addition since then, when tanzanite was added as a December birthstone.

We’ve done our very best to keep your budget in mind, but of course we had to sneak in a few doozies, just for fun. So we’re going to take you around the calendar, from January through December, and in each section we’ll add enough gem theory from the ancients to give you a hint about each stone’s mythical and/or spiritual properties.

Once you know all that, you’ll be totally prepared to find the perfect birthstone rings for mom, (and anyone else on your gift list – because why not buy in advance for someone’s birthday or Christmas?) Better yet, you’ll be empowered with knowledge, so you can write the coolest, most meaningful card to go with your gift. Mom might cherish that even more than her ring.

January Birthstone Rings

January’s birthstone is the garnet. Usually deep red in color, these stones can also be found in green. Green demantoid garnets are incredibly rare, and very valuable. Garnets are known as stones of commitment, compassion, and devotion to others.

1. Natural Garnet & Sterling Silver Filigree Leaf Ring

natural garnet and silver filigree leaf ring


Mom will be totally wowed by this gorgeous sterling silver filigree ring. Studded with 2.16 carats of natural garnets, in bezel settings, this beauty is one of our favorite birthstone rings for mom. The filigree work, adorned with antiqued leaves is studded with six stunning red stones.

At about an inch wide at the top, this ring will make a huge statement whenever she wears it, and it’s likely she’ll be telling everyone exactly who gave it to her.

Price: $38.39

Buy the Natural Garnet & Sterling Silver Filigree Leaf Ring here.

2. 1.25 Carat Marquise Garnet & Sterling Silver Ring

Marquise shaped garnet and sterling silver ring


As much an art piece as it is a jewelry piece, this statement ring is a beautiful gift at a super affordable price that comes in under $30. The 1.25 carat marquise cut garnet, in a deep plum red hue, is set at an angle, laying across a wide swath of sterling silver that shimmers as it hits the light.

This bold ring is Rhodium plated, adding extra shine and helping it to resist tarnish. The wide band is chunky, and thick at the top, with interesting curves, but narrows at the bottom of the finger to ensure a comfortable fit.

Price: $29.99

Buy the 1.25 Carat Marquise Garnet & Sterling Silver Ring here.

Best February Birthstone Rings

February’s birthstone is Amethyst, which comes in shades from pale pinky purple to deep, rich royal purple. The amethyst is known as a stone of spirituality, contentment and peace. It’s an affordable gem, so you’ll get a lot of stone for your investment.

3. Sterling Silver & 14k Yellow Gold White Topaz & Amethyst Ring

sterling silver & 14k Gold oval amethyst ring with white topaz accents

Amazon Collection

This ring is a breathtaking option when it comes to birthstone rings for mom. A whopping 1.75 carat cushion cut, oval shaped deep purple amethyst is the brilliant focal point, highlighted by 14k gold bars that surround it, holding the stone in place and giving the ring that popular mixed metal design.

Flanking the center stone, are three channel set sparking white topaz, which easily add gorgeous sparkle without the high cost of diamonds. With 2.32 carats of total stone weight, this sterling silver ring makes an impressive gift at less than $80.

Price: $74.50 – $78.33

Buy the Sterling Silver & 14k Yellow Gold White Topaz & Amethyst Ring here.

4. 10k Yellow Gold Amethyst & Diamond Accent Triple Heart Ring

10k yellow gold triple amethyst heart ring with diamond accents

Amazon Collection

What better way to show your love to a woman born in February than with a sentimental choice showcasing three gorgeous heart shaped amethysts? This beautiful birthstone ring features more than a carat of deep purple stones, with a large center heart flanked by two heart shaped amethysts set sideways, which just happens to be super trendy right now.

The band, in 14k yellow gold is polished to a high shine, and in golden swirls above and below the side set stones, you’ll note a sparkle of tiny white diamonds, set in white gold. This pretty piece is an affordable option for Mother’s Day or any other special occasion when you want to shower your mom with love.

Price: $151.49

Buy the 10k Yellow Gold Amethyst & Diamond Accent Triple Heart Ring here.

Best March Birthstone Rings

The birthstone for March is Aquamarine, which comes in a range of beautiful watery, aqua blue shades. Aquamarine has long been revered as a stone of courage, preparedness and compassionate energy.

