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25 Best Christmas Brooches for the 2022 Holiday Season

Are you looking for the perfect piece of Christmas jewelry? From Santa, snowflakes and festive flowers to more religious icons, when you pin on one of these Christmas brooches or give them as gifts, your holiday spirits will be instantly lifted.

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Is Christmas Jewelry Collectible?

You might find it fun to collect Christmas pins, earrings, and other jewelry that can be worn for years and then passed down through the family. I still have a Christmas tree pin that was given to me more than 50 years ago by a lovely Russian immigrant that worked with my mother. 

It turns out that, according to Estates In Time, the Christmas tree pin is one of the most collectible pieces of holiday jewelry!

Where Can I Find the Best Vintage Brooches?

If you're looking for vintage jewelry, there are a lot of reasons to buy it, but finding it can be tricky. According to the website How To Buy Vintage Jewelry, these pieces can sometimes be more affordable and of course, they offer timeless designs as well. Finding specific Christmas designs narrows your options considerably.

You could spend hours browsing online sites for the right thing, or you could frequent yardsales every Saturday, but we'd recommend you look at some of the jewelry brands that consistently offer vintage styles like 1928 Jewelry, or a new up and comer, Bottled Up Designs.