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21 Best Copper Jewelry Pieces: The Ultimate List

The history of copper jewelry and body adornments goes all the way back to the Pharaohs of Egypt, and perhaps even earlier. In fact, evidence points to the discovery of copper some 13,000 years ago. Copper jewelry was often associated with gods and goddesses. Such jewelry was revered by pharaohs and kings,(and Cleopatra, of course.) It eventually became so prized, copper was traded as money.

No surprise to those of us with scads of pennies laying around, which, sadly, we don’t value so reverently these days. But we do still love our copper. Think Statue of Liberty, her gorgeous verdigris patina, and her inspiring message of hope and freedom to the melting pot that is America. Did you know that copper mining was so prevalent in the early 18th century, thousands of immigrants to our country headed straight for Montana, where hard rock mines once produced more than 26 percent of all the world’s copper? But I digress.

Copper jewelry looks luxe, but it’s a lot more practical from a cost perspective so you can afford more unique pieces in your jewelry collection. In fact, the huge trend toward rose gold jewelry wouldn’t exist without copper, which is mixed with gold to create that warm, rosy color.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or buy a gift for someone else, copper jewelry can be a casual or elegant choice that looks great with every skin tone, hair color and clothing style. Copper is quite often used as a beautiful accent in mixed metal jewelry designs. And if you’re thinking cool copper pieces come strictly in southwestern styles, you’ll be seriously surprised and delighted by the Best Copper Jewelry.

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Copper pairs beautifully with many stones, from turquoise and agate to gorgeous gemstones. And, because of its malleable nature, many jewelers love to design with it. What amazed me as I delved into the realm of copper jewelry, was the huge range of styles and design ideas, from necklaces and earrings, to bracelets and rings.

While most jewelry pieces considered to be in the higher quality category rely primarily on gold and silver, when you see the outstanding new designs in copper, you're going to want them, a lot.

Copper has been used for healing purposes, almost as long as it's been used in jewelry and decorative items. In recent years, copper has been touted as a fountain of youth for its purported ability to heal wounds more quickly, stave off arthritis and other aches and pains, and even give you younger looking skin. While little scientific evidence bears out these claims, it's clear that what our minds believe, can create indisputable physical results.

There are many copper necklaces and bracelets that incorporate rare earth magnets, also said to improve health issues. While we've only included one magnetic therapy bracelet in this post, you'll find plenty of beautifully designed and fashionable pieces here.

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