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11 Best Boyfriend Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Jewelry is certainly a go-to option for Valentine’s Day gifts for women but if you’re shopping for a man, don’t rule out jewelry gifts for your boyfriend. With many top designers developing jewelry lines exclusively for men, you won’t have a short supply of options when it comes to boyfriend jewelry gifts.

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While a few of the items on this list are made from precious metals and are certainly a splurge, there are tons of choices that look quite expensive even though they're moderately priced.

Best Boyfriend & Girlfriend Jewelry

Boyfriend and Girlfriend Jewelry is gaining popularity and even if you think it sounds cheesy at first, there's a lot of subtle options that actually look quite nice and not over the top or in your face. These coordinating stone necklaces are a nice option for boyfriend and girlfriend necklaces and if bracelets are more your thing, check out these boyfriend and girlfriend woven leather bracelets. 

Masculine jewelry is often designed with simplicity in mind - clean lines and shapes, minimal sparkle, and muted neutral colors. Even if your guy doesn't have a big jewelry collection going already, these pieces won't be intimidating as a starting point.

Best Necklaces for Boyfriend 

The best necklaces for your boyfriend can be simple and understated. Since most men's jewelry should be subtle and easily wearable, our favorite option is a simple chain in either gold or silver (with the latter being much less expensive). 

Best Bracelets for Boyfriend

A bracelet can be worn by men either with our without a watch and many men prefer something leather or stone over metal. You can find tons of awesome leather bracelets for your boyfriend from popular designers at the $25 price point if you'd like to buy something on the less expensive end. 


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