5. Sterling Silver Emerald Cut Aquamarine & Round Created White Sapphire Ring

Emerald cut aquamarine and created white sapphire silver ring

Amazon Collection

With a beautiful .75 carat emerald cut aquamarine as the focal point, this birthstone ring is fit for a queen but at nearly a pauper’s price. Set in a narrow band of shimmering sterling silver, this aquamarine ring features three tiny prong set created white sapphires flanking the center stone.

At just a little over $75, this ring is a standout that your mom will cherish for the long haul, but if you were really planning to splurge for her special day this year, we can’t help but share this breathtaking 4.72 carat aquamarine stunner, flanked with two diamonds. Granted it’s spendy, but it’s your mom, so why not get her something truly amazing, and cement your position as her favorite child?

Price: $69.14 – $76.08

Buy the Sterling Silver Emerald Cut Aquamarine & Round Created White Sapphire Ring here.

6. 14k Yellow Gold Diamond & Emerald Cut Aquamarine Dainty Ring

14k gold emerald cut aquamarine and diamond dainty ring

Dainty and Elegant Gold Rings

Perhaps your mom is petite, or she simply loves to wear understated jewelry. If that’s the case, this delightful and dainty aquamarine and diamond ring is one of the prettiest birthstone rings for mom. We love that it embraces the popular trend of a side set focal stone, in this case, a beautiful emerald cut aquamarine.

This ring features three tiny round cut diamonds flanking the center stone, each prong set in a beautiful 14k yellow gold rope band. This ring could stack with any other yellow gold ring she might wear on a regular basis, but it also makes the perfect pinky ring. For just another sixty bucks, you could even get her a plain 14k gold rope band to stack with it, for an especially lovely look.

Price: $119.99

Buy the 14k Yellow Gold Diamond & Emerald Cut Aquamarine Dainty Ring here.

Best April Birthstone Rings

The birthstone for April is the diamond, which comes in a wide range of beautiful colors, but is most coveted when it is clear and colorless. Diamonds, while most popular in wedding and engagement rings, are well known as a stones of innocence – bringing purity, constancy and loving energy to the fore.

7. 14k Rose Gold Dainty Half Band Natural Diamond Ring

14k rose gold and dainty diamond half circle band

Buy Jewels

If your mom’s birthday happens to fall in April, diamonds are the birthstone she’ll naturally love, but often they come at a mighty high price. We think she’ll love this dainty diamond band, however, and you’ll love it’s low price, at under a hundred bucks.

This little sparkler is a half circle of prong set, conflict-free, round diamonds, set in rose gold, which looks lovely with every skin tone. With 0.08 carats of stones, this is a diamond ring she’ll wear constantly, especially when you tell how they represent such meaningful spirituality.

Price: $89 – $98

Buy the 14k Rose Gold Dainty Half Band Natural Diamond Ring here.

8. Clara Pucci 14k Yellow Gold Round Cut Diamond Cluster Ring

14k yellow gold & round diamond cluster ring

Clara Pucci

Nine sparkling round cut diamonds in varying sizes adorn this beautiful 14k yellow gold cluster ring from Clara Pucci. This diamond ring is the perfect gift for mom, because of it’s delicate styling, and design, which looks much like a flower laden branch in spring.

This 14k yellow gold ring has 0.03 carats of white diamonds, and a very reasonable price, but if you want to size up the stones, you can also get the same beautiful design featuring .38 carats of stones for less than $20 more, a slightly different design that features the same diamond weight, but with a couple of larger stones in the mix for about $50 more.

Price: $120.99

Buy the Clara Pucci 14k Yellow Gold Round Cut Diamond Cluster Ring here.

Best May Birthstone Rings

May’s birthstone is the emerald, a deep green beauty that has been worn since ancient times, most famously perhaps, by Cleopatra. The emerald is known as a stone of successful love, creating harmony and embodying loyalty. Natural emeralds are very rare, and quite expensive.

