Top 15 Best Must-Bring Items for Music Festival Camping

camping music festival essentials, camping music festival

Woohoo! Go ahead and cheer at the top of your lungs. You’re going to a camping music festival and your stoke level must be through-the-roof.

Perhaps this isn’t your first rodeo, and you’re just looking for a refresher. On the other hand, if this is your first time attending a camping music festival, you’ll want to make sure all of your bases are covered.

You probably have some of this stuff sitting at home, especially if you’ve already attended a camping music fest before. But if you don’t, not to worry. This list will provide you with an in-depth look at the must-haves, to ensure you have a phenomenal time.

These items are in no particular order. Instead, use this list to build out your festival arsenal. The more robust your set-up, the better. After all, you determine how your festival will go.

And if you feel like you’re still missing some essentials, you might want to check out this checklist, and this awesome gear.

Your outfit is an important part of the festival experience. So be sure to check out this men’s festival clothing, women’s festival clothing, stoner clothing, and weed socks. And if you like to move and groove, check out these LED hoops, and light up shoes to match.

So, use this checklist as the basis for your packing. Get ready for a life-changing camping music festival experience.

1. Music Festival Camping Essential: Toilet Paper

festival essentials, essential festival gear


Toilet paper is hands-down, no questions asked, the number one thing you do not want to forget for music festival camping. You might’ve been told there will be toilet paper (and there will be….at certain times of the day), but you’re not guaranteed a roll. And, you’re not guaranteed a clean bathroom.

So, mitigate that by bringing your own TP. Whenever you head to the port-a-potties, snag a roll. When you enter the festival itself, ensure you bring some inside. You don’t want to be left without such an important bathroom piece. Plus, you can share with anyone else who ends up in the same, er….crappy situation.

Price: $5.99

Buy the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper here.

2. Camping Music Festival Essential: Tampon Stash

camping music festival, music festival camping


I do not condone sneaking anything into a venue. If you’re willing to take that risk, however, then you should consider an inconspicuous stash. Tampons have long been a way to bring in Jays to a show, but the Dube Tubes bring it up a notch.

Instead of using real tampons, these babies are hollowed out, making it easy to stash what you please. It comes with two packs, with five fake tampons per-pack, totaling 10 overall. They’re smell-proof, so you won’t have a dank surprise half-way through the day. And if you prefer alcohol, they hold up to about a shot.

Price: $18.95

Buy the Dube Tubes here.

3. Camping Music Festival Essential: Rain Jacket

camping music festival, camping music festival essentials

Kapsco Moto

It doesn’t matter what the weather is supposed to be like. Rain will likely make an appearance at your camping music festival. So don’t be left soaked and sad. Fix that issue by bringing a rain poncho or jacket.

This pack comes with a whopping ten ponchos. They’re super lightweight and portable, making them a snap to throw into your backpack. And, they have a hood, so you can keep your hair relatively dry. You certainly don’t need a rain jacket, but you’ll be sad if it rains, and you don’t have one on-hand. (I made this mistake myself!)

Price: $11.99

Buy the Rain Poncho Raincoat here.

4. Camping Music Festival Essential: Glow Toys

camping music festival essentials, camping music festival


As far as music festivals go, you’re pretty BA if you bring glow sticks. I mean, who the heck doesn’t enjoy cracking them and waving them around like a little kid? Well, since a good number of people bring regular glow sticks (you’ll often see them at Bassnectar shows), try something a bit different.

These Aviator Lumistick Glow Eyeglasses really take it up a notch. You’ll only need a few pairs for you and your festie besties. But, you’ll have plenty leftover to share with cool people you meet. After all, camping music festivals are all about sharing the love and experiences together.

Price: $12.99 (57 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Aviator Lumistick Glow Eyeglasses here.

5. Camping Music Festival Essential: Pins

camping music festival essentials, camping music festival

Dark Spark Decals

If you’ve ever been to Disney World, the Olympics, or some other place that sells enamel pins, then you understand the love for them. At festivals, there are tons of awesome vendors selling unique, eye-catching pieces. Instead of purchasing everything at the event, choose to pre-fill your pin hat.

