5 Best Marijuana Vaporizers Available Now (2020)

best marijuana vaporizer


Marijuana vaporizers are designed to be gentle on your lungs. Unlike traditional smoking, which uses “combustion,” vaporizers heat your plant material at lower temperatures. You still inhale cannabinoids and terpenes, without the unhealthy byproducts (like tar or ash).

Bonus: These vape pens are also discrete and portable. And some are as cheap as $20!

What Are the Best Marijuana Vaporizers Available Now?

Pax best marijuana vaporizer
  • Compact, sleek design
  • Heats up quickly
  • Good for both dry herb and concentrates
Price: $209.99 Shop now at DopeBoo Shop now Read our review
Rose Gold Pax Best Weed Vaporizer
  • Good for both dry herb and concentrates
  • Matte rose gold finish (so glam!)
  • Heats and cools quickly
Price: $209.99 Shop now at DopeBoo Shop now Read our review
Cheech and Chong's best marijuana vaporizer
  • Ceramic atomizer for even heating
  • Designed for large oil/concentrate hits
  • Includes locking feature to keep it off
Price: $79.99 Shop now at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Best Portable Vaporizer: Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer

    • Compact, sleek design provides discretion
    • Heats up quickly, with several temperature settings
    • Designed for use with both flower and concentrates
    • Comes with 10 year warranty
    • Can't use as-is with concentrates (you must buy concentrate-friendly insert separately)
    • Its mobile phone app makes you wonder: Should smoking pot really necessitate more screen time?
    • Expensive

    The Pax 3 is perfect for the consumer who enjoys both traditional flower as well as cannabis concentrates. While many vape pens are designed only to work with oils and other extracts, the Pax 3 also comes with an insert that’s perfect for vaporizing traditional dried herb.

    With this vaporizer, what you choose to smoke — and when — is entirely up to you.

    (But you do have to buy the insert for vaping concentrates separately. It doesn’t come included with the Pax 3. If you’re looking to smoke concentrates only, check out our guide to the best dab pens available.)

    The Pax 3 is also perfect for high-tech stoners. Once you download the app, you can use your phone to control the temperature of your pen.

    One of the settings you can select on your phone is “stealth mode,” which minimizes odor by cooling down the device more quickly after your inhale.

    That makes this vaporizer perfect for anyone who needs a discrete puff at work. you need to take a hit before walking into your meeting, this is the pen for you.

    Bonus: You can pretend you’re taking notes on your phone, while you’re actually changing the settings on your vape pen.

    This doesn’t mean you’re getting totally ripped before giving your presentation. (Or maybe you are. We’re not judging.) But today, many office employees are experimenting with “microdosing” THC at work, to help deal with the stress of their workday.

    The Pax 3 pen is perfect for the busy professional — whether you’re into microdosing or macrodosing, or vaping flower or concentrates. The Pax 3 will meet you where you are.

  2. 2. Best for the Luxury Cannabis Connoisseur: Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer in Rose Gold

    • Good for both dry herb and concentrates
    • Matte rose gold finish complements any complexion
    • Sleek, compact design
    • Lightweight
    • Easy to load
    • Comes with ten year warranty
    • Can't use as-is with concentrates (you must buy concentrate-friendly insert separately)
    • Bluetooth capability makes you wonder: When did pot get so complicated? Should I revert to analog weed?
    • Expensive

    The Pax 3 stands out because it comes in this lovely rose gold color.

    Legal cannabis is creating a market for luxury cannabis goods. If you’re part of this luxe stoner demographic, this pen is perfect for you. Match it with your other rose gold accessories!

    On social media sites like Instagram, looking great while getting stoned is a major trend. Influencers, take note: How awesome would you look while vaporizing with this elegant device?

    It doesn’t just look stylish. The Pax 3 is known as the best portable vaporizer. Unlike most pen-sized vaporizers, you can use dry flower as well as cannabis concentrates. The Pax 3 is the new and improved version of the Pax 2, which means you’ll need to download an app, so you can control your vaporizer from your phone. Just in case you were starting to feel a little too old-school, with your traditional dried herb. (Is your weed in a ziplock bag, too? That’s so retro.)

    In a matte rose gold finish, this Pax 3 is about as glamorous as vaporizing gets. You can match it to your rose gold jewelry. (Watch out, Instagram.)

    The Pax 3 also vibrates when you touch the mouthpiece. It’s unclear whether this new feature, which the company calls “haptic feedback,” serves any practical purpose. But high fashion doesn’t have to be practical.

    All jokes aside, this is more than a fashion accessory. With five temperature settings, a long battery life, and a versatile design, this is one of the best marijuana vaporizers you can buy.

  3. 3. Best Marijuana Vaporizer for Heavy-Duty Concentrate Vaping On the Go: Cheech & Chong’s The Ripper Ceramic Vaporizer

    • Ceramic coil-less atomizers can provide better flavor that traditional atomizer elements
    • Includes locking feature: Click five times to lock, ensuring it stays turned off while stowed away
    • Stands out from the crowd with two eye-catching color options
    • Compatible with waxy oils and concentrates
    • Heats up quickly and delivers 15-second hits
    • Large bowl for packing a lot of concentrate at once (You won't need to reload as often)
    • Not for use with flower
    • No option to change temperature
    • Large wax loads can get messy and travel into mouthpiece
    • Not as small or lightweight as some vape pens

    Cheech & Chong’s The Ripper Ceramic Vaporizer stands out because it features a full-ceramic coil-less atomizer, which guarantees even heat distribution for vaporizing your concentrates and oils. And, obviously, because its the brainchild of the legendary stoner duo Cheech and Chong.

    Cheech and Chong are capitalizing on the stoner image they cultivated in their movies. This pen may not fit as easily or lightly into your pocket as most modern vaporizer pens, but it’s designed for people who want to get super-duper ripped while out rambling around. Like Cheech and Chong’s characters.

    (But if you’re getting stoned at the wheel like Cheech and Chong, that’s on you. We do not recommend that.)

    It has a larger bowl chamber than most vape pens, so you can load it up with a bunch of wax or other concentrates. This means you can keep hitting it for a while, without needing to re-load it. This is perfect for the laid-back, low-maintenance stoner — the kind who loves Cheech and Chong movies. They’re really catering to their target demo with this pen.

    This additional room for loading more material also means this pen is bulkier and heavier than some vape pens. But if you’re a heavyweight smoker, this could be perfect for you. Especially if you’re a stoner who enjoys goofy graphics and eye-catching colors. (This pen comes in black with neon green graphics, or white with red graphics.)

    It doesn’t have some of the fancy features of most more expensive vape pens (for example, you can’t change the temperature, or make it compatible with flower). But if you’re a Cheech and Chong fan who wants to draw attention to your mobile stoner accessories — and you also enjoy taking huge hits, repeatedly, without stopping to reload — this is perfect for you.

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