9. 14k Yellow Gold & Natural Green Emerald Three Stone Ring

14k yellow gold & channel set emerald three stone ring

Fashion Strada

Swirling ribbons of 14k yellow gold capture three dark green, round cut emeralds in a shimmering channel setting. This designer ring features .27 carats of natural emeralds, each spaced for perfect viewing. With an openwork shank, this 14k gold birthstone ring is unique for the swirl design that gives it more presence on the hand.

The narrow band is built for comfort, while the stones emanate absolute glamour and mystique. It’s polished to a high shine, making the stones really pop.

Price: $220

Buy the 14k Yellow Gold & Natural Green Emerald Three Stone Ring here.

10. 14kt Gold Emerald & Diamond Art Deco Ring

14k white gold emerald and diamond art deco ring

Jewels For Me

Art deco styling has never lost its popularity, ever since it became a rage in the 1920s. We can see why, especially when the design aesthetic is related to jewelry. This gorgeous art deco birthstone ring features a beautiful emerald cut center stone, accented by two sparkly diamonds on each side. The emerald itself is classically cut with extra facets to deliver a rich look.

The stone is held in place by architectural looking bars set at an angle, and the diamonds are held in place by vertical bars on the band. These architectural elements extend down the shank to give this ring the most unique dimensional look.

If you’re looking for more impressive carat weight, consider a lab created emerald. Chemically identical to the natural stone, they are flawless, unlike most emeralds, which are quite cloudy. You can get a 1.5 carat simulated emerald ring, surrounded in a halo of diamonds and set in 10k yellow gold for less than $200, which seems like an amazing deal.

Price: $499

Buy the 14kt Gold Emerald & Diamond Art Deco Ring here.

Best June Birthstone Rings

The pearl is June’s birthstone, and this lovely treasure from the sea always makes an elegant statement. Pearls range from creamy white to black, and many other colors as well. Pearls have long been thought represent innocence, faith and devotion. They encourage loyalty to a cause.

11. Sterling Silver & Freshwater Cultured Pearl Ring

Sterling silver and cultured pearl swirl ring


This elegant freshwater cultured pearl ring couldn’t be more elegant if it tried. The 6-7mm pearl is a luminescent creamy white, and graded AAA, which means it’s of the highest quality and nearly flawless. (Kind of like your mom?) The beautiful pearl is encircled in a dimensional swirl for sterling silver.

The openwork setting and shank highlight the beauty of the pearl, allowing light to showcase the stone. You mom might also like this same sterling silver setting with a beautiful black pearl instead.

Price: $59

Buy the Sterling Silver & Freshwater Cultured Pearl Ring here.

12. Sterling Silver & 14k Yellow Gold 7mm Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Diamond Ring

silver and gold split shank freshwater pearl and diamond ring

Amazon Collection

In this mixed metal design, 14k yellow gold and sterling silver combine, to highlight the creamy white 7mm pearl that’s the focal point of this lovely ring. The split shank design delivers three strands of color to highlight the pearl, with .07 carats of of tiny white diamonds glittering as accents that encircle the pearl on the top and bottom.

Another mixed metal ring your mom might love features silver and gold surrounding a larger 8.5mm pearl, highlighted by three small diamonds on one side. She might also like this Celtic inspired design that features 14k gold hearts and an 8mm pearl embraced in a sterling silver infinity symbol.

Price: $88.94

Buy the Sterling Silver & 14k Yellow Gold 7mm Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Diamond Ring here.

Best July Birthstone Rings

July’s birthstone is the delicious deep red ruby. Much like emeralds, rubies are rare and expensive, at it’s hard to find them without some cloudy inclusions. If you do, you’ll pay a hefty price. Rubies are said to stimulate nurturing and spiritual wisdom, while encouraging good health and promoting knowledge.

13. Sterling Silver & Red Ruby Wing Ring

sterling silver wing ring with red ruby

Gem Stone King

What better way to let your mom know she’s your angel than with a shimmery silver wing ring? Obviously the answer is to get her such a ring, set with her birthstone, a .33 carat round cut natural ruby. This bypass design ring features the prong set ruby on one side, and the beautifully detailed wing on the other, making for an eye-catching look on the hand.

This ring is perfect for everyday wear, and at this affordable price, it delivers a lot of look and a real ruby for less than $40. To make this an even more special gift, why not include some sterling silver angel wing stud earrings to go with it? At just $15, she’ll feel totally spoiled by you.

