10 Best LED Shirts to Light Up Any Festival (2018)

LED shirt


As far as festival clothing goes, there’s one that’ll always stand out: LED shirts. There’s just something so mesmerizing about a piece of clothing that bounces along to the beat of the music. Heck, you don’t even have to toke up beforehand, to enjoy the beautiful light show.

LED shirts are an incredible choice at festivals. They’re easy to pair with anything in your closet, and if we’re being honest they’re downright cool. However, if you’d like to deck yourself out in additional festival clothing, you’ll want to check out this men’s festival clothing, and these light up shoes to match.

Quick side bar, if this is your first time attending a camping music festival, you’ll want to check out this sweet gear and these essentials. Once you have all of the boring camping stuff out of the way, you can focus on your looks.

LED shirts come in a variety of cuts, colors, and sizes. While there are a good deal of regular ol’ light up t-shirts, there are plenty of other cuts like bro tanks and bras. If it can be worn on the top-half of your body and it lights up, then it fits the bill.

Keep in mind that LED apparel can range from budget-friendly to, “Holy heck I didn’t know it could cost that much.” So please, for your sake, set a budget and stick to it–you’ll thank yourself later. Moreover, determine whether you want something that just lights up or is fully sound-activated. The former turns on with a switch, while the latter shines to the beat of the music.

When browsing this list, keep in mind it’s broken down into two sections: Regular t-shirts, and other tops. “Other tops” refers to anything other than a typical tee. Each section is broken down via price, with the cheapest LED shirt in the first capsule, and the most-expensive in the last capsule.

So if you’re wondering where to buy LED shirts, look no further than this guide, and dive on in.

Classic LED Shirts

T-shirts are always a phenomenal choice. There’s a good reason most events hand out t-shirts, and not quarter-zips, tanks, or some other top. So, it should come as no surprise that LED t-shirts are considered a classic. Pair with any shorts or pants, and you’re ready to go.

1. Rave Raptor Rave Skull Sound Activated LED Shirt

skull LED shirt


Below you’ll see some relatively cutesy LED shirts. And while those types of designs are always a fantastic choice, it’s time to focus on something a bit creepier. Because life isn’t always about daisies and rainbows, definitely give skulls a shot, like the Rave Raptor Sound Activated Shirt.

The t-shirt itself is a high-quality cotton. As for the LEDs, it comes with a volume sensor for adjusting the speed of flashing. It does require two AAA batteries, which can be purchased here. Hand-wash this baby once you’re done wearing it. And please note, there’s a three-month manufacturer’s warranty. So if it busts in that timeframe, send it back with no worries.

Price: $8.98 – $15.99

Buy the Rave Raptor Rave Skull Sound Activated LED Shirt here.


  • Great price for an LED shirt
  • Backed by manufacturer’s warranty
  • Flashing can be adjusted
  • Has an awesome skull design


  • Doesn’t come with batteries
  • Must be hand-washed

Find more Rave Raptor Rave Skull Sound Activated LED Shirt information and reviews here.

2. HandHeldItems LED Shirt

equalizer LED shirt


When you think of images on an LED t-shirt, it’s more than likely an equalizer that comes to mind. I mean…c’mon. It’s a dirty, ol’ classic for a reason. So if you’re looking for something cool and “traditional”, definitely check out the HandHeldItems LED Shirt.

Made of 100% cotton, so you know you’ll be comfortable all-day. Turn it on-and-off easily with a battery switch. And, you can adjust the flashing lights with the volume sensor controls. It does require two AAA batteries, which unfortunately aren’t included. So be sure to snag some here.

Choose from sizes medium-to-XXL.

Price: $8.99 – $9.99

Buy the HandHeldItems LED Shirt here.


  • Phenomenal price
  • Available in sizes medium-to-XXL
  • Easy to turn on/off, and adjust volume


  • Batteries sold separately

Find more HandHeldItems LED Shirt information and reviews here.

3. Emazing Lights Sound Activated Light up Rave Shirt

Emazing Lights

Daisy LED shirt

Sometimes you don’t care which festival you attend–you just want to listen to some awesome music. Other times, you’re heading to a specific festival and have big dreams about the experience. EDM festivals are a fantastic place to wear an LED shirt. But what if you could take it one step further, by matching said shirt to the festival itself?

If you’re heading to EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival), be it Las Vegas, Orlando, or even Mexico 2019, consider this dope LED shirt. Made by Emazing Lights, it features a light-up daisy. The t-shirt itself is a black cotton. As far as the lights go, there’s an adjustable volume sensor for the flashing speed, and an easy on/off switch. Plus, you can remove the battery pack to wash it. Purchase some AAA batteries, and you’re set to go.

eMazing Lights creates some other solid light-up gear, like these awesome glow gloves.

Price: $14.95

Buy the Emazing Lights Sound Activated Light up Rave Shirt here.


