5 Best Marijuana Vaporizers Available Now

Marijuana vaporizers truly come in all shapes in sizes. Some are portable, while others really don’t travel well at all. But, each vaporizer has the same benefits. Depending on its function, each Marijuana vaporizer uses different forms of the plant. These include concentrates, like wax, oil, in addition to flower (dry herb). In order to understand which one is required for each vape, you need to have a bit of background in weed.

There are many methods to inhale cannabis. However, you must have some knowledge on marijuana extraction methods. Bud, or flower that hasn’t been altered in any way, is the typical green nugs you associate with weed. When creating extracts, you’re essentially stripping THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive portion of the plant), with a solvent (like CO2 or butane). Butane is the most commonly used solvent. Once the process has taken place, the newly extracted compounds form wax, shatter, or oil. More or less, they’re essentially off shoots of one another.

Wax takes on a literal wax-y appearance. The texture comes about when the extract is “whipped” in the process, adding air. Shatter is created when the extraction has very few impurities, and it’s physically allowed to harden. Oil, on the other hand, is a more goopy version of shatter. So, depending on what you prefer to smoke, it will determine which marijuana vaporizer is best for you.

And because there are so many different out there, you may want to do further research. Be sure to check out these vape pens, dry herb vapes, and portable vaporizers.

Since this is a top 5 list, each capsule has a headline, describing why it’s the best type of marijuana vaporizer. Use these titles to determine whether you’d like to dive in deeper, or skim to the next one.

Whether you’re in the market for a new weed vape, or you’re just browsing, check our our guide to the best marijuana vaporizers.

1. The Marijuana Vaporizer Crowd Pleaser: PAX 3 Vaporizer

best marijuana vaporizers


If you’ve been around the cannabis community or vaping world for any stretch of time, you know about the Pax 3 Vaporizer. It’s one of the most well-known names in the game–and there truly is good reason for that. Countless people have found how straightforward it is to use, and how much easier it is to smoke discreetly. Instead of pulling out a joint and hoping people don’t realize it’s bud, this marijuana vaporizer conceals the smell very well.

As a dry herb vape, you don’t have to go out and get any fancy shcmancy concentrates, in order to make it actually work. Nope, your good ol’ greens will do just the trick. Plus, you won’t have to recharge this bad boy nearly as often as other batteries on the market. With four heat settings to choose from, you can truly customize your vaping experience to the most important person: you.

The team over at Pax sent me a unit to review. Wowieeeee am I a fan! See the full review here.

Price: $274.99

Buy the PAX 3 Vaporizer here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.


  • Very long-lasting battery life
  • Has four heat settings to customize vaping experience
  • Super durable and well-known name in the industry
  • 10-year manufacturers warranty


  • A bit pricy up front

Find more PAX 3 Vaporizer information and reviews here.

2. Best Marijuana Vaporizer Under $100: G Pen Pro Vaporizer

best marijuana vaporizers


Marijuana vaporizers can be downright expensive. You just want to help save your lungs, but you’re paying a pretty penny to do so. Sure, it’d be nice to rock a super high-end vape, but your pocketbook just says “NO!!” Thankfully, G Pen recognized this major gap in the market. So, they created the super economical G Pen Pro, to keep both you and your wallet happy.

One of the best things about this setup (outside of the obviously awesome price and the fact it’s for dry herb), is it comes with so many replacement pieces. The kit contains three mouthpiece sleeves, five pro filter screens, and two extended mouthpiece sleeves. So, if you prefer a shorter or longer mouthpiece, you have the ability to swap it depending on the day. Plus, the G Pen Pro comes with a grinder card and cleaning tool. You’re set up for smoking success.

Price: $79.99 (11 percent off MSRP)

Buy the G Pen Pro Vaporizer here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.


  • Phenomenal price
  • Comes with tons of replacement pieces and accessories
  • LED lights display to indicate temperature


  • If you don’t clean it well, it will gum up
  • Has three temperature settings, rather than four

Find more G Pen Pro Vaporizer information and reviews here.

3. Marijuana Vaporizer With the Best Bang for Your Buck: G Pen Elite Vaporizer

best marijuana vaporizers


G Pen really produces some of the most quality marijuana vaporizers on the planet. Plus, they’re pretty dang economical–even when you go up the luxury scale. The Elite version is the big brother to the Pro. Naturally, this means they have tons of similarities. But, like most brothers, they also have a significant number of differences. The Elite model really steps it up a notch.

