Top 10 Best Cool Lighters for Tobacco & Cannabis

You can purchase lighters just about anywhere, from your local gas station to Target. But, they’re always relatively pricy. And we all know what happens to lighters with stoners. Someone always pockets it….completely unintentionally. You might get it back, you might not. So, why would you want to spend money on something you’re not guaranteed to have for the duration of its lifetime? (PS. You can totally fix that problem with a lighter leash. They’re super dorky, but hey, you’ll always get your lighter back. You can purchase one here.)

Once you’ve got the lighter snagging issue under control, you can purchase an awesome lighter without worry. Although, you could easily argue that these lighters are so BA that people will be more cognizant, and actually hand them back to you. Stop buying lame convenience store lighters and get a cool lighter that reflects your personality. There are so many to choose from, it can feel overwhelming. I’ve compiled an awesome list of the best cannabis and tobacco lighters around.

So, if you’re just browsing, purchasing for yourself, or perusing for a gift, you definitely want to check out my guide to cool lighters.

1. Best OG Stoner Lighter: Zippo Bob Marley Lighter

cool lighters


If you search for “Bob Marley lighters”, about a billion hits will pop up. Of course I’m exaggerating, but the premise behind it still stands: there are tons of lighters representing the OG stoner. And quite frankly, lots of them are quite silly-looking. You don’t want to sport a weird looking lighter. No, you want to whip out an awesome one.

Zippo, the grandaddy of lighters, crafted some amazing designs with Mr. Marley in mind. Known for their “ever-flame” capabilities and all-metal construction, they’re extremely durable. Generations before us have used Zippo lighters to lighter cigars, cigarettes, and even pipes. So, it’s no surprise that they’ve made their way into the cannabis community. You’d be remiss if you overlooked Zippo’s Bob Marley collection.

Price: $16.15

Buy the Zippo Bob Marley Lighters here.


  • Works even in the windiest conditions
  • Can last for years
  • Made from very durable material


Find more Zippo Bob Marley Lighters information and reviews here.

2. Best Lighter for Your Inner-Nerd: Tesla Coil Lighters™ USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

Cool ligthers


Nikola Tesla was one of the world’s greatest scientists. He harnessed the power of electricity with his Tesla coils. These coils create high-voltage, low-current, high-frequency alternating-current (AC) electricity. In other words, they create a spark without flame or wires. It’s one of the best ways to smoke for your lungs because you remove butane from the picture entirely.

Tesla Coil Lighters™ capitalized on the scientist’s technology and created their awesome line. They’re designed in such a way that they won’t turn on when not-in-use. The lighters are extremely durable and feel great in your hands. They’re phenomenal for lighting deep candles, as well, because there’s no flame to scorch your thumb. Regardless of the nerdiness behind the technology, this is a downright cool lighter.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Tesla Coil Lighters™ USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter here.


  • Flameless lighter
  • Phenomenal for lighting in windy or otherwise less-than-ideal situations
  • Comes with cloth storage bag
  • Removes butane from picture when smoking


  • Lighter is louder than you’d expect (it’s using electricity)
  • Contact points are a bit too close to fit a cigarette between them

Find more Tesla Coil Lighters™ USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter information and reviews here.

3. Best Classic Zippo Lighter: Zippo Chrome Lighter

cool lighters


Zippo. It’s the name of the lighter at the front of everyone’s mind. Middle schoolers realize how well they work, and they immediately transform into pyromaniacs. There’s just something that feels good about a Zippo lighter in your hands. Of course, the company puts out so many designs it’s mind-boggling. So, strip away all the extra pizzaz, and get yourself a classic Zippo lighter.

This particular model, much like its brother models, requires Zippo lighter fuel. It can be purchased here. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the lighter when you purchase it, so really, make sure to snag some. You’ll be extremely happy you did, though, once you’re toking on the back deck on a windy day. Zippos don’t disappoint.

Price: $12.71 (29 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Zippo Chrome Lighters here.


  • Consistent flame that doesn’t go out
  • Made of sturdy, durable material
  • Switching out wicks and flint is relatively painless


  • Lighter fuel must be purchased separately
  • Metal smears over time

Find more Zippo Chrome Lighters information and reviews here.

4. Best Steampunk Lighter: Yibao Metal Mini Portable Pocket Flint Wheel Oil Lighter

cool lighters


Steampunk is a sci-fi style of dress, incorporating aesthetic and and technology designs. They’re inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. So, if you’ve ever seen the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire, you’ve seen the style in-action. Yeah, I know it’s Disney, but they have an example for everything! This lighter truly embodies the spirit of the steampunk movement.

Yibao’s lighter features an oil and flint combination. Because oil is so flammable, it’s cannot be shipped pre-filled, and must be purchased separately. Most people aren’t familiar with flint lighters, so make sure to practice when you first receive it. Your friends will be extremely intrigued by your new steampunk lighter.

Price: $10.99

Buy the Yibao Metal Mini Portable Pocket Flint Wheel Oil Lighter here.


  • Works like a charm
  • Holds a fair amount of fluid
  • Phenomenal conversation starter


  • Smaller than expected
  • Not practical for everyday use
  • Must purchase lighter fuel separately (you can do so here)

Find more Yibao Metal Mini Portable Pocket Flint Wheel Oil Lighter information and reviews here.

5. Best Stoner Lighter Accessory: Toker Poker

cool lighters


Ok, so I know this isn’t exactly a lighter, in and of itself. But as a stoner, it’s one of the most handy things on the planet. How many times have you ruined the bottom corner of a lighter to pack down your bud? Answer: probably every time. The Toker Poker totally fixes that issue. It has an extended piece to get down into the center of a bowl–too deep for a lighter. Simply plop in a lighter, and you have one of the best smoking tools around. (Purchase a pack of Bic lighters here).

