10 Best Stoner Couple Costumes for 2018

stoner couple halloween costumes


Couple costumes often feel like they’ve been ridiculously overplayed. Sure, a firefighter and his Dalmatian is super cute. So are Mickey and Minnie mouse. But, everyone seems to be jumping on the cliche bandwagon.

What if you could create an awesome couple costume that wasn’t entirely overdone? You can! Stoner couple Halloween costumes are the answers to your prayers of something “not lame”. Many stoner couples are super well-known, and will incite an “oh my gosh I know who you guys are!” type of reaction.

I’ve compiled a list of awesome stoner couple Halloween ideas. Peruse them at your leisure, and truly be the couple costume of the party.

1. Cheech and Chong

stoner couple costumes


If you had to nail down a single, famous stoner couple, no questions asked it’s Cheech and Chong. These two goofballs were the first to break the 420 barrier in movies. They brought weed to the mainstream–and made you laugh along the way. So, if you’re dressing up as a stoner couple for Halloween, Cheech and Chong is an amazing choice.


-Yellow tank top (WomenMen)
Red suspenders
Red beanie
-Khaki pants (Women Men)
Brown boots

Price: $6.99

Buy the Suspender for Men and Women here.


-Lighter blue jeans (WomenMen)
-Darker denim shirt or denim vest (WomenMenVest)
Red bandana

Price: $17.46

Buy the Men’s Chong Costume Kit here.

2. Harold and Kumar

stoner couple costumes


Aside from Cheech and Chong, Harold and Kumar is definitely the stoner couple of the 2000s. The dynamic duo live entirely different lives, yet their friendship is stronger than the crazy adventures that ensue on the way to White Castle. Choose this well-known stoner couple Halloween costume to truly be the light of the party.


Tan jacket
-Light blue button down (WomenMen)
-White t-shirt (WomenMen)
-Gray pants (WomenMen)
Computer bag
Snazzy watch

Price: $42.50 – $63.75

Buy the Haggar Men’s Condor Golf Jacket here.


-Dark green zip jacket (WomenMen)
-Maroon button-down shirt (WomenMen)
-Khaki cargo pants (Women Men)
-Black and gray skate shoes (WomenMen)
-White long-sleeve t-shirt (WomenMen)
THIS shirt

Price: $19.95 – $22.95

Buy the Meekrab – 100% Cotton T-Shirt here.

3. Pot Heads

If you’re feeling extra cheeky, or prefer to dress up with play-on-words, then I’ve got the perfect stoner couple Halloween costume for you: Potheads. Yep, it’s as cliche–and easy–as it sounds. Here’s what you’ll need:

Two pots
Fill with a soft towel

Alternatively, opt to use a gardening pot instead. Add in some weed glasses, for added effect.

Price: $22.86 (9 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Stainless Steel Stockpot here.

4. James Franco & Seth Rogen a la Pineapple Express

stoner couple costumes

Amazon Video

Ahhh Franco and Rogan. When Pineapple Express first dropped, it was as eye-opening as any of the original Cheech and Chongs. While the awesome duo stars in other movies together, they’re at their peak in the aforementioned film, laying the groundwork for the best stoner couple Halloween costumes. Here’s what you’ll need to nail the look:

Seth Rogan:

-Tan/camel suit (Women’s pantsWomen’s topMen)
-White shirt (WomenMen)
Forest green tie

Price: $64.96 – $64.99

Buy the Alain Dupetit Men’s Two Button Suit here.

James Franco:

Red, plaid pajama pants
THIS shirt
-White long sleeve shirt (WomenMen)

Price: $11.04 – $13.95

Buy the Pineapple Express Saul Silver Shark Eating Kitten Gray Adult T-shirt here.

5. ‘Typical Stoners’

stoner couple costumes


Not all stoner couple Halloween costumes must revolve around movie characters. Instead, there are phenomenal ways to create said costumes. Society has this idea of what a “typical stoner” looks like. Capitalize on that image, and go all-to-the-walls, creating the best stoner couple Halloween costumes ever. Here’s what you’ll need:

Drug rugs
–Harem pants or thigh highs (Women haremsMen haremsThigh highs)
Converse/Keds/slip ons
Tie dye t-shirt
Heady glass

Price: $16.40 – $28.99

Buy the Classic Mexican Baja Pullover here.

6. Wilfred & Ryan

stoner couple costumes

TV Store Online

If you’re a big fan of TV shows, then look no further than Wilfred. Elijah Woods plays Ryan, a guy trying to find his way in the world. He befriends his neighbor’s dog, Wilfred, who appears to be in a raggedy costume, rather than an actual dog. These two embrace the unpredictable world they’re surrounded by…and take a few bong rips in the process. Here’s what you’ll need to complete the looks:


Blue button down
Navy tie
Black slacks

Price: $8.99 – $23.99

Buy the Paul Jones Dress Shirt here.


Wilfred costume

Price: $59.99

Buy the Wilfred Costume here.

7. Weed Brownie Scouts

stoner couple costumes


If there’s one thing you know about Girl Scouts, it’s that they sell some delicious desserts. Well, you can take those treats from delicious to dank as a weed brownie scout. Here’s what you’ll need to make a troop:

Girl Scout Costume
420 Patches – Sew to the sash
-If you want to be super authentic, bring your own infused brownies (Here are instructions on how to make cannabutter)

Price: $22.49

Buy the Girl Scout Costume here.

8. Ganja Rangers

stoner couple costumes

Power Rangers

If you were an 80s or 90s baby, this costume is a trip. Rather than fighting over who’s the better Tommy (green or white), turn yourselves into a couple of Ganja rangers. Here’s what you’ll need:

Power Rangers t-shirt
Pot leaf patch – to be placed/sewn over t-shirt logo
Weed socks (click here for more options)

Price: $12.99 – $23.95

Buy the Power Rangers Green Rangers Costume T-shirt here.

9. Rick & Morty

stoner couple costumes


Family Guy used to be the be-all, end-all when it came to stoner tv shows. But Rick & Morty have taken over that spot, and with good reason. The irreverent humor, mixed with philosophy of science really brings delight to stoners. So if you’re looking for an awesome stoner couple costume, look no further than Rick and Morty. Here’s what you’ll need:


Lab coat
Blue hair & unibrow
Portal gun

Price: $12.29 (18 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Rick & Morty-Portal Gun Toy here.


Morty mask
Yellow t-shirt

Interested in other Rick and Morty costumes? Head over to this list.

Price: $9.99

Buy the Morty Mask here.

10. Nancy & Andy Botwin a la Weeds

stoner couple costumes


As far as stoner couple costumes go, a list would be incomplete without a reference to Weeds. Well here it is, folks. Show up to your next party as Andy and Nancy. Here’s what you’ll need:


(Based on this image)

Black corset
Leather shorts
Thigh high boots or thigh high socks

Don’t forget an iced coffee as a prop–it’s Nancy’s favorite.

Price: $30.99

Buy the Steel Boned Corset here.


Gettin’ chai t-shirt

Price: $29.99 – $32.99

Buy the Gettin’ Chai T-Shirt here.

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