Top 10 Best King Size Blunt Wraps

Top blunt wraps

Smoking papers is a stoner’s favorite past time, which is matched by none other than smoking glass. Papers truly are the original way to smoke, though. There are so many rolling papers, blunt wraps, and cones out there it can be pretty hard to choose between them all. You know how disappointing it is to try a new brand of papers, only to find out they’re complete and utter garbage. Blunts can be even worse when you receive ridiculously dried out wraps.

As you know, though, once you’ve found good wraps, you’re golden. Literally. Authentic gold blunt wraps and rolling papers really exist–they’re number five on this list. Instead of wasting money on wraps you’re unsure of, or dried out gas station wraps, you definitely want to check out this guide to the best king-size rolling papers and blunt wraps. You’ll be puff puff passing in no time.

If you’re a paper lover, you definitely want to browse my list of the best blunt wraps around.

1. Best Overall Blunt Wraps: Zig Zag Wraps 30 Packs – 21 Different Flavors

best blunt wraps


Zig Zags are the original flavored blunt wraps. “Hold up! Swisher Sweet cigarillos hold that title.” Close, but no cigar. (Terrible joke, but true.) Swisher Sweets are the original cigarillo….which you then have to empty of tobacco, which often leaves residue. Instead, Zig Zags are the original wraps. They’ve never held tobacco, they’re just clean, awesome blunt wraps.

Rather than spending money at a gas station to purchase these guys, snag a truck load of them. They’re way more economical purchasing than at a convenience store. Plus, there are a whopping 21 flavors available, so you’re sure to have something new every time. Since the flavors are random, you never know what you’ll receive–adding to the fun of the purchase. No matter what, your lungs and wallet will be happy with your choice to snag the OG blunt wraps.

Price: $29.99 for 60 Wraps

Buy the Zig Zag Wraps 30 Packs – 21 Different Flavors here.


  • Crazy awesome price
  • Can easily be used with most rolling machines
  • Incredible selection of flavors
  • Receive different flavors every time


  • Don’t get to choose flavors
  • Some flavors can be downright weird

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2. Best Weird Flavor King-Size Blunt Wraps: Royal XXL Cigar Wraps Cognac Honey 4 Pack

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S and L Wholesale

When it comes to rolling papers, there are so many flavors it’s crazy. Oftentimes you’ll come across super funky ones. Just like with potato chips, some of the weird ones are appealing and others are just gross. If you’re adventurous and enjoy trying new flavors, you don’t want to waste money on something you’ll ultimately end up tossing out. Ready to try something funky fresh and awesome? Give cognac honey flavored blunt wraps a try.

It sounds weird, you’re right. But it’s actually really delicious. It doesn’t have that nasty manufactured-flavor taste either. Instead, it tastes like you’re smoking on smooth cognac infused with honey. It comes in a four pack set, which leaves you with eight delicious papers to smoke. They’re moist, delicious, and roll very well. You definitely don’t want to miss this weird-flavored blunt wraps.

Price: $6.90 for 8 Blunt Wraps

Buy the Royal XXL Cigar Wraps Cognac Honey 4 Pack here.


  • Has a unique, yet delicious taste
  • Easily fits four grams of bud
  • Burns very well


  • Chicken flavor isn’t super apparent
  • May not come with advertised container

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3. Best Slow-Burn Blunt Wraps: Double Platinum Wraps 2x Strawberry Kiwi Flavor Box of 25

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One of the most annoying (read: awful) things about smoking papers is how quickly they burn. If you’re not constantly hitting it, you’re wasting bud. It’s literally burning right before your very eyes. But, there’s an easy way to fix that issue. And no, it doesn’t include switching over to glass. Invest in some slow-burning papers. They’re truly the best solution to burning weed too quickly.

These Double Platinum blunt wraps burn so slowly, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try them before. These babies are an incredible price: 50 blunt wraps for less-than-$20. You really can’t beat that deal. Plus, they taste delicious–a strawberry kiwi flavor that will leave you wanting more. They’re fresh, tasty, and super economical. You definitely don’t want to miss these bad boys.

Price: $24.99 for 50 Blunt Wraps

Buy the Double Platinum Wraps 2x Strawberry Kiwi Flavor Box of 25 here.