While this particular marijuana vaporizer doesn’t come with nearly as many replacements and accessories, it does come with something else: the ability to choose your temperature setting. Select from 200-428 degrees Fahrenheit, although most users typically stay within 300-420 degrees. If you prefer Celsius, you can toggle between the two. Use dry herb or concentrates with this baby. The device heats up in under 30-seconds, so you’ll be ready to puff, puff, pass in no time.

Price: $149.99 (12 percent off MSRP)

Buy the G Pen Elite Vaporizer here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.


  • Doesn’t provide massive, throat-burning hits like a bong
  • Super lightweight – makes it easy to travel
  • Very simple to clean
  • Amazing price for a mid-level marijuana vaporizer


  • Mouthpiece can heat up with back-to-back use
  • Requires a three-hour charge before first use

Find more G Pen Elite Vaporizer information and reviews here.

4. The Grandaddy Marijuana Vaporizer: Firefly 2 Vaporizer

best marijuana vaporizers


There are some straight up dank vapes out there. The Firefly 2 Vaporizer really and truly takes the portable marijuana vaporizer cake. If you’re looking for prestige in a name, luxury in an inhale, and an uninhibited high, then you’ve found it in this beauty. The OG has arrived and he wants to create your perfect stone-y bliss.

You can smoke both concentrates and dry herb with this guy. So, regardless if you’re a dabber for life or love to smoke flower like it’s your job, you’re set to go. For sake of ease, this marijuana vaporizer comes in three settings that range from 340-420 degrees Fahrenheit–the perfect temperature range. Plus, you have the option to inhale for a long time, or just take a quick puff. However you choose to smoke, this bad boy will make your experience feel downright magical.

Price: $319.99 (3 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Firefly 2 Vaporizer here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.


  • Allows for vaping of both herb and concentrates
  • Super user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Comes with two rechargeable batteries to smoke on-the-go
  • Creates little-to-no smell


  • Costs a pretty penny
  • Its size makes it harder to be discreet

Find more Firefly 2 Vaporizer information and reviews here.

5. Best At-Home Marijuana Vaporizer: Volcano Vaporizer Kit

best marijuana vaporizers


You knew it was eventually coming. Volcanos are known throughout the land as an incredible name in a marijuana vape. They’re ridiculously easy to use, heat up very quickly, and give you the most bang for your buck in terms of bud usage. Whip it out for a group smoke sesh, or ride cloud nine on the train to alone-y stone-y bliss.

The Volcano Vaporizer Kit comes with a grinder, air filter set, choice of digital or classic vaporizer, and an easy or solid valve starter set. The digital volcano has temperatures that range from 104 – 446 Fahrenheit, while the classic uses an analog dial for temperatures between 266 – 446 Fahrenheit. Plus, it comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. As the machine works, it produces vapor that’s transferred into a bag. Once the bag is filled or the bud is exhausted, you simply suck on the bag and you’re set to go. If you truly want the vaping experience of a lifetime, the Volcano marijuana vaporizer is a can’t miss.

And don’t forget to snag all of Volcano’s awesome accessories.

Price: $369.99 (3 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Volcano Vaporizer Kit here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.


  • Vapor enters into bag for easy inhalation
  • Low hassle, thanks to the fact it doesn’t require a hose
  • Super efficient way to smoke bud
  • Great for groups or solo


  • Costs quite a bit up front
  • Doesn’t travel well

Find more Volcano Vaporizer Kit information and reviews here.

6. Bonus Best Marijuana Vaporizer: Hydrology9 Vaporizer

best marijuana vaporizers


After this post was originally published, the team from Cloudious9 reached out to me. They had a new vape and they wanted me to review it, and potentially include it in this post. Let me just say….HOLY COW! This is truly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever smoked.Yes, it’s a bit bulky, but it’s totally worth the size and weight.

I’d call this a “portable bubbler” because it works very much like a portable bong–just add vaporizer. After charging this baby up, I was ready to go. There are five temperature settings, indicated by different color LED lights. I chose temperature three, as I like to start in the middle. My choice ended up being the right one, especially paired with a 50% filling of the water chamber. It was smooth, and it tasted like weed popcorn. Sounds gross, but it was super pleasant. My bud lasted far longer than I expected. Honestly, all-around great choice. Bravo, Cloudious9 team, and thank you so much, again.

Check out my full review here.

Price: $250

Buy the Hydrology9 Vaporizer here.


  • Really preserves your weed – a lot of bang for your bud buck
  • Portable bubbler allows you to vape a bong on-the-go
  • Charges quickly
  • Allows you to vape as you please, with five temperature settings


  • Cylindrical, so if it’s laid flat, it can roll off a table

Find more Hydrology9 Vaporizer information and reviews here.

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