15 Father Daughter Jewelry Gift Ideas for Father’s Day


Dad’s big day is coming up, and there’s no sweeter way to remind your pop that you’re his biggest fan than to give him a reminder he’ll use or wear every single day. This Father’s Day, why not give your dad the gift of some father daughter jewelry?

These fun gift ideas range from heart melting, to gut busting, and whether you’re a daughter who’s grown up and moved away, or you’re still in the process of relying on dad for his wisdom, counsel, and just plain fun, we’ve found some treasures he’ll cherish on his special day and everyday.

Best Father Daughter Keychains

1. Best Gift for Step Fathers: “DNA Doesn’t Make You Family” Key Ring

silver DNA Doesn't Make You Family Key Ring

NBE Collection

The relationship between a step father and his step daughter can sometimes be complicated, but nothing will forge the bond between them like love. This beautiful sentiment is expressed perfectly in this father daughter gift idea that will touch his heart in a special way.

This simple silver tone key ring features two charms – a rectangular charm stamped with DNA Doesn’t Make You Family Love Does, and a second small charm that simply says Love. It’s made of non-tarnishing metal that’s allergy free. It’s a perfect token from a daughter to her dad, that will remind him of your special family ties, every time he slips his keys out of his pocket.

Price: $11.99

Buy the “DNA Doesn’t Make You Family” Key Ring here.

2. You Will Always Be My Hero Key Ring

silver tone you will always be my hero key ring


There’s no more important man in a girl’s life than her dad. He’s the one she looks up to with total trust and adoration. This sweet silver tone key ring is a great way to give your dad a reminder that he’s your hero and always will be.

Made of tarnish resistant stainless steel, this key ring features on charm that expresses the sentiment “I’ll always be your little girl and you’ll always be my hero,” and an added little “dad” charm lets him know you celebrate him on this Father’s Day and always.

Price: $11.96

Buy the You Will Always Be My Hero Key Ring here.

3. If Dad Can’t Fix it No One Can Key Ring

silver tone tiny tool dad's key ring


It’s often a joke between fathers and daughters, who love to ask their daddy to fix whatever happens to be broken, from their heart to their car. Give your dad a giggle this Father’s Day with a key ring that features a set of three tiny tools – a wrench, hammer and screwdriver – one embellished with “If dad can’t fix it, no one can.”

With a sturdy key ring that won’t warp or bend, this heartwarming key ring will tickle any dad, 365 days a year.

Price: $9.99

Buy the If Dad Can’t Fix it No One Can Key Ring here.

4. Hammer Keychain & Gift Box Bundle

silver tone hammer key ring and gift box

Gift Jewelry by Rachel Olevia

Instead of looking at dad as a fixer, this sweet father daughter jewelry gift idea would be great from an older daughter. The silver hammer hangs from a sturdy curb link chain and attaches to a stout key ring that’s big enough to hold his essential unlockers.

Perhaps the best part of this gift for dad is the box it comes in, with the sweetest sentiment inside. When he opens this gift from you, inside there’s a message saying “Thanks for helping me build my life.” Can’t think of a single dad that wouldn’t get choked up opening that one.

Price: $12.99 (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Hammer Keychain & Gift Box Bundle here.

5. The Love Between Father and Daughter Knows No Distance Keychain

Stainless steel The Love Between Father and Daughter Knows No Distance engraved Keychain


Time and life might mean you’re not geographically close to your dad, but this lovely engraved key ring will remind your dad he’s never far from your heart. The stainless steel dog tag charm on this key ring is engraved with “The Love Between Father and Daughter Knows No Distance.” Each time he starts his car, unlocks the house or opens his office door, he’ll know that no matter how far from home you might be, your hearts will be forever connected. Sweet.

Price: $11.99

Buy the The Love Between Father and Daughter Knows No Distance Keychain here.

6. Like Father Like Daughter Puzzle Keychain

Like Father like daughter puzzle piece keychain set


You and your dad fit together in life like pieces of a puzzle, and you can stay perfectly connected with these cute matching keychains embellished with “Like Father Like Daughter” charms. Each unique in shape, they fit perfectly as a set that will keep you connected when you’re apart. Made from high polished stainless steel, these charms connect to a sturdy key ring that will easily accommodate all dad’s and your essential keys.

Price: $14.66

Buy the Like Father Like Daughter Puzzle Keychain here.

Best Father Daughter Jewelry

7. Daddy’s Girl Necklace Set

silver tone two piece daddy daughter necklace set with pearl accent


We can’t think of a single dad who isn’t melted by his little girl. This sweet father daughter jewelry set features two sweet pieces – one for dad, and one for his girl. The father’s necklace features a stainless steel dog tag style pendant that hangs from a 20 inch ball chain.

Embellished with “This girl stole my heart and calls me daddy,” it has a half heart cutout on the side. The little girl’s necklace has a similar ball chain and features three tiny charms – a heart embellished with the words “Daddy’s girl”, plus a cutout heart and a pretty wire wrapped faux pearl.

Do you have two little girls who share their hearts with daddy? Get this set with two daddy’s girl pendants that go with dad’s.

Price: $14.96

Buy the Daddy’s Girl Necklace Set here.

8. Papa Bear – Daddy’s Girl Natural Stone Macrame Bead Bracelet Set

papa bear and daddy's girl natural stone and macrame bead bracelet set


These natural stone bead bracelets are the perfect father daughter jewelry set to give dad this Father’s Day or on any other special occasion when you want to recognize that special bond you two share. The two bracelets each feature sweet charms that add to their appeal.

