10 Best Four-Piece Grinders for Cannabis (2018)

4 piece grinders

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Four-piece grinders aren’t the be-all, end-all…although they’re pretty darn close. Grinders come in many shapes and sizes. Some are so tiny, people with large hands can’t use them. Others are so large, it makes you wonder how much someone smokes per-day.

A grinder can come in two-, three-, four-, or even five-pieces. Each, of course, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Fewer pieces means less-hassle, but more pieces means you can refine your smoking experience even further.

While two- and three-piece grinders are fantastic, four-piece grinders are where it’s at. They all have relatively the same design: two-pieces to grind the bud on top, where it drops through to a holding chamber, followed by a screen and kief catch.

Kief is essentially super-potent pieces of bud called trichomes, that have fallen off during the grinding process. The kief then collects in the kief catch, so you can sprinkle it onto a bowl or bong.

There are tons of four-piece grinders out there. You always have the option of walking into a head shop and purchasing whatever they have on-hand.

But, it’s more than likely going to be more expensive, and a lower-quality grinder. So, instead of dropping dollars on something you’re unsure about, consider purchasing a four-piece grinder that has already been vetted.

This list is broken down via superlative headlines. Each capsule has a descriptive title, allowing you to dive in for more information, or ease of skimming.

No more wondering where to buy four-piece grinders. Check out the complete guide below.

1.Best Overall Four-Piece Grinder

four-piece grinders


When you’re looking for a grinder, there are a few things that probably pop into your mind. Obviously, quality is of the utmost importance. A second important factor is the price.

Sure, there are plenty of fancy-schmancy four-piece grinders, but they’re not a “have-to-purchase” because there are so many great ones available. If you’re looking for the best overall four-piece grinder, though, it’s hands down the Herb & Weed Grinder With Kief Catcher.

Not only does it fulfill both requirements with a breeze, it just feels good in your hands. It has a pretty much perfect teeth-to-drop-hole ratio, ultimately grinding up your bud into fluffy little green clouds.

If you have a tendency to drop things, this bad boy has scratch-resistant material on the outside. Whether you’re constantly on-the-go, or prefer to smoke on your big comfy couch, you don’t want to miss the Herb & Weed Grinder With Kief Catcher.

Price: $12.99

Buy the Herb & Weed Grinder With Kief Catcher 4 Piece Anodized Aluminum here.


  • Made of extremely high-quality, scratch-resistant material
  • Incredible price for the product you receive
  • Magnetic top keeps grinder together at all times
  • Teeth are so sharp, it’ll cut through the stickiest of bud


  • If bud is placed in the middle, it can easily get stuck

Find more Herb & Weed Grinder With Kief Catcher 4 Piece Anodized Aluminum information and reviews here.

2. Best Four-Piece Grinder Under $10

Four-piece grinders


Cheap grinders often come with a stigma: cheap means low-quality. It’s an easy thing to assume, given how many plastic-y grinders are just plain awful. But, don’t discount a Four-piece grinder simply because it’s under-$10.

Both you and your pocketbook would be severely disappointed if you overlooked this baby. The Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Grinder is everything you could want in a grinder…and more.

Like most four-piece grinders, the Golden Bell features three chambers: grinding chamber, holding chamber, and kief catch. The kief catch comes with a kief scrape. Because kief is so sticky, if you use your fingers, you’ll inevitably lose some of that precious goodness. (Purchase back up kief scrapers here).

If you’re prone to breaking things, don’t fret. This baby comes with a lifetime warranty! Stop worrying about your grinder, and start letting the stress melt away.

Grinders that don’t cost a pretty penny are abundant. Check out these other cheap grinders, too.

Price: $7.49

Buy the Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder – Nickel Black here.


  • Incredible price
  • Insanely high-quality for under $10
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • May be smaller than expected
  • Bud may get stuck on teeth – it’s easy to remove

Find more Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder – Nickel Black information and reviews here.

3. Best General Use Four-Piece Grinder

four-piece grinders


There comes a time in your life where you just want solid weed accessories. By that, I mean, you want something that will consistently work and produce high-quality smoking experience every single time.

Now, these solid weed accessories don’t have to be expensive. They certainly can be, but you can get an awesome grinder for general, everyday use for under-$25. Quality beats out just about anything.

Whether you choose to travel with your grinder, or leave it solidly planted on your coffee table, you’re ready to go. This four-piece grinder is made with super high-quality, scratch-resistant material.

A powerful magnet holds the top in place, ensuring your bud won’t spill everywhere. And, a kief scraper is included for your convenience.

Choose from five different colors, to match your piece grinder to your preferences.

Need other ideas? Consider some of the best weed grinders.

