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11 Best Gold Chains for Men

Does it seem like there’s some kind of cultural barrier when it comes to men wearing jewelry…especially necklaces? If you think about some of the manliest men, from the guy next door to the most popular movie actors, they’re often sporting necklaces that range from hippie boy leather cords and beads, to something that’s more of a statement piece.

Culturally, men have been wearing jewelry since ancient Egyptian times, when, by the way, they were also proud to sport makeup along with their jewels. So forward-thinking. In America’s recent history, Native American men often proudly wear many necklaces at once, along with earrings.

For the purposes of this article, we’re going to stick strictly to real gold chains – 14k gold only which is the most popular gold chain design that you will see. Check the best of the best gold chains for men below and add them to your existing swag.

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Gold chains have been around for thousands of years dating back to the early Egyptians. The gold chain was a sign of wealth and prosperity and came in all sorts of sizes, and thicknesses, and was popular among pharaohs and queens. We are focusing on gold chains for men in this article and have selected the best in a wide range of prices to fit every kind of budget. The article above from The Met gives you a closer look at what kind of gold was used back in Egypt. Nowadays gold chains are not only worn by entertainers and athletes but by the average joe. 

There are gold chains that are big and bulky and can hold a large pendant. There are also gold chains that are a bit more discreet and can be passed down from grandfather to father to son and so on for generations. With the price of gold recently reaching new all-time highs these chains are not only more valuable than ever but they are also in higher demand with more and more gold being sold every single day. These chains are not only fashionable but are also a great investment that you can wear and enjoy.