Dad’s bracelet is made with round tiger’s eye, onyx, and lava rock stones. It features a stainless steel alloy charm imprinted with a fade free black bear and the word Papa stamped into it.

The daughter’s bracelet is made from sweet pink quartz beads and features a heart shaped charm imprinted with daddy’s girl. Each are easily adjustable to fit wrists of most sizes. And they bring the added natural loving properties of the stones, in addition to the sweet sentiments. You can also get this sweet set with dad’s bracelet embellished with a Best Daddy Ever charm instead of the papa bear.

Price: $16.99

Buy the Papa Bear – Daddy’s Girl Natural Stone Macrame Bead Bracelet Set here.

9. Stainless Steel Bracelet Engraved Dad Bracelet

Stainless steel adjustable link dad bracelet with cubic zirconia


While this isn’t the classic daddy and daughter jewelry set, this gorgeous stainless steel bracelet would be a gift any dad would be proud to wear. The manly looking stainless steel links are polished to a high shine, and the centerpiece is a panel engraved with Dad, and surrounded by four prong set cubic zirconias on each side.

It can adjust to many wrist sizes, and you could always have your name engraved on the backside, under the etched “Love you dad,” as a reminder to your pop of your love for him this Father’s Day.

Price: $25

Buy the Stainless Steel Bracelet Engraved Dad Bracelet here.

10. Ollia Antiqued Sterling Silver Dangle Father Daughter Charms

antiqued sterling silver two piece father daughter half heart charms


If the dad in your life loves natural sterling silver almost as much as he loves you, these two antiqued charms fit together as one heart, or can be worn separately by each of you. Antiqued with black on the backside, and etched with Father and Daughter on the front, these beautiful charms have a boho chic appeal.

All you’ll need to do is get matching sterling silver chains, and you can each sport one of the charms.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Ollia Antiqued Sterling Silver Dangle Father Daughter Charms here.

11. Sterling Silver Daughter and Father Kanji Chinese Symbol Charm

Sterling silver father and daughter chinese kanji symbol charm

Jewelry Advisor Chinese Kanji Symbols

So many cultures celebrate the special bond between a daughter and her father, and this beautiful ancient Kanji Symbol is represents that relationship in the Chinese culture. This gorgeous sterling silver charm is highly polished, and engraved on the back with the words father and daughter.

At 1.5 inches in length, dad can wear this proudly, as a gift from his special girl on Father’s Day or any other day when he wants to feel your love. Because this charm is so highly polished, a diamond cut sterling silver rope chain would be the perfect accoutrement.

Price: $36.99

Buy the Sterling Silver Daughter and Father Kanji Chinese Symbol Charm here.

12. Love you Dad Stainless Steel Necklace

Stainless steel engraved ring necklace


This many stainless steel necklace is one of the great Father’s Day gift ideas, because it’s simple, straightforward and not too cutesy. This is a manly necklace with a bold stainless steel ring hanging from a matching rolo chain. Engraved on the outside, a simple bold Dad.

Engraved on the inside, a sweet inscription says “Love You Dad.” This necklace is a perfect gift from you that will give him a warm glow each time he slips it on.

Price: $9.99

Buy the Love you Dad Stainless Steel Necklace here.

Best Not Exactly Father Daughter Jewelry Options

13. I Love You Hand Stamped Fishing Lure

I love you hand stamped silver plated stainless steel fishing lure


Is your dad just crazy about fishing? This fun silver plated stainless steel fishing lure will make him chuckle every time he opens his tackle box. Equipped with a genuine swivel and workable treble fish hook, it might be his go to choice on days when he’s getting skunked on the water, but even if he never baits it up, he’ll love looking at it.

This cute lure is hand stamped with “I love you even more than you love fishing,” and you can bet your dad feels exactly the same about you. Another cute lure reminds dad you’re always his little girl, especially when you’re begging him to bait your hook.

Price: $14.96

Buy the I Love You Hand Stamped Fishing Lure here.

14. I Couldn’t Pick a Better Dad Guitar Pick

Stainless steel guitar pick engraved with I couldn't pick a better dad


This fun Father’s Day gift idea will have your guitar playing dad pickin’ and grinnin’ from ear to ear. With a sweet loving message from you, this stainless steel guitar pick can be easily carried in his pocket like a loving talisman from his sweet girl, but when the urge hits him to play, he can whip it out and use it to make music.

A three pack of stainless steel guitar packs is another fun idea for dad. Each pick is stamped with a different message, and these are high quality and meant for actual playing. Plus they are a great buy.

Price: $10.99

Buy the I Couldn’t Pick a Better Dad Guitar Pick here.

15. CJ&M Father Daughter Money Clip

Stainless Steel Engraved Money Clip


If you’re like every other daughter on the planet, you’ve likely hit dad up for a cash infusion every now and then, or perhaps more often than you’d care to admit. Since dad’s usually good for a few bucks, give him a gift that keeps his cash carefully stowed, but easily accessible.

This stainless steel money clip is a fun gift for Father’s Day or any of dad’s special occasions, and it’s engraved with the hilarious sentiment “For the little bit of money my daughter hasn’t taken yet.”

Naturally, we know you always ask first, but if you’re a daughter who has grown up and moved away, he’ll laugh even harder at your daddy-daughter memories. Another clever money clip for dad is engraved with “what’s left after my daughter’s wedding.” Oh dad.

Price: $9.99

Buy the CJ&M Father Daughter Money Clip here.

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