5 Awesome Stoner Gift Baskets for Any Occassion

best stoner gift baskets, stoner gift baskets

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Stoner gift baskets? Those actually exist? Yes and no. You’re generally not going to be able to find them by typing “stoner gift baskets” into Google or Amazon. Instead, you create them yourself–leaving you with one of the most personalized stoner gifts on the planet.

But what exactly goes into a stoner gift basket? Answer: It depends on who you’re purchasing it for. Does your favorite connoisseur prefer dabs or flower? Does she like glass or paper? Is she a typical stoner, or more of a discreet one? Think about the answers to these questions, and more.

These stoner gift baskets are meant solely to give you ideas on how to create one tailored to the person you’re gifting. Sometimes checking out other resources like the cheap stoner gifts, or the best “holiday-specific gifts” will give you the inspiration you seek.

This list is broken down into five separate stoner gift baskets. Each has been created to fit a specific theme, such as for a stoner girl or guy, or those who love papers.

So, this list (and the resources above) to create the ultimate stoner gift basket, for the connoisseur in your life.

1. Stoner Gift Basket for a Stoner Girl

stoner gift baskets

Amazon, Grasscity

Since stoners are both men and women, it makes sense that there should be a stoner gift basket geared towards ladies. Of course, every girl is different. But, if you know her preferred methods of consuming cannabis, you’ll be well on your way to creating an awesome stoner gift basket. Consider the following items to put into the basket:

Grinder: $14.99 – Grinders are phenomenal for a number of reasons. For one, they make your life easier, so you don’t have to pick apart bud. And two, they collect kief. Kief is the crystals that fall off of nugs–they’re more potent than regular greens. Finder other great grinders here, and here.

Raw Rolling Papers: $4.81 – Rolling papers are always an awesome choice. Guys joke around about girls who can roll are wife material. While meant in jest, it’s no secret many girls enjoy puffing on a J. Want other rolling papers? Consider these flavored papers, and Raw papers.

Sherlock Pipe: $7.37 – Without a doubt, glass is always a fantastic choice to include in a stoner gift basket. It doesn’t matter if you purchase a spoon pipe from your local shop, or from a fancy artist.

Stash Jar: $12.95 – Stoners tend to make just about anything into a stash jar. Instead of using an unsealed one, add this sparkly stash jar into your stoner gift basket. Stash jars come in many colors and sizes. Check out these other portable stashes, and stash jars, for more options.

Rolling Tray: $14.17 – Rolling trays are awesome regardless of if a stoner girl rolls or not. They collect all of the bits of bud you drop loading up your bowl, vape, or papers. Want a different rolling tray? Give these a go.

Stash Box: $39.95 – Without a doubt, a nice stash box is sure to thrill your favorite stoner girl. It’s pretty, keeps her cannabis stuff organized, and is of phenomenal quality. (Check out my full review here)

Total: $94.24

A bevy of other fantastic stoner girl gifts exist. Use this additional list for more ideas.

Once you have everything on-hand, then you’ll want a container. I highly suggest a picnic basket. It doubles as a gift-holder, and provides the staple to a picnic in the summer.

Price: $11.87 (33 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Rectangular Basket Lined with Gingham Lining here.

2. Stoner Gift Basket for the Paper Lover

stoner gift baskets


As far as stoner gift baskets go, putting together one for someone who loves to puff on some papers is easy peasy. Most cannasseurs started their smoking lives with joints and blunts. And some never moved away from them because, well, papers are pretty sweet. Snag these smoking accessories to create the perfect stoner gift basket.

Raw Pre-Rolls: $9.99 – Pre-rolls are great, even if someone can roll like a champ. You literally just dump in some bud, twist off the top, and spark up. Peep these other awesome pre-rolls.

Rolling Papers: $7.99 – Rolling papers are the absolute OG way to smoke. And these papers are high-quality, based on the Original Stoner himself: Bob Marley. Give these other rolling papers a go, too.

Rolling Tray: $15.19 – Rolling trays are pertinent to a paper lover’s routine. They keep all of your bud in one place, and provide a clean, contained space to roll.

Odor Eliminating Spray: $14.99 – Because papers require physical smoke, they can be pretty smelly. This odor eliminating spray fixes that right up. Check out these other methods to reduce the smell of weed.

Gold Rolling Papers: $12.99 – Many paper lovers will purchase themselves “regular” papers (aka cheap ones), but Gold Rolling Papers up the coolness level significantly. Give these other gold papers a look, too.

Rolling Tips: $5.28 – When you use a rolling tip in a joint, you’re essentially creating a barrier between your mouth and the greens. And, when it gets to the last bits (called a roach), filters prevent burnt lips.

Stash Jar: $17.75 – Stash jars are important regardless of the stoner. And, having an odor-free one, you know is high-quality is of the utmost importance.

Ash Tray: $9.99 – Smoking produces ash, like thanks, Captain Obvious. So, having a sweet ashtray is the perfect addition to a stoner gift basket.

Lighters: $6.89 – Stoners are notorious for stealing lighters, or losing them entirely. Peep these other awesome lighters.

Blunt Wraps: $12 – Blunts are a more nuanced version of joints. They’re generally larger and have more of a kick. These babies are no exception. Give these other blunt wraps a look.

Total: $113.06

Once you’ve snagged all of the pieces, parts, it’s important to grab something to give it in. You could easily just grab a big bag and some paper.

Or, buy an apple basket, to make it look super authentic. Regardless, though, this stoner gift basket is going to look sweet.

Price: $22.50 – $24.99

Buy the Wooden Half Bushel Baskets here.