  • Pulls very smoothly
  • Has a great taste
  • Burns extremely slow
  • Incredibly fresh and moist


  • If rolled too tight, it’s hard to hit
  • Has a slight fruit-punch-flavor

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4. Best Hemp Blunt Wraps: Skunk Hemp Wraps

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Remember when you were a kid and thought weed smelled like skunk? Well, Skunk Hemp Wraps really plays into that scenario. In fact, it plays into it so much, the skunk on the front actually looks like Pepe Le Pew! For those of you who are too young for Looney Tunes, he was a character on the series who was in love with a cat who looked suspiciously like a skunk.

These wraps come in sets of five, so you end up with 10 wraps in all. Since these are natural hemp wraps, they don’t contain tobacco like a typical blunt wrap. They’re non-tobacco, all-hemp papers. In the same breath, they’re also nicotine-free. These wraps feature “perfect-fold technology”, which essentially makes your rolling experience much easier. Don’t let the skunks be stinky by themselves, cover up the smell with these awesome hemp wraps.

Price: $4.90 for 2 Wraps

Buy the Skunk Hemp Wraps here.


  • Extremely moist
  • Very easy on the lungs
  • Provide super smooth hits


  • Very strong taste
  • Sweeter than expected

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5. Best Luxury Blunt Wrap: Shine Woven Blunt Pre-Rolled Paper

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The best way to feel like an absolute boss is to smoke on a gold blunt wrap. Seriously, what makes you feel like more of a rockstar than smoking literal gold? Nothing, I tell you, nothing! Roll up like the truly awesome human being you are and allow yourself to experience an incredible smoke sesh. You already know the name Shine because of their gold joint papers.

If you haven’t tried their blunt papers, though, you’re really missing out. These babies provide one of the best smoking experiences you’ll ever have. Each wrap is exquisitely woven with both reconstituted tobacco, as well as authentic gold. It’s an impressive 5″ in length, and .75″ wide, so you can smoke it all at once or split it in half, although the latter is not recommended. Smoke like a king with the Shine Woven Blunt.

Price: $24.95 for 1 Wrap

Buy the Shine Woven Blunt Pre-Rolled Paper here.


  • Provides an extremely unique smoking experience
  • Rips super smoothly
  • Made of authentic gold
  • Makes you look like an absolute boss


  • Expensive as all get out
  • You only receive one

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6. Best Original King-Size Rolling Papers: 5 booklets x RAW CLASSIC King Size Slim UNREFINED Natural rolling paper

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You knew these babies were eventually coming. I mean, a king-size paper and blunt wrap list would be incomplete without some mention of Raw. They’re the name everyone thinks of when discussing rolling papers. Raw has touched the lives of stoners for what seems like forever, and it will continue to do so for years to come. There’s a reason these guys are so well-known: they smoke like a charm every single time.

You’ll receive five booklets of king-size slim, unrefined rolling papers. Each booklet contains 32 papers, so you’re working with a cool 160 papers in total. Some Raws are white in color, but these guys are the typical hemp brown. Of course, they’re made with a slow-burning paper, to ensure your smoking experience extends as long as required.

Price: $5.75 for 160 Papers

Buy the 5 booklets x RAW CLASSIC King Size Slim UNREFINED Natural rolling paper here.


  • Provide very smooth hits
  • Maintain a slow burn
  • Have virtually no flavor
  • Super easy-to-roll


  • Don’t fit most rolling machines
  • May not come with a starter paper

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7. Best Reusable Blunt Wrap: IdentikitGift Glass Grinder

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What’s the absolute worst part about smoking blunts? Answer: how freaking expensive they are over the course of time. Bud already costs a pretty penny, even if your dispensary has a bomb sale. When you add in the cost of papers, it feels like you’re spending a boat load of money every time you smoke. Stop that! I’ve got you on this one, with a reusable glass blunt.

It sounds a lot like a pipe, and it certainly has a lot of the same qualities you’d encounter in a regular glass piece. The difference, however, is the fact that it’s smoked far more like a blunt than a pipe. Once you learn how to load it–it does take a second to learn–you’ll be ecstatic with your choice. It gives you the same experience you’d have with a blunt…without the cost of blunt wraps every time you want to smoke.

