Top 5 Best Weed Smoke Filter Options to Rid of the Dank

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What’s the best weed smoke filter? There are a lot of awesome things about smoking weed. But, there is one glaring downside: The smell it produces.

It’s strong. It’s noticeable. It’s definitely a distinct odor. You could play off the whole, “Oh I drove by a skunk!”

Let’s be honest, though, the animal smells quite different than the plant. It’s bound to be a failed attempt at an alibi, from the get-go.

Instead of freaking out about someone potentially sniffing your weed smoke, there are a few things you can do to cover up the smell.

Some things are very surface-related, which will only mask the smell. Others will eliminate the smell of smoke before it reaches the air.

These options all vary in price and implementation, but every single one will help with the problem of weed smoke.

Instead of wondering, “How do you cover weed smoke?”, you can implement any of these methods to covering the smell of weed. Scroll down, and get to filterin’.

1. Easiest Way to Reduce Weed Smoke: Filter

weed smoke filter


If you smoked before you had a lot of money, you are more than likely aware of what a “sploof” is. For the uninitiated, a sploof is a homemade smoking device that acts as a weed smoke filter.

You simply take an old paper towel or toilet paper tube, and shove it full of dryer sheets. Then, take another dryer sheet and rubber band it to the end.

The Smoke Buddy works exactly like that….except it looks way less skeezy.

The Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter reduces the smell of weed smoke significantly. Just blow your smoke into the end, and a weed smoke filter will stop the smell from exiting the device.

I personally own this bad boy, and will never smoke without it. I do my best to go outside and rip my bong, but there are just times where you need to take a hit indoors.

While you won’t get rid of the weed smoke and smell entirely, it will allow you to easily rid of it, with other methods.

This baby is small enough for travel, but big enough for smoking on the reg. The Smoke Buddy is a true game changer when it comes to weed smoke.

Choose from four different colors, to tailor your weed accessories to your life.

If you smoke a ton, you may want to consider the Mega Smoking Buddy.

Price: $11.45 (43 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter here.

2. Most Effective Way to Remove Weed Smoke: Air Filter

weed smoke filter


If you’ve got a little spending cash, you should seriously consider investing in an air filter/purifier.

While these types of machines are generally built with allergens and pets in mind, they can easily be used as a weed smoke filter.

Because an air purifier runs as long as you want–and not just for a second or two–it continues to purify the air long after you finish smoking.

Oftentimes, regardless of whether or not you use a non-air purifier weed smoke filter, there will be tiny remnants of odor. An air purifier acts as a second layer of odor protection.

The GermGuardian uses UV-C light technology to kill bacteria, germs and mold spores. It also significantly reduces major odors like weed smoke, frequently eliminating them all-together.

The unit is 22″ tall, and is ideal to use in medium-size rooms. This is easily the most thorough, in terms of removing weed smoke from the air.

Looking for a more heavy-duty air filter? Consider the Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover!

Price: $80.99 (46 percent off MSRP)

Buy the GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA Filter here.

3. Best Way to Cover Up Weed Smoke: Air Refresher

weed smoke filter


Yep! You knew Febreze, or some type of odor-eliminating sprays would end up on this list. Why? Because any stoner knows that having Febreze on-hand makes your life about a million times easier.

Not only does it immediately fix the smell of weed smoke, but it also adds a pleasant scent to the room. It’s quick, easy, and you can buy it just about anywhere, in a pinch.

Spray odor-eliminators are best used multiple times during a smoke sesh. Release spray before you smoke, as you smoke, and afterwards.

This is easily the most effective way to cover up weed smoke with Febreze. Let the spray float around the room–especially near doors.

In fact, if you’ve closed your door to contain the weed smoke, then you should also spray it outside of the door. Febreze is always an easy answer.

While Febreze is phenomenal, consider a permanent odor-eliminating spray.

Price: $12.28

Buy the Febreze Extra Strength Fabric Refresher here.

4. Best Candle to Cover Weed Smoke: Smell My Nuts

weed smoke filter


What comes to mind when you think about making an indoor space smell delicious? A candle, of course!

There’s no better way to have an inviting smell permeate your house…and covertly double as a weed smoke filter.

Candles, though, do take a bit of time to spread their scent. So, if you’re going to smoke inside, opt to light a candle before you begin your session.

Candles come in so many shapes, sizes, and flavors. There’s sure to be something out there for you. The Smelly Nuts Scented Mason Jar Candle will make your mouth water from the scent of banana nut bread and other delicious baked goods.

Your mouth will be watering, and so will others’ in the house. This 13-ounce jar will provide about 100-hours of burn time–plenty enough for a good, long while. Plus, it’s made in the USA.

Get a candle, you’ll be so excited to light, you want to use it outside of a good smoke sesh.

If you don’t want to be locked into one candle scent, think about getting a mixed multi-pack.

Price: $12

Buy the Our Own Candle Company Smell My Nuts Scented Mason Jar Candle here.

5. Most OG Way to Cover Weed Smoke: Sploofe

weed smoke filter


Remember the “sploof” I mentioned above? It’s a homemade weed smoke eliminating device, constructed with dryer sheets and a toilet paper or paper towel tube.

These dryer sheets (along with a cardboard tube and rubber band) are one of the only things you’ll need to cover up weed smoke.

Sploofs have been used by stoners for years and continue to do so because they work.

With these Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets, you’ll have the ability to make new sploofs over-and-over. Because weed smoke is captured in the sheets, they eventually lose their efficacy and must be replaced.

Simply take out the old dryer sheets, insert new ones, and you’ll be styling. An impressive 105 dryer sheets will arrive at your door step, ready to reduce the amount of smoke.

Reach out to your stoner roots and use a sploof as a weed smoke filter.

Not a big fan of Bounce? Try some Snuggle Plus Dryer Sheets instead!

Price: $3.97 (56 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets here.

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