This super convenient accessory really ups your smoking experience. For just $10, you’ll be set for years to come. The Toker Poker comes in tons of colors, so you can tailor it to your liking. As a heads up, if you have a lighter with a cool outer wrap, this tool may strip it. So, only use lighters you’re ok with ruining. You’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in this nifty thing sooner.

Price: $9.95

Buy the Toker Poker here.


  • Stops you from dirtying up your lighters
  • It doubles as a hemp wick holder (purchase it here)
  • Can be dropped without consequence – very durable


  • Ruins lighters with a plastic wrap
  • Need to purchase a lighter separately

Find more Toker Poker information and reviews here.

6. Best Torch Lighter: Torch Lighter for Culinary Arts

lighters for cannabis, lighters for weed


This list would be incomplete if I didn’t include some type of torch. After all, dabbing is a huge part of the cannabis community. And let’s be real, a regular lighter won’t cut it. Heck, even a grill lighter won’t cut it. You need something with butane, baby, and it’ll literally light up your world. This torch is right up your alley.

The great thing about this torch–other than the awesome design–is the fact that once you fill it, it’s golden for a while. It fits perfectly in your hand, so you definitely won’t worry about dropping it. Yes, even you butterfingers will still grip this puppy like there’s no tomorrow. No matter what the wind conditions, you’ll be lighting your dab, cigar, cig, or bowl like a champ.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Torch Lighter for Culinary Arts here.


  • Lights regardless of wind conditions
  • Lights very easily
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to refill


  • Can be difficult to adjust power of flame
  • Doesn’t come assembled

Find more Torch Lighter for Culinary Arts information and reviews here.

7. Best Bulk Lighters: BIC Classic Lighters – Full Size

cool lighters


Every stoner knows a good Bic lighter. No matter where you go, you end up purchasing one at the corner store or 7/11. You know how well they work–even if they’re expensive from that type of location. So, why not invest in a whole bunch of them? Make your purchases more economical.

For $15, you’ll receive a dozen full-sized Bic lighters. At the gas station, that would get you about….six? Maybe, if you’re really lucky. If you’re in a large city, though, it could be even fewer, thanks to high taxes. Make the smart choice and purchase a bulk pack of Bic lighters. Your pocketbook will thank you.

Price: $15.11

Buy the BIC Classic Lighters – Full Size here.


  • Super economical price
  • If someone snags one, you won’t be annoyed
  • Fits with a lighter leash


  • They’re Bic lighters – they’re nothing special
  • You don’t get to choose the colors

Find more BIC Classic Lighters – Full Size information and reviews here.

8. Best Colorful Lighter: Qinqinsan Rechargeable USB Lighter

weed lighters, cannabis lighters


Colorful, rainbow, unicorn-esuqe, pretty, pretty princess. However you choose to describe this lighter, it’s more than accurate. When light hits it, it’s like a thousand suns have unleashed their beautiful power. In fact, it looks shockingly similar to a grinder I previously reviewed: the most eye-catching of them all.

The Plazmatic X lighter is downright electric. No, it’s literally electric. Bad pun intended. Unlike the Tesla Coils Lighter, this model has wires between the towers, creating an electrical charge. After a 60-minute charge via USB, the device is ready to light anything. It’s another great way to smoke without butane. Your lungs will leave you singing with joy.

Price: $14.98

Buy the Qinqinsan Rechargeable USB Lighter here.


  • Much better for your lungs than butane
  • Extremely practical
  • Works regardless of wind conditions
  • Awesome design


  • More expensive than other lighters
  • Emits high-pitched noise when used

Find more Qinqinsan Rechargeable USB Lighter information and reviews here.

9. Best Political Lighter: Zippo Custom Lighter – Democratic Symbol Donkey Boxing

cool lighters


Admit it. You know you’ve seen more than your fair share of political lighters–especially at truck stops in the middle of nowhere. I’m looking at you, Kansas. But, most of them are either tacky, lame, or downright tasteless. If you’re going to sport a political lighter, you want to make sure it’s up-to-par. This baby does the trick.

Of course, it’s a Zippo lighter to boot. So, you know you’ve got a high-quality product, as you flip it open and light up. It features a ridiculously buff donkey, sporting boxing gloves, standing in front of an American flag. Whip out this puppy….er donkey…and you’ll be burning the night down. That could be either positive or negative–the choice is yours.

Price: $31.95

Buy the Zippo Custom Lighter – Democratic Symbol Donkey Boxing here.


  • Made from durable, high-quality material
  • Lasts for years
  • Shows your true political colors


  • You must purchase lighter fluid separately
  • Could be offensive to extreme conservatives
  • More expensive than other similar models

Find more Zippo Custom Lighter – Democratic Symbol Donkey Boxing information and reviews here.

10. Best “Sexy Lady” Lighter: Zippo Lighter: Red Shoe Girl Number One

cool lighters, weed lighters


If there’s one thing guaranteed to be on a list of lighters, it’s going to be a sexy woman in a bikini. It doesn’t matter what type of lighter, the group of people, or place it’s being sold. There always is at least one hot mamacita peeking her head out. This lighter definitely does not disappoint.

So, bring her to your next poker night, man cave hangouts, or ladies-only club. She’s sure to be the center of attention, be it good or bad. If your real mom is coming over, though, you may want to use a different lighter for the time being. Don’t want to get caught in a gaffe by momma! Any other time, though, and this lighter is sure to be fire.

Price: $27.74 (7 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Zippo Lighter: Red Shoe Girl Number One here.


  • Sexy lady design–enough said
  • Made of quality material
  • Refillable tank, so it’s not disposable


  • Could be offensive to the wrong crowd

Find more Zippo Lighter: Red Shoe Girl Number One information and reviews here.

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