Price: $49.99

Buy the Sterling Silver & Red Ruby Wing Ring here.

14. 14K White Gold Created Ruby & White Topaz Ring

14k white gold 3.00 carat created ruby ring with white topaz accents


The 3.00 carat checkerboard created ruby centerstone in this birthstone ring for mom is simply jaw-dropping. You’d pay thousands for a natural ruby of this size, but this flawless created stone is perfect, and a deep rich red. The checkerboard cut is especially popular for colored gemstones, because it allows for more facets from which light can refract and create sparkle.

This ring features two round cut white topaz stones flanking each side of the ruby, and the the 14k white gold band features more prong set white topaz stones cascading half way down each side. Another created ruby stunner is the 8.0 carat created ruby ring, featuring an emerald cut solitaire in a gold plated setting for less than fifty bucks.

Price: $189.99

Buy the 14K White Gold Created Ruby & White Topaz Ring here.

Best August Birthstone Rings

Peridot is the birthstone of lucky August babies. Its bright grassy green color is, without a doubt, one that is fresh at any time of year. Known as a stone that inspires happiness within, and delight at the nature of life, peridot is also quite affordable, meaning larger carat weights at a reasonable cost.

15. Sterling Silver & 14k Yellow Gold Peridot & White Topaz Ring

silver and gold oval peridot ring with white topaz accents

Amazon Collection

A 2.6 carat oval peridot shines the the first breath of spring in this beautiful birthstone ring that’s perfect for any August birthday girl. Glittering natural white topaz add to the sparkle in this gorgeous ring, that also features lovely filigree work on the raised shank.

The sterling silver band is embellished with 14k yellow gold filigree openwork on the shoulders, that cascades down the sides of the band as well. That mixed metal look gives this classic lots of updated appeal. If you think the mom in your life would like something simpler but with equal wow factor, the Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Peridot Ring features a whopping 2.45 carat cushion cut peridot that is flanked with tiny rose gold embellishments on a simple silver band. It’s a beauty at just $79.99.

Price: $92.22

Buy the Sterling Silver & 14k Yellow Gold Peridot & White Topaz Ring here.

16. Forever Us Two Stone Trillion Cut Peridot Ring

trillion cut two stone peridot and cubic zirconia silver ring


It’s always been you and your mom, through thick and thin. That’s why we think she’ll love this interpretation of the “Forever Us” design, featuring two trillant (sometimes called trillion) cut peridot stones in unique bezel settings. These triangular stones weigh in at an impressive 1.50 carats. Across the top are cut-by-hand facets for lots of depth of color.

The stones are highlighted by a swash of sparkling cubic ziconia, to enhance the beauty of the vibrant green stones. All sit atop curvy smooth sterling silver shanks that give way to a comfortable silver band. For pure peridot carat weight, you can’t beat the 7.97 carat white gold plated Peridot Flower Cluster Ring, that has huge eye appeal for any woman.

Price: $39.99

Buy the Forever Us Two Stone Trillion Cut Peridot Ring here.

Best September Birthstone Rings

The September birthstone is Sapphire, probably most popularized by the late Princess Diana. While Ceylon sapphires have a unique blue hue, most of these stones are very dark blue in color, although they come in many different shades, including pink and green. Sapphires are said to stimulate lightness, joy and and instill their wearers with beautiful thoughts. As with many precious stones, you’ll get more carat weight with created sapphires.

17. Helzberg Diamonds 10K White Gold Natural Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring

white gold halo set oval sapphire ring with diamond and sapphire shoulders

Helzberg Diamonds

This might be the kind of sapphire ring you and your siblings buy together. As one of the more spendy birthstone rings for mom, this one is, from a beauty standpoint, a real doozy. With a big gorgeous oval natural sapphire center stone, surrounded with diamonds, and sapphire and diamond studded shoulders, this is a statement piece that’s sure to become a family heirloom.

The 10k white gold setting seems to make the stones sparkle and shine so much more. This ring features 1.21 carats of deep blue sapphires, and some 54 single cut white diamonds that add up to another 1/4 carat in gem weight. While this natural sapphire ring is most definitely a splurge, isn’t your mom totally worth it?