Pickle Rick–actually Rick and Morty in general–is easily one of the most popular pins at a festival. Show your love for this hilarious, irreverent show, by snagging this 1.75″ enamel pin. Make some new homies with some sweet pins, at your next camping music festival.

Price: $11.99

Buy the Pickle Rick Pin here.

6. Camping Music Festival Essential: Lighters

camping music festival checklist, camping music festival essentials, camping music festival


One of the most-needed, but often-forgotten camping music festival essentials is lighters. Heck, it’s one of the most forgotten items in general. But at a music fest, you’re left super high and dry without one.

Fix that problem by stocking up in bulk. For around $15, you’ll receive 12 full-size Bic lighters. No, not the small pocket-sized ones–the big behemoths. You’ll have enough for yourself, and enough to share with some poor festie who forgot one.

Price: $13.84

Buy the BIC Classic Lighters here.

7. Camping Music Festival Essential: Costumes

camping music festival essentials, camping music festival


Whether you’re attending your camping music festival alone, or in a huge group, you’ll want to bring some costumes to spice it up. That’s not to say you have to go full-blown cosplay–although you could totally do that. But, it really gets you into the festie mood when you’re wearing something downright awesome.

This sparkly bodysuit by iHeartRaves will make you dazzle under a stage’s sweet light show. And, it’s comfortable as heck because it’s made of 80% Nylon and 20% spandex. The semi-stretchy material is breathable and easy to move in. Choose between black and white. You’ll certainly look the part with this baby.

Interested in something warmer, like a onesie? Peep this full list.

Price: $30.95 – $54.95

Buy the iHeartRaves Disco X Cross Hooded Bodysuit here.

8. Camping Music Festival Essential: Gallon Jug

camping music festival, camping music festival essentials


If you’re attending a camping music festival, you’re more than likely going without a real shower for a few days. Sure, you could pay some ungodly fee for a clean place to shower….or you could jerryrig your own pseudo-shower.

Simply purchase a sturdy plastic jug, and punch some holes in the top of it. When you’d like to shower, fill the container up to the brim, replace the cap, flip it over, and you’ve got a mini stream of water. Every camping music festival has water stations, so you’ll be good to go just about anywhere.

Price: $7.06 (21 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Plastic Jug here.

9. Camping Music Festival Essential: Safe

camping music festival, camping music festival essential


Seasoned festival goers like to pretend that festivals are a place of love, light, and perfection. While it’s nice to think that way, it’s just not reality. Unfortunately, there are bad people everywhere, who don’t want you to have a bad time. So, ensure you’re having a good time by purchasing a diversion safe.

This stash looks exactly like a Men’s Speed Stick thing of deodorant. In fact, it’s so inconspicuous, there’s little reason for anyone to even consider it a diversion safe. Shove your valuables in the hollowed-out center, for the ultimate protection.

And if you’re looking for other stash jar options, check out these portable stashes, and these stash boxes.

Price: $16.90.

Buy the Speed Stick Diversion Can Safe Stash here.

10. Camping Music Festival Essential: Cooler

camping music festival, music festival checklist


When it comes to camping music festivals, you could easily purchase all of your food at the venue. But, that gets expensive very quickly…and honestly they might not have what you’re interested in. Get around that by bringing your own delicious food.

It’s entirely possible–just ensure you freeze everything beforehand, and you purchase a heavy duty styrofoam cooler to keep your goodies safe. This large Thermo Chill Insulated Carton will keep your food frozen up to four or five days, depending on how often you remove the top. Know exactly what you’re eating and when you’re eating it, by bringing a cooler.

Price: $27.01 (18 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Thermo Chill Insulated Carton here.