Price: $21.95

Buy the Golden Gate Grinders 4-Piece Anodized Aluminum Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher here.


  • Grinds like an absolute dream
  • Magnetic top keeps bud secure
  • Made of super durable, high-quality material


  • Can get stuck if it’s not cleaned every so often

Find more Golden Gate Grinders 4-Piece Anodized Aluminum Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher information and reviews here.

4. Best Four-Piece Grinder With a Hand Crank

four-piece grinders


If you’ve ever been in a situation where you couldn’t grind your bud, you know how much that sucks. Perhaps you had a wrist injury, or the top was just downright stuck. Whatever is causing your green pains, they can easily be fixed by purchasing a Four-piece grinder with a hand crank.

A hand crank gives you extra leverage, in order to make grinding up your bud much easier. And, a hand crank is way less lame than you think–how many of your buddies have one? You’ll have the most unique grinder on the block.

Chromium Crusher is an exceedingly well-known brand in the cannabis industry. They produce some of the best grinders for incredible prices. This particular Four-piece grinder is made of super heavy-duty zinc alloy. Once you place bud in the top, you can use the hand crank to manually grind the bud.

This grinder is 2.5″, so you can grind up a decent amount at one time. Your wrist and your lungs will be thrilled with your Chromium Crusher choice.

Not feeling the hand crank? There are plenty of other Chromium Crusher grinders to choose from.

Price: $13.99

Buy the Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch 4 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder here.


  • Makes grinding bud easy – reduces difficulty in turning the top
  • Made with super durable, high-quality material
  • Fantastic price


  • Can be easy to cross-thread parts, as they wear over time

Find more Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch 4 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder information and reviews here.

5. Best Four-Piece Grinder With Extra Storage

four-piece grinders


A grinder in and of itself is a fantastic weed accessory. As a seasoned stoner, you may have an awesome stash jar on hand. Why travel with both of them, when you could easily consolidate into one?

Having a grinder/stash jar combination is like a god-send–especially when you’re constantly on-the-go. By simply storing nugs in the storage area, or grinding a bunch of bud in the morning, you can make your smoking life much easier.

Zip Grinders took this concept and ran with it. They created a grinder 2.5″ in diameter and 3.5″ tall–that’s about twice the size of normal grinders. This bad boy has a perfect teeth-to-drop-hole ratio, ultimately producing the fluffiest greens you’ll ever smoke. And, if you ever feel like removing the extra storage chamber, you’re more than welcome to do so.

Bring it anywhere and don’t worry about breaking it because this Four-piece grinder is made with insanely durable materials. Get the best storage/grinder combo on the market.

Price: $16.95

Buy the Zip Grinders – Large Herb Grinder – Four Piece with Kief Catcher here.


  • Super easy to grind up bud, regardless of it’s sticky or not
  • Holds a ton of greens at once
  • Center chamber is removable


  • Can make squeaking noise as you grind, if not properly cleaned

Find more Zip Grinders – Large Herb Grinder – Four Piece with Kief Catcher information and reviews here.

6. Best Four-Piece Grinder with 5 Star Review

four-piece grinders


When you’re shopping online, you’re bound to look at the reviews for an item. After all, if another customer is willing to write about the product, you want to know how it works in real life.

Of course, many times the item description is spot on for a grinder….but why not take into account the opinions of people who have purchased it? If you’re a big review reader, you only need to glance at a few of the Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder reviews to see how truly awesome it is.

With almost 1,900 reviews, this bad boy has a 4.8 star rating–an impressive feat few products can boast. It’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum, so its durability is fantastic. The teeth for grinding are extremely sharp, and will cut through even the stickiest of greens.

A strong metal top holds all of your weed in place, so you can stick it in a pocket or bag without having to worry. And, if for some reason something goes wrong with your four-piece grinder, send it back for a 100% hassle-free, money-back guarantee. This grinder is truly a five star slam dunk.

Interested in other high-quality 420 accessories? Take a look at these luxury cannabis accessories.

Price: $16.99

Buy the Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder with Kief Catcher here.


  • Grinds up even the stickiest of bud with ease
  • Made of super high-quality material
  • Has more than 1,850 positive reviews


  • Large decal on top isn’t the most visually appealing

Find more Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder with Kief Catcher information and reviews here.

7. Best New Design Four-Piece Grinder

four-piece grinders

Mojo Life Products

Most grinders nowadays are designed somewhat in the same capacity. That is to say, most grinders follow a certain teeth-and-hole pattern. While there are obviously tried-and-true designs, there’s always room for improvement.