Price: $18.96 for 1 Glass Blunt

Buy the IdentikitGift Glass Grinder here.


  • Super economical over time
  • Provides big, smooth hits
  • Phenomenal for traveling


  • Semi-expensive up front
  • Doesn’t have the same blunt taste

Find more GIdentikitGift Glass Grinder information and reviews here.

8. Best King-Size Cone Rolling Papers: Organic King Size RAW ® Authentic Pre-Rolled Cones With Filter (100 Pack)

Best blunt wraps


You knew these guys were coming. Cones are the best rolling paper invention on the entire planet. They take the hassle out of actually rolling a joint. If you’re like me and still have yet to master the art of rolling after years of practice, a cone makes you look like a pro without having to physically roll like a pro. So, if you have no fine-motor skills, your day is about to get way better.

Yep, Raw was bound to rear its head again. This time, it comes in the form of some dope cone rolling papers. They come with a tip already inserted. Simply push greens into the cone shape, pack it down slightly (or don’t), and twist off the top. You’ll have a sleek, professional-looking joint every. Single. Time.

Price: $25.99 for 100 Cones

Buy the Organic King Size RAW ® Authentic Pre-Rolled Cones With Filter (100 Pack) here.


  • Crazy easy-to-roll
  • Incredible price
  • Fits about 1.5 grams
  • Hits very smoothly


  • Doesn’t come with packing straws
  • Because they’re pre-rolled, a few may be slightly wrinkled

Find more Organic King Size RAW ® Authentic Pre-Rolled Cones With Filter (100 Pack) information and reviews here.

9. Best Natural King Rolling Papers: Beamer Pure Hemp Unbleached Brown King Size Natural Rolling Papers

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Smoking in any capacity affects your lungs. Regardless of if you vape, smoke tobacco, or bud, your lungs will be getting a major workout. You can do them a solid and smoke with the most natural rolling papers possible. They should contain no additives, shouldn’t be bleached, and should absolutely be unrefined.

Check, check, and check, Beamer Pure Hemp Unbleached Brown King Size Natural Rolling Papers perfectly embody the spirit and intent of natural wraps. Each wrap is completely unique and provides a very airy smoking experience. In addition to six amazing wraps, you’ll also receive filters, a water mist moistener (so you don’t have to get your spit all over the wrap), and a sticker. You’re set and ready to smoke with these bad boys, just add bud.

Price: $8.99 for 198 King Size Rolling Papers

Buy the TBeamer Pure Hemp Unbleached Brown King Size Natural Rolling Papers here.


  • Extremely natural flavor
  • Provides incredibly smooth hits
  • Burn very slowly
  • Super easy-to-roll


  • Don’t work well with rollers
  • May require the mist to properly seal

Find more Beamer Pure Hemp Unbleached Brown King Size Natural Rolling Papers information and reviews here.

10. Best Variety Pack of Blunt Wraps: Juicy Double Wraps – 20 Packets X 2 Cigar Wraps in 5 Flavors

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Yep, these are the same Juicy Jay rolling papers you know and love. And yes, they have the same rich, incredible taste as the joint papers. The famous rapper wouldn’t release a lame blunt wrap, no he’s all about producing the best blunt wraps on the planet, and baby, he did not disappoint. Juicy Jays come in a wide variety of flavors, each of which is unique and delicious.

This set of wraps comes with five packs, filled with two wraps, totaling 10 blunts wraps. It’s a surprise every time, so you never know what you’ll receive. Not only is this the best way to try new flavors without having to choose them, but it also lets you experience the oldies-but-goodies. If you’re looking to try a new brand of blunt wraps, you definitely want to try the Juicy Jays.

Price: $26.51 for 40 Blunt Wraps

Buy the Juicy Double Wraps – 20 Packets X 2 Cigar Wraps in 5 Flavors here.


  • Great price
  • Extremely easy-to-roll
  • Burn super slowly


  • Glue strip may be finicky
  • Don’t get to choose flavors – it’s a surprise

Find more Juicy Double Wraps – 20 Packets X 2 Cigar Wraps in 5 Flavors information and reviews here.

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