11. Camping Music Festival Essential: Tent

camping music festival, camping music festival essentials


It should come as no surprise that for a camping music festival, you need a tent. But, there are a shocking amount of people who think they can sleep in their tiny coups…only to be miserable and sore for days on end. If you’ve got a large enough vehicle to sleep in, awesome. If you don’t, though, definitely bring a tent.

This Sundome 4 Person Tent is an absolutely incredible price. As a dome tent, it’s easy to set-up–you can do it in under 10-minutes. It measures 9 x 7 feet with 4-foot 11-inch center height. And a patented system will keep you dry, even in the worst of torrential downpours. Don’t be left without a place to sleep.

To make your campsite feel more like home, make sure to bring some camping chairs and a camping table. Consider setting up an awesome camping kitchen, too.

Price: $63.21 (26 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Sundome 4 Person Tent here.

12. Camping Music Festival Essential: ID Holder

camping music festival, camping music festival checklist

Waterfly Direct

“Whaaaaaat? A freakin’ fanny pack? Girl, you must be out of your mind!” I know, but hold your horses there, bucko. I’m not going to try to defend them by saying they’re coming back (but they totally are at festivals), but I will say they’re probably the most convenient camping music festival item ever. Why? Because they’re less-bulky than a backpack, but will hold all of your essentials…and keep them dry in case of rain.

The Water Resistant Waist Bag is pretty nondescript and inconspicuous, as far as fanny packs go. But, if you’re feeling a bit more bam pow, then you can choose from six other colors. A hidden zipper pocket will keep your most private items hidden, as the pack sits snugly on your hips. Keep your hands free to dance and party, with this music festival essential.

Price: $11.99

Buy the Water Resistant Waist Bag here.

13. Camping Music Festival Essential: Hoodie

camping music festival, camping music festival essentials

Into the AM

Camping music festivals often take place in the late spring and summer for obvious reasons. The cold downright sucks, and who the heck wants to camp when it’s bone-chillingly cold? Ok some people do, but not everyone! Make sure you’re happy at all times during the day with a hoodie.

You could always wear whatever’s in your closet, or you could splurge on a sweet new one like the Into The AM Coastal Dreams Hoodie. And if you’re not a fan of that exact look, there are plenty of other designs to choose from. Made with pre-shrunk two-way stretch fabric, so you won’t feel restricted. And, it’s available in sizes XS to 3XL. Stay warm. Stay having a bomb time.

Like the concept of a hoodie, but want something more 420-oriented? Check out these weed hoodies.

Stay extra warm with these weed socks.

Price: $59.95 (25 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Into The AM Coastal Dreams Hoodie here.

14. Camping Music Festival Essential: Baby Wipes

camping music festival, camping music festival essential


I’m sure you’ve seen people mention baby wipes for a camping music festival. Heck, you might’ve already seen me sharing their awesomeness. Well, I’m going to reiterate that point. Baby wipes are the freakin’ best thing you can bring.

People are gross, inebriated, or just don’t care, leading them to be nasty in the port-a-potties. Instead of having to squat at inopportune times, bring some baby wipes. You can clean off anything gross, and feel comfortable using the facility. Plus, they’re awesome for the end of the night, when you’re exhausted and don’t want to wash your face. Baby wipes. Don’t forget them.

Price: $10.79 (17 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes here.

15. Camping Music Festival Essential: Hard Candy

camping music festival, camping music festival essentials


Jolly Ranchers, or other hard candy, may seem weird off the bat. But, they’re a super important piece to having fun at a camping music festival. First, they’ll provide you with something sweet when you’re hungry, and haven’t made it back to your camp site. Second, they’re an easy way to make friends. And third, there will be people taking drugs, and hard candy stops them from chewing off their tongue. Gross and scary, but true.

So, save the day with a big bag of Jolly Ranchers. This family-size haul gives you all of the classic flavors. It ships as a whopping 20-ounce bag. Grab a handful when you enter the venue for the day. You’ll be sucking on something sweet, and helping out some homies along the way.

Price: $3.74

Buy the JOLLY RANCHER Hard Candy here.

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