Top 10 Best Glass Cleaning Kits for Bongs, Pipes & Dab Rigs of 2018

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Stoners collect a wide variety of weed-related items. Glass is the most common–and there’s good reason why. There are so many phenomenal glass artists out there, it’s difficult to turn down any opportunity to purchase a new piece. Whether you’re a fan of dab rigs, pipes, or bongs, glass comes in many shapes and sizes. But, cleaning each piece is a serious process.

Some pipes are super easy to clean, while others are very intricate. Bongs generally come in a few shapes, but many have ice catches, or different chambers. Dab rigs come in vastly different designs, some with percolators, others with extremely long tubes. Each piece requires a different, unique cleaning method. If you’ve been struggling to clean your glass, I’ve got you covered.

An important side note: Because the cannabis industry still isn’t regulated, there can be harmful chemicals in certain glass cleaning kits. That typical orange cleaning fluid smell is caused by a chemical called Limonene. It’s toxic if inhaled, so be aware of its dangers and read ingredient labels.

I’ve compiled a list of the best glass cleaning kits for bongs, pipes, and dab rigs. Peep it below!

1. Best Overall Glass Cleaning Kit: KLEAR Kryptonite Naked Glass Cleaner

glass cleaner, dab rig cleaner

Klear Kryptonite

Thank you to the team over at Klear Kryptonite–they sent me this product to try. Let me tell you, I was blown away by how well this glass cleaning kit worked. My bong was downright gross when I finally got around to cleaning it, and this stuff surpassed my wildest expectations. It took three rounds of cleaning, but each iteration reduced the amount of gunk significantly.

The Klear Kryptonite Naked Glass Cleaner is quick, easy, and makes almost no mess. A catch is situated in the middle of my piece, making it difficult to clean with traditional methods. This stuff stripped it right off. Plus, it’s safe to use on skin, if you accidentally get resin on your hands. Hands-down, I’d recommend this glass cleaning kit to everyone.

If you’re hesitant about investing in the whole shebang, give a tiny bottle a try.

Interested in the “Before” and “After” pics? Peep them here.

Price: $18.80

Buy the KLEAR Kryptonite Naked Glass Cleaner here.

2. Most Inconspicuous Glass Cleaning Kit: Zen Bundles Zen Pipe Cleaners Hard Bristle, 132 Count

bong cleaning kit


Sometimes you just need a solid pipe cleaner to get the job done. How many of you used these puppies as a child, for various art projects? Who knew we were using a tool future us would love. As the name goes, pipe cleaners are, well, for cleaning pipes. They’re fuzzy and have a wire in the middle, giving some oomph behind them. Fuzzy bristles allow for you to scrub the sides of a pipe with ease.

These Zen Bundle Zen Pipe Cleaners were literally made for cleaning your glass. There are 132 in total. If you’re up on keeping your glass clean, you can use a pipe cleaner more than once. These babies are made from solid material, so you can really shove them into your glass to clean it well. If you loved them as a kid, you’ll definitely love pipe cleaners as an adult.

If you’re looking to buy pipe cleaners in bulk, snag 2,000 of them here.

Price: $4.41

Buy the Zen Bundles Zen Pipe Cleaners Hard Bristle, 132 Count here.

3. Best “In-a-Pinch” Glass Cleaning Kit: Swan 99 Percent Isopropyl Alcohol Antiseptic Solution, 16 Ounce (Pack of 2)

glass cleaning kit, bong cleaning kit


Any stoner who has owned glass know about isopropyl alcohol. This stuff is seriously pure gold. You can purchase from just about anywhere like a pharmacy or Target in a pinch, (but why would you when you can get way more bang for your buck here?). And, there are varying solutions. Ideally, though, you should shoot to purchase at least 92%.

If you’re really pulling out the big guns, snag an isopropyl with 99%. Swan has you covered with two bottles of the easiest glass cleaning kit for under $10. It’s an absolutely unbeatable deal you don’t want to miss. Your life will be much easier when you choose to use isopropyl alcohol to clean your bong or dab rig.

Price: $9.88

Buy the Swan 99 Percent Isopropyl Alcohol Antiseptic Solution, 16 Ounce (Pack of 2)? here.

4. Best Glass Cleaning Kit Brush Set: Ultimate Bottle & Tube Brush Cleaning – Set 9 Sizes & Shapes

glass cleaning kit, bong cleaning kit


If you’re a big fan of pipe cleaners, but feel like they don’t do quite a good enough job, you should definitely consider a tube brush cleaning set. Instead of a single pipe cleaner working its way around your glass, you can choose from a variety of sizes, to get even the most hard-to-reach resin.

This nine piece brush cleaning kit fits that description to a T. The brushes are made from varying materials including boar bristles, and strong nylon. They range in size from over a foot in length, to under eight inches. As long as you’re not looking to clean a three-foot bong with these brushes, you’ll be golden. You’ll be ridiculously stoked about this investment.

Want a set of big brushes? Check out these long bottle brushes.

Price: $7.68

Buy the Ultimate Bottle & Tube Brush Cleaning – Set 9 Sizes & Shapes here.