3. Stoner Gift Basket for the Glass Lover

stoner gift baskets

Grasscity, Klear Kryptonite

Glass is an amazing basis for a stoner gift basket. You could always purchase a single piece, like a bong, but it’s more fun to give a slew of different items. Glass comes in many forms, from pipes, to bongs, and dab rigs.

Bongs and pipes are generally used for flower, while dab rigs are built for concentrates. And if you’re unsure of whether or not to include a lighter or a torch, the answer is always yes. Without further ado, here’s what you need, to put together a kick booty glass stoner gift basket.

Double Downstem Bong: $32.79 – The beauty about this baby is it’s meant for both flower and dabs. It features a double downstem, creating the ultimate versatile piece. Give these other bongs a look, as well.

Bong Glass Bowl: $5.73 – Up the level of coolness of the bong in this gift basket, with a new glass bowl. It looks super sick, and it’s easy to clean.

Keck Clip: $0.99 – A keck clip simply holds the downstem in place, when you remove the bowl

Donut Pipe: $49 – A sweet pipe had to make it into this stoner gift basket. They’re perfect for travel and for sharing with some homies. Plus, a donut pipe is pretty uncommon.

Glass Cleaner: $20.02 – With all of this new glass, it’s important to keep up with cleaning. Most glass cleaners available haven’t been cleared for safety regultions. But, Klear Kryptonite is made in-line with Colorado’s laws. It works great even on the nastiest of pieces. (You can see how well it cleaned my bong here! They sent me a sample to try. I’m very impressed.)

Total: $108.53

Once you’ve got all of the items, it’s time to find a basket to present it in. You want something that looks cool, but is useful afterwards. Like a wicker basket, perhaps. This guy is perfect.

Price: $10.12

Buy the Whitmor Rattique Small Shelf Tote here.

4. Stoner Gift Basket for the Dab Rat

stoner gift baskets

Amazon, Grasscity, Vapor4Life

Stoners come in a couple of varieties: Flower lovers, dab rats, and a mix of both. Well, if you’re putting together a gift basket for a cannasseur, and you know he enjoys concentrates, then we’ve got you covered. Concentrates are super potent forms of cannabis, having gone through an extraction process. That extraction process involves running the plant through a solvent, like butane, or CO2.

This process results in an array of concentrates. These range from oils, like BHO, to wax, shatter, budder, and more. Regardless of what kind of dab rat he is, he’s sure to be grinning ear-to-ear when he receives this stoner gift basket.

Dab Rig: $40.18 – A mini dab rig (also known as a bubbler), is the perfect addition to any concentrate head’s glass collection.

Dab Mat & Tools: $19.99 – Dabs are super sticky. If you let your dabber touch a surface, it gets gunked up. A dab mat entirely mitigates this issue. (Peek at these other dab mats, to see if they tickle you fancy).

eNail ($59.99) or Butane Torch ($22.77) With a Fuel Refill ($5.74) – In order to dab, you must heat up the surface, where you’ll place the concentrate. This process vaporizes the dab, allowing the user to inhale. Both of these devices do the same thing–merely in different capacities.

Dabber: $19.99 – A dabber is used to transfer a concentrate from the container, to the nail. It prevents stickiness from getting on fingers and reduces the chance a stoner will burn himself.

Total: $108.67 – $140.15

After you’ve gathered up everything, consider this basket. It’s amusing and it’s useful around the house. It’s like including an extra gift.

Price: $12.99

Buy the Home Essentials Fabric Collapsible Convenient Storage Bin here.

5. Stoner Gift Basket for a Stoner Guy

stoner gift baskets

Amazon, Grasscity

We’ve already covered a women’s stoner gift basket. Now it’s time to cover one geared towards the dudes. Everyone has different taste, so use this for some ideas and tailor it to your favorite guy. Remember, though, any of these items may be interchanged for a guy, girl, or NB–they’re not gender-specific. Rather, they’re ideas to start the perfect stoner gift basket.

HashMaker Sift Box: $29.99 – Making hash is super simple, but many cannasseurs lack the necessary equipment. Well, surprise the recipient of this stoner gift basket, by including a super easy hash maker.

Pollen Press: $12.99 – A pollen press is great on its own, or when used in-tandem with a hash maker. It essentially allows the user to compress concentrates, making for easier smokeage.

Vape Pen: $24.99 – Vape pens are better for your lungs. Period. But, they can cost a pretty penny. Luckily, the G Slim Wax pen is awesome, without the exorbitant price. (Peep some of these other dab pens, and vape pens, if you want something more robust).

Grinder: $13.90 – No matter what, an awesome new grinder is the perfect addition to a stoner gift basket. Grinders allow the user to chop up the bud, which makes smoking more efficient, by increasing surface area of the greens. Even if your stoner dude has a grinder, the Liberator may take his breath away. (Check out my full review here – the team over at Green Tech sent me one to try).

Total: $81.85

If you’re looking for more ideas, specific to a stoner guy, check out this list, too.

Instead of going for a boring ol’ basket, give one with a liner. It adds a touch of class, and it makes you look like an even more BA gift giver.

Price: $10.99 (15 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Woven Strap Small Tote here.

6. *Bonus* Stoner Gift Basket of Food

stoner gift basket


If you’ve reached the end of the post stoked, but non-plussed because you have to purchase various items, don’t worry. I’ve got the easiest stoner gift basket imaginable: A Food-based basket. You know stoners get the munchies, so why not fulfill those cravings?

The CraveBox does just that. It comes with fifty sweet and salty treats. They range from Cheezits, to Welch’s fruit snacks, Oreos, and Fun Dip. No matter what your favorite cannasseur is craving, she’ll be able to find it in this stoner gift basket.

Price: $32.95

Buy the CraveBox here.

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