Best Stoner Gifts for The Grown-Up Stoner: The Ultimate List (2019)

Looking for the most thoughtful stoner gifts? Think outside the bong. The stoner in your life probably already has a bong. And if they don’t, they probably know exactly what they’d want.

Choosing a bong for a stoner is sort of like buying jeans for your friend. You’d better be very close friends.

This list includes things the stoner in your life can enjoy while consuming pot (items they probably don’t already own), as well as items they’ll really enjoy once they’re already stoned.

To be a truly thoughtful gift-giver, think about why your loved one smokes so much pot in the first place. Do they suffer from insomnia? Anxiety? Do they simply crave relaxation or creative stimulation?

Read on to understand what products the stoner in your life will truly appreciate.

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21 Listed Items
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