10 Best Gold Chains for Men (Updated!)

Does it seem like there’s some kind of cultural barrier when it comes to men wearing jewelry…especially necklaces? If you think about some of the most manly men, from the guy next door to the most popular movie actors, they’re often sporting necklaces that range from hippie boy leather cords and beads, to something that’s more of a statement piece.

Culturally, men have been wearing jewelry since ancient Egyptian times, when, by the way, they were also proud to sport makeup along with their jewels. So forward thinking. In America’s recent history, Native American men often proudly wear many necklaces at once, along with earrings.

Why? It’s simple. Men’s jewelry exhibits power and confidence, heritage and a sense of style that you just don’t get with an unadorned three-piece suit, or pair of Levis. Unless you’re Johnny Depp, it might be that wearing a necklace takes some guts.

If Pharrell Williams, David Beckham and Jay Z can sport tons of the best gold chains for men, why couldn’t you? While you might prefer to wear just one at a time, it’s worth a shot. Men’s gold chains can be subtle and functional, or they can be big and bold, yet elegant statement pieces, worthy of a large investment.

For the purposes of this article, we’re going to stick strictly to real gold chains – 14k gold only, thank you. But no need to get yourself in a twist, because, for many of the expensive chains on our list, we’ve added in links to less expensive counterparts that are similar, but gold plated or simply gold toned.

Gold chains for men come in a crazy number of link styles. Cuban, curb link, rope and mariner chains most often mean bolder, heavier looks. Figaro, rolo, snake and box chains tend to be smaller, more affordable, and are frequently worn with a gold cross, or other cool or meaningful pendant.

Men’s gold chains come in lots of lengths too, from the neck hugging 16 incher, to chains nearly twice that long. Wear them peeking out of an open collar, or outside, over a sweater or jacket, depending on the look you want to create. Either way, you’ll look totally sexy wearing them. (I mean, only if that’s what you want.)

If movie stars and Hall of Famers can wear them, shouldn’t you think about getting one of the 10 Best Gold Chains for Men? And if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your guy, gold chains are always a winning idea.

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  • Men’s 14k White Gold 8.3mm Cuban Chain Necklace

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    Heavy, round white gold links, with a high polish finish, are tightly woven together to give this gold chain for men a dramatic look. This statement chain is one to definitely wear on its own. The Cuban or curb links are sharply faceted to give this chain even more shine and appeal.

    At a perfect 20 inches long, this men’s gold chain will definitely dress up a crew neck, or look mighty sexy with an open collar. Its width makes for a weighty look that exudes both your confidence and style.

    If, perhaps, two grand is a bit more than your budget can handle, but you’d still like a gold chain that delivers the goods when it comes to making a statement, how about an 18k Gold Plated version of this classic cuban chain? Or go for the white gold look and weight, but get it in stainless steel for just about twenty-five bucks.

  • 14k White Gold .7mm Round Snake Chain

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    Among the most affordable and common chains, the snake chain is a great gold chain for men. This durable chain is made up of round, smooth metal plates, so it’s actually a tube more than a chain. This gives the snake chain its incredibly flexible qualities, making it perfect for men who can be tough on their jewelry.

    Up close, it does indeed look like miniature snakeskin, except for the fact that it’s 14k gold. The high polish finish adds to its eye-catching appeal. This men’s gold chain comes in four different lengths – 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches and 22 inches.

    You can also get the same variations in 14k yellow gold. The sturdy lobster claw clasp will take whatever wear you give it, and keep your chain securely around your neck.

  • Solid 14k Yellow Gold 2.5mm Box Chain Necklace

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    An elegant box chain is one of the best gold chains for men because it can be worn alone, or with a cross or special pendant. This version happens to be a little heavier, and more of a statement chain than many, but box chains are known for their masculine appeal.

    The linear form of this chain is made up of square links connected to each other in a way that resembles a square, box-like shape. These chains aren’t too foofy, but rather subtle and bold. A Gold Cornicello Italian Horn Pendant would look wickedly roguish hanging from this cool chain, while an Elongated Gold Nugget Pendant would look equally impressive.

    Box chains don’t have to be statement pieces like this. They can simply be the hanger for something more meaningful, like an Ankh Pendant, in which case you can buy a much more affordable gold box chain that’s just 1mm wide.

  • 14k White Gold 3mm Rolo Chain Necklace

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    A simple alternating sequence of symmetrical round links make up this shiny men’s gold chain. The rolo chain is an unpretentious design that works especially great for wearing alone, or with a favorite pendant. It’s not too fancy, so a man who prefers a clean, uniform design aesthetic will love the rolo’s look.

    This 3mm men’s gold chain is 22 inches long, and features a sturdy lobster claw clasp that’s easy to fasten and can put up with the rugged wear and tear it might receive. This chain comes in lengths from 16 inches all the way up to 26 inches. Naturally, the longer you get, the more cash you’ll lay out.

    If you’re looking for a chunkier version of this simple design, the 5mm Gold Rolo Chain could be the choice for you.

  • Men’s 14k Gold 2.5mm Square Byzantine Chain Necklace

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    This big, bold, best gold chain for men is a timeless piece that would be a great gift, to give or receive. The Byzantine styling was a unique way of weaving that was first perfected in the development chain maille hundreds of years ago.