They say don’t fix something that’s not broken. But, why not if it’ll make it that much better? MojoGrinder completely subscribes to this school of thought, which is why they created their proprietary grinder.

This bad boy is the first of its kind because it’s a cone-shaped grinder. The grinder itself still has a cylindrical shape, but the grinding chamber has a noticeable dip in the center. Because bud oftentimes gets stuck in the center of a regular grinder and continues to be mashed down, it can make the entire grinder useless.

This design works by constantly grinding bud everywhere–instead of just smashing it up in certain places. Not only does this reduce frustration, it increases the fineness with which you can grind up your bud. This four-piece grinder is well-worth the price to reduce your grinding headaches.

Price: $21.98

Buy the MojoGrinder here.


  • Features a cone design, making it easier to grind than with normal grinders
  • Works best as an at-home grinder
  • Produces perfectly-ground bud
  • Super easy to physically grind


  • A bit more expensive than comparable grinderes

Find more MojoGrinder information and reviews here.

8. Best King-Size Four-Piece Grinder

four-piece grinders


There comes a time in many stoners’ smoking careers that require a big freakin’ grinder. Perhaps you’ve turned into an edible fiend, and using a massive four-piece grinder is the fastest way to accomplish your baking goals. Or, maybe you have the chill house and your homies always come over with bud.

Whatever the reason, a gigantic grinder can be a real life saver. Shtriker agrees, and put out the impressive 4″ Aluminum Grinder.

Durable might as well be this grinder’s middle name. It’s made of a heavy-duty aluminum alloy, with razor sharp aluminum teeth. The top is held in place with a strong magnet, while a silicon O ring keeps the grind extra smooth.

Plus, it comes with a kief scraper, so you can revel in the extra stony-ness kief provides. If you’re looking for an extra-large grinder, you’ve found it with this big guy.

Price: $25.90

Buy the Shtriker Herb Grinder here.


  • Extra-large grinding capacity
  • Made of extremely durable materials
  • Screen sifts kief really well


  • You may run out of bud more quickly because of its capacity
  • Can be hard-to-grip if you have small hands

Find more Shtriker Herb Grinder information and reviews here.

9. Best Four-Piece Grinder for Traveling

four-piece grinders


If and when you decide to smoke on the road, there are a few things you want to take with you. First, it’s extremely important to take precautions with a smell-proof stash jar. You don’t want that dank escaping at the wrong time.

Second, you want to make sure you have something to cover up the smell of smoke. Third, is a grinder that will keep your ground up bud nice and secure as you move about the country. The Aerospaced 4 Piece Grinder and Sifter is perfect for traveling.

I personally own this bad boy. I bring it with me everywhere and it’s never failed me–even when I’ve been super careless about tossing it in my bag. The magnet on the top is as fantastic as the day I purchased it.

Plus, it’s large enough that I can store a few nugs in the storage part for later smokeage. I’m a big fan of kief, and this is easily one of the most efficient kief catches I’ve ever had in my life. Hands down, I’d recommend this four-piece grinder to any stoner.

There are plenty of other weed accessories for travel. Be sure to peep these portable vaporizers, as well as these weed boxes.

Price: $29.99 (15 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Aerospaced 4 Piece Grinder And Sifter – 2.5″ here.


  • Has a fantastic storage capacity for holding nugs and ground up bud
  • Kief catch is super efficient, and it comes with a scraper
  • Grinds up bud into a fluffy pile of greens
  • Super easy and smooth grind


  • If bud is placed in the middle, it will get stuck
  • You can “over-shut” the grinder, making it difficult to open

Find more Aerospaced 4 Piece Grinder And Sifter – 2.5″ information and reviews here.

10. Best Luxury Four-Piece Grinder

four-piece grinders


Luxury cannabis accessories cost a pretty penny–but not all of them are luxury-quality. An expensive grinder should absolutely grind your greens into a cloud of fluff. It should also provide a smooth grind, not catching on anything. Furthermore, it should have an extremely efficient kief catch. Check, check, and check. The Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder ticks off all of those boxes with relative ease.

In addition to all of those fabulous qualities, this four-piece grinder is made of a very durable material. From there, it’s coated with a protectant, to ensure it doesn’t scratch if you drop it by accident. On top of that, if you do end up breaking it in some capacity, it has a lifetime warranty. You’ll wonder how you lived your life prior to a Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder.

There are plenty of other Santa Cruz models. Peep this list of other Santa Cruz Shredders for more options.

Price: $59.99 (8 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder / Sifter – 2.1″ here.


  • Provides a super smooth grind
  • Grinds bud perfectly
  • Collects kief very efficiently


  • More expensive than other grinders

Find more Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder / Sifter – 2.1″ information and reviews here.

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