For a mere $5,000, you could always get her, or your wife who is a mom, the 6.76 Carat Natural Blue Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Ring. That would be a Mother’s Day gift that would definitely go down in family lore.

Price: $499.99

Buy the Helzberg Diamonds 10K White Gold Natural Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring here.

18. Sterling Silver & 14k Yellow Gold Blue Sapphire & Diamond Art Deco-Style Ring

sterling silver and 14k gold natural sapphire art deco ring with diamond accents

Amazon Collection

Arguably one of the most popular sapphire rings on Amazon right now, this art deco style ring is a beauty. With a sterling silver mount, highlighted by milgrain edging, it features three princess cut natural sapphires weighing in at .39 carats, in a row down the center, surrounded by .12 carats of sparkly round cut diamonds.

The stones are highlighted by a shimmery frame of 14k yellow gold, and then bordered with a sizeable silver edge that features more silver beading. The ring’s shoulders feature silver beading and milgrain edging as well, adding to the vintage esthetic of this beautiful birthstone ring.

Price: $145.54

Buy the Sterling Silver & 14k Yellow Gold Blue Sapphire & Diamond Art Deco-Style Ring here.

Best October Birthstone Rings

Opals are October’s beautiful birthstone. These mysterious milky stones are filled with fire, and their internal layers can radiate different colors, depending on the light. Opals are known as a stone of happy dreams and changes, stimulating intuition and imagination. Lab created opals often offer the most vivid colors, at very affordable prices.

19. Created Black Opal Sterling Silver Three Stone Ring

created black opal and cubic zirconia three stone silver ring


Filled with vivid orange, red, blue and green fire, this lab created black opal ring is a stunner, with a 1.75 carat cabochon cut round center stone. It gets a lot of added attention, thanks to the sizey prong set cubic zirconia that flank the center stone on each side.

These stones are set in a swirly sterling silver mount, with a band that’s been polished to a high shine. You can get this same ring with a created white opal center stone as well. The Created Black Opal Princess Cut Solitaire Ring is gorgeous simplicity, and sweetly, each of the prong mounts look like tiny hearts.

Price: $35

Buy the Created Black Opal Sterling Silver Three Stone Ring here.

20. Sterling Silver Created Blue Opal Designed Band Ring

sterling silver and created blue opal inlay band ring

Beaux Bijoux

It doesn’t get much prettier than vivid blue created opal, inlaid into a swirling design of sterling silver. This band ring is one of our favorites for its elegant simplicity and affordable price. It’s the perfect casual wear ring for mom that she can enjoy, whether she’s wearing jeans or business attire.

The band is flashed with Rhodium plating to resist tarnish, which will make her love it even more. And because it’s so well priced, you might consider a set of created opal rings, to suit all her moods. Whether you choose a solid opal inlay band, an opal infinity knot ring, or a domed opal inlay ring, none will set you back more than $25, which seems pretty amazing for the amount of beauty each one has.

Price: $34.99

Buy the Sterling Silver Created Blue Opal Designed Band Ring here.

Best November Birthstone Rings

November’s birthstone is the topaz. Beguiling, these stones have a wide range of colors, from blue and brown to beautiful pink. Topaz is said to be a stone which instills deep trust in the universe, and helps to dispel fear of uncertainty. You’ll easily get impressive carat weights at affordable prices.

21. Sterling Silver London Blue Topaz Baroque Style Statement Ring

sterling silver London blue topaz baroque ring with pave accents

RB Gems

If your mom has been looking for a statement ring, this one is a definite contender. Whether she was born in November or not, this ring delivers 14.76 carats of brilliant London blue topaz in the form of one whopping elevated center stone, with oversized prongs. The big barrel cut center stone is a brilliant deep blue tinged with an aqua hue that’s the signature of all London blue topaz.

Set in Rhodium plated sterling silver, the shoulders feature another 88 round cut, pavé set London blue and white topaz stones that lead to a band that’s tapered at the bottom. This one of a kind sparker is a one of a kind gift mom will never forget. You can also get a gorgeous 22.78 carat London blue topaz ring for about $100 more, but it’s so large, your mom might be afraid to wear it out. The tension set Titanium London Blue Topaz Ring offers a beautiful stone in a really unique design for less than $100.