5. Best Glass Cleaning Kit Accessory: ResOlution Caps Universal Caps – Green

glass cleaning kit, bong cleaning kit


If you choose to clean your glass with isopropyl alcohol, you can do it a few ways. You could easily stick a plastic baggie over the top and stem. While that works, it’s definitely a waste of a baggie, and why not do your best to be environmentally-friendly? Instead of engaging in this wasteful practice, think about investing in a bong cap.

ResOlution Caps perfected the bong cap. These babies are a universal fit for any bong, so anyone is good-to-go. In between cleanings, they can be used as an odor-blocker. And, if you’re a fan of traveling with your glass, they’re a great seal, staying totally leak-free. You’ve probably never heard of the ResOlution Caps before, but you’ll be shouting their name from the rooftops in no-time.

Big fan of water bottle bongs? Check out this water bottle bong cap.

Price: $20

Buy the ResOlution Caps Universal Caps here.

6. Best Glass Cleaning Kit for Ceramic: Formula 420 Ceramic Pipe Cleaner

bong cleaning kit, glass cleaning kit


I know, I know. This list is supposed to be about glass cleaning kits and bong cleaning kits. But, there are other types of smoking devices you can’t forget about. Ceramic is a popular material for bongs and pipes. It requires a special solution for cleaning. You could use your regular glass cleaner, but a cleaner made specifically for ceramic is ideal.

Formula 420 created the Ceramic Pipe Cleaner with exactly that in mind. Luckily, it also works on other glass and metal pipes, too, so you’re not pigeon-holed with one material. You’ll receive three 12 ounce bottles of the formula–sure to last you a long time. In under a minute, your pipes will be sparkling, and you’ll be smoking away in clean bliss.

Price: $16.79

Buy the Formula 420 Ceramic Pipe Cleaner here.

7. Easiest Glass Cleaning Kit: Glass Debowler

glass cleaner, bong cleaning kit


Sometimes you just want to knock the chunks out of your bowl–not engage in a whole cleaning session. Us stoners are engineers, and we invent new way to smoke and clean pieces all the time. I’m sure you’ve used a bobby pin, stick, or pen to clear out a bowl. Instead of doing the constant hunt-and-search for a good poker, you should seriously consider investing in a glass debowler.

This bad boy is an awesome weed accessory. It’s basically an ashtray with a point in the middle. Use the point to scrape out your bowl, without having to clean up the mess. It cleans out pipes and bong bowls with relative ease. While this won’t fully clean your glass, it’s still a great glass cleaning kit. Use the Debowler in between deep cleaning to make your smoking life easier.

Price: $17.50

Buy the Glass Debowler here.

8. Most Old School Glass Cleaning Kit: Dishwasher Safe Handy Pot Saucepan with Glass Lid

glass cleaning kit, bong cleaning kit


Most stoners know a handful of ways to clean their bongs and dab rigs at home. And, because we often choose to clean them at weird hours of the night when you can’t go to the store, there needed to be a solution that didn’t require a cleaner. A little bit of stoner innovation lead us to boiling pipes and small rigs in a pot on top of the stove.
It’s really that easy. Place your pipes in the pot, turn it on, let it boil for about 10 minutes, and then knock the chunks out.

Repeat this step as many times as you need. If you have a ton of resin caked on the inside, it could take quite a few boil-and-clean cycles. This is where pipe cleaners really come in handy. Because you’re literally boiling off the resin, it will stick to the sides of your cookware, so make sure to use something you don’t mind destroying. This baby will do just the trick–and it comes with a lid to help contain the smell.

If you’re looking for something larger, check out this six-quart pot.

Price: $19.99 (43 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Dishwasher Safe Handy Pot Saucepan with Glass Lid here.

9. Best Preventative Glass Cleaning Kit: RezBlock Concentrate Resin Preventer

glass cleaning kit, bong cleaning kit


So this particular product was mentioned earlier in the post. It comes in a dual bong cleaning kit with Grunge Off. But, since it’s such a powerful way to keep your glass clean, it’s worth diving into a little bit deeper. Once you’ve removed all of the resin from the glass–and I mean every little piece–you treat the glass with this miracle solution.

It works by coating your bong, dab rig, or pipe with a material that truly prevents resin from sticking. Of course, over time the resin will begin to build. But, this amazing product greatly extends the amount of time in-between cleanings. If you hate cleaning your glass (and really, who enjoys it?), then you should seriously consider investing in this stuff. You’ll thank yourself later.

Price: $12.46

Buy the RezBlock Concentrate Resin Preventer here.

10. Best Glass Cleaning Kit – Beads: Stainless Steel Cleaning Beads Agents

Glass Cleaning Kit, Bong Cleaning Kit


I know, Stainless Steel beads seem ridiculously counter-intuitive when it comes to a glass cleaning kit. I mean, come on–they’re bound to shatter the glass almost immediately, right? Nope. They’re super easy-to-use, and can even be placed into thin glass. You just need to exercise extra caution and shake the glass more gently. Just add steamy water, and you’ll have clean glass in no time.

A stainless steal bong cleaning kit is ideal for intricate glass. These include bongs with catches, dabs with percolators, and complex pipes. The beads get into all the little places a pipe cleaner cannot–so your entire piece will look brand, spankin’ new again. Don’t let your skepticism stop you from using one of the most effective glass cleaning kits on the market.

Price: $10

Buy the Stainless steel Cleaning Beads Agents here.

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