  • Fantastic price
  • Battery pack unplugs easily, so you can toss it in the wash
  • T-shirt is made of 100% cotton – breathable and comfortable
  • Can adjust LEDs


Find more Emazing Lights Sound Activated Light up Rave Shirt information and reviews here.

4. Sound Activated Glow Shirt

panda led shirt


As far as LED shirts go, many tend to have the same design. Oftentimes those designs are an equalizer, or the green, yellow, and red lights you see on most home sound systems. While an equalizer design is a classic, it’s not the be-all, end-all. Opt for something unique, like the Sound Activated Glow Shirt.

The image features a panda wearing sweet aviators, with a neck scarf. When you turn it on, the aviators rock a beat to the music. As for the shirt itself, it’s made of 100% cotton, and the image is a silk screen print. And you don’t need to worry about shrinking, or breathability. Standard US sizing, from Medium to XXL.

The LEDs are made of EL wire and are powered by two AAA batteries, which aren’t included. So be sure to pick some up here. Simply insert the batteries into the pack, which can attach to a belt clip, or slip into your pocket. With fully-charged batteries, this LED shirt will last for four-to-six hours.

And if you’re not feeling the panda design, there’s also a skull rocking headphones, as well as a tiger.

Price: $32.99 – $34.99

Buy the Sound Activated Glow Shirt here.

Panda EQ2015-12-11T03:28:23.000Z


  • T-shirt is a breathable 100% cotton
  • Shirt will run for four-to-six-hours with full batteries
  • Cool panda design – or choose from skull with headphones, and tiger
  • EL wire doesn’t directly touch your skin, for extra comfort


Find more Sound Activated Glow Shirt information and reviews here.

Unique LED Shirts

As far as light up shirts go, it’s easy to see there are a bevy of classics. But if you’re interested in something more off-the-wall, this is your section. The term “LED shirts” is used pretty liberally. If you can wear it on top, it’s considered a shirt.

5. Light up Pasties

LED pasties


Look, if you’re heading to a festival, there’s a good chance you’re interested in letting go. Many people at festivals choose to go all-out in terms of their outfit. This often includes see-through and mesh shirts. If you’re uncomfortable with freeing the nipple (or aren’t allowed to per festival rules), then you need to cover them up somehow. Well, how about some LED pasties?

These babies are in the shape of pink daisies. But they shine in a multitude of colors. Simply remove the back, and the adhesive will keep them in place. Turn them on-and-off with a twist…even while wearing them. Batteries are included, and shine for more-than-10-hours. And, you can replace the batteries for an even longer life. Throw on a shirt, or don’t. But you’ll be pleased as punch with the light up pasties.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Light up Pasties here.

Flashing LED Nipple CoversI thought it looked pretty cool when I turned on about 50 pasties to test the LED's!!! Can't wait to see all of these on a crowd of women!! LED Light Up Pasties comes in several different designs. Stars, Hearts, Daisy's, Hands, and Skull and Crossbones. More designs coming soon. sasswear.com2014-08-10T09:31:49.000Z


  • Come with batteries – can insert new batteries, too
  • Bright enough to show up through shirt
  • Has very sticky adhesive – they’re not going anywhere
  • Extremely unique piece of LED clothing


  • Have a slight cone shape to them

Find more Light up Pasties information and reviews here.

6. Light up Hoodies by Electric Styles

LED hoodie

Electric Styles

No matter what time of the year it is, there’s a good chance it’ll get cold at night. And if you forget to bring a hoodie, you may be unhappy with that decision. The unfortunate bit about regular hoodies is they’ll cover up whatever cool LED shirt (or otherwise) you’re wearing. Don’t fret. Instead, consider a light up (sweat)shirt.

Electric Styles creates tons of awesome LED clothing. They understand how much of a pain wires can be, so they craft their apparel to be machine washable. Their light up hoodie is no exception. It takes just two AA batteries, and will last for 12-24-hours. Control the lights with a remote, and choose from three modes: on/off, fast blinking, and slow blinking. Slip the controller into your pocket, and breathe easy with a 60-day no-hassle warranty.

Interested in other types of hoodies? Give these weed hoodies a look.

Price: $49.97

Buy the Light up Hoodies by Electric Styles here.

Electric Styles Light Up HoodieAvailable in 5 El Wire colors, watch your normal hoodie light GLOW with the push of a button. Upgrade to Sound Responsive Battery Pack to watch your hoodie BLINK TO THE BEAT! SHOP HERE: electricstyles.com/collections/light-up-hoodies2013-05-18T03:18:58.000Z


  • Keeps you warm, without covering up the LEDs
  • Choose from three modes – on/off, fast blinking, slow blinking
  • Backed by 60-day no-hassle guarantee
  • Batteries last for 12-24 hours


  • Battery pack must sit in pocket

Find more Light up Hoodies by Electric Styles information and reviews here.