Price: $254.99

Buy the Sterling Silver London Blue Topaz Baroque Style Statement Ring here.

22. 10k Yellow Gold Cushion Cut Pink Topaz Ring

yellow gold ring with cushion cut pink topaz


A single, but impressively large, 2.25 carat natural pink topaz stands as the centerpiece in this elegant cocktail ring. The square cushion cut features so many facets to add sparkle and shine. The 10k yellow gold band is beautifully fluted to give it an almost art deco era sculptural look, and it’s polished to a high shine.

If you had your heart set on giving mom a pink topaz and diamond ring, you can get her a square cushion cut center stone surrounded by a halo of white diamonds in 10k rose gold for just about $40 more. If you’re on a budget, a 1.0 carat pink mystic topaz solitaire set in rose gold comes in at under $100.

Price: $257

Buy the 10k Yellow Gold Cushion Cut Pink Topaz Ring here.

Best December Birthstone Rings

In December, you can choose from one of two birthstones – tanzanite or turquoise. Because you’re bound to love both, we’ll offer a few ideas to tempt you. A deep violet blue, the tanzanite was considered by the ancients to be a stone of magic, inviting protection and encouraging the will to achieve great things.

Turquoise, most known for embellishing American Indian and southwest style jewelry, is said to embody the conscience of Mother Earth, while providing protection while exploring the unknown.

23. 1.30 Carat Genuine Tanzanite & Sterling Silver Three Stone Ring

Natural oval tanzanite and sterling silver three stone ring


Three perfectly faceted natural oval tanzanites lay side mounted together in a stunning display of color. This beautiful birthstone ring, features 1.30 carats of these violet blue gems, set on a raised shank, that when viewed from the side features sweet little pierced hearts as part of the design. The ring is crafted made of band is highly polished sterling silver, and it comes at a terrific price.

Another tanzanite ring features 0.75 carats in three marquise cut stones that highlight the Tree of Life Ring that’s also cast in shimmering sterling silver.

Price: $62

Buy the 1.30 Carat Genuine Tanzanite & Sterling Silver Three Stone Ring here.

24. Genuine Tanzanite & Sterling Silver Bypass Cluster Ring

sterling silver and genuine tanzanite bypass cluster ring


Let’s be honest here, this genuine tanzanite ring is so interesting, you can’t stop looking at it, can you? We couldn’t either, and that’s why it’s on this list as one of the best birthstone rings for mom. The unique bypass design features sterling silver tendrils that are reminiscent of shooting stars, but at the end of each shooter, there’s a prong set tanzanite stone.

The nine stones total 0.36 carats of natural tanzanite, and the ring is so affordable, if you’re a daughter considering birthstone rings for mom, you might want to order one of these for yourself. Mom will completely understand.

A more traditional tanzanite cluster ring features 4.0 carats of sparkling natural oval cut stones, along with tiny diamond accents, in a statement piece your mom would also love.

Price: $28.19

Buy the Genuine Tanzanite & Sterling Silver Bypass Cluster Ring here.

25. Sterling Silver & Genuine Turquoise Ring

Sterling silver and genuine turquoise southwest inspired ring

Turquoise Network

Turquoise is often most beautiful when its natural inclusions of silver and gold are most visible, and such is the case with this lovely elongated stone ring. Set in sterling silver, this southwest inspired design features a 1.5 inch stone, with a four part shank that melds into a wide band at the bottom.

Because of the elongated style, it’s recommended that you order one size larger than normal. The antiqued silver setting is cast to maximize the appearance of the stone, perfectly framing it with just enough shine.

The Ross-Simons Turquoise Geometric Ring in 18k Gold over Sterling Silver would be another unique and fabulous choice, with three turquoise cabochons, bezel set amidst loops of silver that look as though they’re hand hammered for additional shine.

For a petite hand, the Simply Fabulous Sterling Silver & Turquoise Single Stone Band Ring, designed by Carolyn Pollack, looks vintage with its antiqued silver setting.

Price: $29

Buy the Sterling Silver & Genuine Turquoise Ring here.

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