    This chain style has been known throughout the centuries by many names including the Birdcage, King’s Braid, and Idiot’s Delight, as well as Byzantine. Crafted entirely from individual gold jump rings, the design would be a mesmerizing homage to the deserving man in your life.

    For a slightly less chunky look, get the narrower Men’s 1.5mm 14k White Gold Byzantine Chain Necklace for a whole lot less of an investment, but still with amazing quality. Get a similar, but lighterweight Byzantine chain in 10K gold, for about a third of the price, at just over $880.

    For a huge savings, but all the amazing craftsmanship, a Byzantine chain in sterling silver can be yours for around $320.

  • 14k Yellow Gold Diamond-Cut Spiga Round Wheat Chain Necklace

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    The intricate woven detailing of this hollow link wheat chain will add some impressive elegance to any man’s look and style style. Crafted in polished 14k yellow gold, the wheat pattern is carefully crafted from four strands of gold, interwoven. Look closely and you’ll see the way it resembles a natural wheat stalk in the symmetry of the woven gold.

    At 4.1mm thick, and with sparkling diamond cutting, this bold chain is a perfect gift for yourself, or if you happen to be looking for the quintessential gift for someone really special, this dynamic choice is definitely one of the best gold chains for men, and merits landing at the top of your list.

    If the price on this men’s gold chain is simple too steep, we understand. You can get a 3mm 14k Gold Wheat Chain for just under $800, or a .8mm 14k Gold Wheat Chain for just 99 bucks. Get a gold plated wheat chain and bracelet set for only $22.99.

  • Men’s 14k Yellow Gold 4.8mm Italian Mariner Chain Necklace

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    Unique and unusual, this handsome 14k yellow gold Italian mariner chain necklace encompasses a bold, nautically-inspired look. The chain features interlocking mariner links that lay flat, comfortably, and it is secured by a sturdy lobster-claw clasp.

    A classic among our picks for best gold chains for men, this chain incorporates both the quality craftsmanship and sophistication you’d expect from Italian jewelers. The mariner link chain incorporates some of the design and precision practices that were inspired by Egyptian, Greek and Asian culture, discovered centuries ago during the Etruscan period in Southern Italy.

    The 5mm width makes this 20-inch chain a wonderful pairing with a variety of pendants, or as a stand-alone necklace. You can also get this Mariner Chain Necklace in 10k gold for just about a third of the price, and it will still deliver years of beautiful wear.

    If you’re willing to settle for a gold toned version, get this men’s chain in gold toned stainless steel for under forty bucks.

  • Men’s 14k Gold 5.7mm Cuban Chain Necklace

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    Any man could wear a combination of sleek strength and sophisticated design with this 14k yellow gold Cuban chain necklace. Cuban links, often known as curb links, create a solid gold, 5.7mm wide chain that will lie flat against any neckline.

    The large round links showcase a trendy look, and the polished gold finish boasts brilliant sparkle. At 22 inches long, it will look sexy under an open collared shirt, over a tee, or frankly, with no shirt at all. If you love the look of the necklace, make an even more dramatic statement with a matching Cuban Chain Bracelet.

    In case you can’t afford the 14k gold versions, consider a matching gold filled bracelet or cuban chain necklace. They still offer the bold look and shine, but at far more affordable prices, which makes them a terrific gift for men all the men on your holiday gift lists, or better yet, just because you want to give them something special.

  • Men’s 14k Yellow Gold 5.5mm Hollow Diamond-Cut Rope Chain Necklace

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    This 14k yellow gold rope chain for men is made with a gorgeous combination of oval links that form a twisting pattern to produce a woven rope, giving it a mesmerizing spiral effect. Diamond cut flat areas on the links give it added opportunities to catch the light for even more shine.

    This rope chain is one of the most versatile and appreciated styles of men’s chains, because it’s chunky, study and yet has that intriguing interwoven look, driving the perfect combination of elegance and edge. It comes in three different lengths – 24 inches, 26 inches and 28 inches. Naturally the price jumps a bit as you get longer.

    If you’re buying this as a special gift for your man, consider adding a special pendant for his next special occasion like a cross or St. Christopher to protect him.

  • Men’s 14k Gold 8.5mm Figaro Chain Necklace

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    If you really want to make a statement, do it with the detailed craftsmanship and unique shine of this solid 14k white gold Figaro-style chain necklace. A pattern of one elongated curb link, followed by three circular curb links creates the thick 8.5mm chain that will lie flat against the neck and chest.

    The combination of curved and longer links drive an edgy feel, yet this chain features a highly polished gold finish which boasts brilliant sparkle. The name is derived from the Italian opera The Marriage of Figaro, which was popular at the time this chain became a stylish accessory.

    Bold enough to make a metallic statement as a stand-alone necklace, this best gold chain for men is a unique accessory, perfect for any man’s jewelry collection. This gorgeous chain would be a great splurge-worthy Christmas gift, or for a special birthday or anniversary present.

    You can also get this chain in glittering yellow gold, at a slightly more affordable price.

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