7. Too Sexy Light Up Bra by Electric Styles

Light Up Bra

Electric Styles

My little chiquitas. If you’re excited about attending a festival for all of the sweet light-up clothing, then I’ve got a total game changer. Cue the trumpets, drop the lights….we have an LED bra. And not just any LED bra, it’s made by Electric Styles, a well-known rave company.

When it comes to light up clothing, black is best, as it provides the most brilliant effects. The Too Sexy Light Up Bra is black, and a push-up cut. The wiring itself wraps comfortably around the bra, so you won’t even notice it’s there. And if you need to change the batteries mid-set, you can easily do so on the spot. Choose from three modes: Sound-responsive, animated battery pack, and three-mode. Rock under a shirt, or by itself.

Price: $54.97

Buy the Too Sexy Light Up Bra by Electric Styles here.

Watch our Too Sexy Light Up Bra Blink to the Beat!Too Sexy Light Up Bra: electricstyles.com/collections/lightupbras/products/light-up-bra-too-sexy Sound Pack Upgrade: electricstyles.com/collections/el-wire-kits/products/sound-pack-blink-to-the-beat2013-05-13T02:21:18.000Z


  • Very comfortable bra
  • Can easily switch out battery packs
  • Wiring won’t bother you
  • Has three modes


  • Not available in a huge size range

Find more Light Up Bra by Electric Styles information and reviews here.

8. iHeartRaves Solid Light Up Faux Fur LED Jacket

iHeartRaves LED Jacket


Ok, so I know technically this capsule isn’t a shirt. But, it’s a top, and that’s close enough in my book. After all, it’s pretty hard to say no to any light-up clothing. But if you’re looking for a top-name in rave wear, then look no further than iHeartRaves, and their Solid Light Up Faux Fur LED Jacket.

This baby is made of 100% acrylic fur, so you don’t have to worry about any animals being hurt in the process. If you end up spilling or staining it somehow, just spot wash and hang dry. There’s a zipper closure on the front, with pockets on either side.

As far as the LEDs go, there are three colors: Blue, white, and pink. Three hidden battery packs are placed throughout the jacket, and they take AA batteries–nine in total. The batteries do come with the jacket, though. Choose from white and pink.

Price: $124.95

Buy the iHeartRaves Solid Light Up Faux Fur LED Jacket here.

VideoVideo related to 10 best led shirts to light up any festival (2018)2018-04-27T16:35:32-04:00


  • Made of faux fur – 100% acrylic
  • Choose from white or pink
  • Comes with batteries – can easily be switched out
  • Tons of different modes and settings


  • One-size-fits-most
  • Must be spot-cleaned – unless you want to partake in a tedious project
  • More expensive than other LED apparel

Find more iHeartRaves Solid Light Up Faux Fur LED Jacket information and reviews here.

9. Light Up Tank Top

LED tank top

Fiber Optic Fabric Clothing

A light-up t-shirt is cool and all, but what if you want something a bit slimmer cut? Or perhaps a bit more feminine? Whatever adjective you’d use to describe it, if you’re looking for a dope LED shirt, consider the Light Up Tank Top.

This baby lights up into four fixed colors: Red, green, blue, and white. Seven colors change automatically in four modes: Flash, strobe, fade, and smooth. You can also change the colors via a wireless remote. And when it comes time to wash it, you can use hot water up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Centigrade). Hang dry it, and it’ll be ready to go. Just remember to remove the battery pack beforehand.

Available in sizes small-to-XXL. Choose between red and white fabric.

Price: $133.58

Buy the Light Up Tank Top here.


  • Available in sizes small – XXL
  • Has four fixed colors, four modes, and seven changing colors
  • Has a slimmer cut than a t-shirt
  • Can control colors with a wireless remote


  • Cannot be machine-washed or dried

Find more Light Up Tank Top information and reviews here.

10. Fiber Optic Sleeveless Hoodie

LED sleeveless hoodie

Fiber Optic Fabric Clothing

Sleeveless hoodies are already an awesome choice when it comes to festival wear. Well, I see your sleeveless hoodie…and raise you some fiber optics. You’re not restricted to solely t-shirts and tank tops when it comes to LED shirts. Instead, you can rock an awesome light up hoodie, like the Fiber Optic Sleeveless Hoodie.

Most LED clothing requires you to purchase batteries separately. This bad boy, however, comes with a rechargeable battery, remote control, and a USB charging cable. Choose from a multitude of light displays manually or with the remote. And you can choose from static or dynamic colors.

There are four fixed colors (red, green, blue, and white), and seven automatically-changing ones. Plus, choose from four modes: Smooth, fade, strobe, and flash. And, it’s available in sizes small-to-XXL.

Price: $213.65 -$233.65

Buy the Fiber Optic Sleeveless Hoodie here.


  • High-quality piece of light-up clothing
  • Available in sizes small-to-XXL
  • Comes with a remote and rechargeable battery
  • Adjust lights manually or via remote


  • More expensive than many other LED shirts

Find more Fiber Optic Sleeveless Hoodie information and reviews here.

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