15 Best Raw Rolling Papers for the Perfect Joint


If you’ve been around the weed world for any extended period of time, you know about Raw Authentic. Heck, even if you’re not a big toker, you’ve probably heard of the company before.

They’re available in practically every gas station and head shop in the country. As a general rule of thumb, Raw Authentic is considered one of the biggest names in the industry.

Raw rolling papers and cones are like a god-send. They’re a fantastic choice for both novices and cannabis connoisseurs because of the diversity in selection.

The papers range from unbleached, to natural, and even full organic. And, pretty much any paper type (i.e. cones, king-size, etc.) offers something in each category of rolling paper.

On top of that, Raw accessories are just as kick butt. If you’re a stoner, you’ve more than likely to have given rolling papers and cones a shot.

But, have you tried any of their rolling trays, rolling machines, or pokers? You should definitely consider any Raw Authentic product the next time you need to buy a weed accessory or pack of rolling papers.

This list is broken down into two sections: Raw rolling papers, and Raw accessories. Each section is set-up with the cheapest item in the first capsule, and the most-expensive one in the last.

So without further ado, here’s a list of all Raw rolling papers and accessories. Browse it to up your next smoking experience!

Raw Rolling Papers

You really can’t’ go wrong choosing a Raw rolling paper. There’s a reason they’re arguably the most well-known joint paper manufacturer out there. Here are the best types of rolling papers they produce.

1. Best Raw Rolling Paper: Organic King-Size

raw rolling paper


There are more than a few occasions in which a larger-than-usual rolling paper is necessary. Perhaps you’re having a few homies over and you want to rip a few Js.

Maybe you’re heading out on a hiking trip, and want to ensure you’re set. Whatever the reason, choosing a king-size rolling paper is to your advantage.

Since we’re talking Raw rolling papers, though, the Raw King Size Slim Organic Hemp Rolling Papers are where it’s at. You’ll receive four packs with 32-leaves each, for a total of 128-papers.

They’re made with pure hemp and have a pure hemp gum, as well. All-natural, no-additives, and 100% vegan…what more could you want in a Raw rolling paper?

Price: $4.80 for 128 Papers

Buy the Raw King Size Slim Organic Hemp Rolling Papers here.

2. Best Raw Rolling Paper: Classic

raw rolling paper


Raw rolling papers really don’t need an introduction. You already know how amazing they are, given that your first joint was probably rolled with one of them. If you haven’t personally tried to roll with Raw rolling papers, though, I highly recommend it.

My frustrations with rolling papers usually arise from the paper being too thin, or it needs an exact amount of spit. Too much spit and it un-rolls, too little spit and it won’t stick.

These babies fix most issues you have with rolling papers. Raw is already super well-known for creating rolling papers for the masses. Newbie, veteran, it makes no difference. Although, with almost any rolling experience, adding a filter tip is always a fantastic choice.

You really can’t go wrong with Raw rolling papers. The only thing you may be disappointed about is not purchasing enough up-front, to fuel your current joint kick.

Of course, Raw isn’t the be-all, end-all with regard to rolling papers. There are tons of others out there–peep this curated list.

Price: $5.25 (77 percent off MSRP) for 200 Papers

Buy the Raw Unrefined Classic 1.25″ Rolling Papers – 4 Packs here.

3. Best Raw Rolling Paper: King Size

raw rolling paper


It’s pretty safe to assume that any Raw rolling paper will rock your world. Just like the regular Raw rolling papers, these king-size behemoths are absolutely incredible.

There comes a time in your life where regular-size rolling papers just don’t do it anymore. Perhaps it’s because you constantly bring joints to hang out with the homies. Or maybe it’s because you are just a Grade A stoner. Either way, the king-size Raw rolling papers are about to be your new best friend.

These babies fit more than a typical rolling paper, ultimately reducing the amount of time you need to spend rolling. They come in packs of 32, for a total of 160 Raw rolling papers.

Just like the regular-size rolling papers, the king-size does extremely well with filter tips. Once you’ve rolled one up, you’ll have fewer burning throat hits, so you’ll cough far less. Let your inner-stoner out with the king-size Raw rolling papers.

Like king-size, but prefer blunts? Give this list a look, for inspiration.

Price: $5.46 (5 percent off MSRP) for 160 Papers

Buy the 5 booklets x RAW CLASSIC Rolling Paper King-Size Slim here.

4. Best Raw Rolling Paper: Organic Classic

raw rolling paper


We’ve already seen the classic Raw rolling paper. And there’s good reason that it’s considered the king of joint papers.

But, what if you could up the awesomeness even more? Did I hear someone say “organic”? The Raw Unrefined Organic 1.25″ Rolling Papers are an incredible choice.

Measuring 1.25-inches, they’re a standard-sized paper. Thanks to organic material, they’re made of pure hemp paper and natural hemp gum. With no additives, they’re an all-natural 100% organic rolling paper.

They’re ultra-thin and translucent–you can actually see what you’re smoking. The more precautions you take with your rolling papers, the happier your lungs will be.

Price: $7.35 for 300 Papers

Buy the Raw Unrefined Organic 1.25″ Rolling Papers here.

5. Best Raw Rolling Paper: Classic Cones

raw rolling paper


We’ve already gone over the merits of cones. They make your life as a stoner infinitely easier. Raw papers produces a pretty wide selection of rolling papers and pre-rolls.

As mentioned at the beginning of this piece, they range in organic and non-organic, to natural and unrefined. The first set of pre-rolls you encountered on this list was 1.25″ in-length and organic.

These babies are longer than the other cones, but skinnier. They’re not considered the king-size, though. These Raw rolling paper cones have the Raw logo on them, so you know you’re receiving the real deal.

They’re completely non-GMO, chlorine-free, and vegan-friendly. While they’re not considered organic, they’re still a much cleaner cone for your lungs than comparable brants.

Price: $8.99 for 20 Cones

Buy the RAW Classic Natural Unrefined Pre Rolled Cones here.

6. Best Raw Rolling Paper: Organic Cones

raw rolling paper


Just like pre-roll filter tips, pre-roll rolling papers are a life saver. They significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to roll a joint. Plus, you don’t have to lick the paper and potentially ruin your future J.

Raw cones allow you to grind up your bud, dump it, and scoop it into the top of the pre-roll. Once you’ve filled it to a level you’re satisfied with, you simply pinch the end and twist it off.

Little known fact: many dispensaries use pre-rolls for their joints. They’re clearly a more efficient choice for professionals–why not implement the same practice on your own? These Raw rolling paper cones are made of unrefined, organic material, making them a better choice for your lungs than other types of cones.

Plus, they’re vegan, so not to worry if you live that lifestyle. Pre-rolls make your life easier, and Raw cones are the best choice.

Pre-rolls are such an awesome choice, you may want to consider these other brands, too.

Price: $9.45 (27 percent off MSRP) for 32 Cones

Buy the RAW Organic Unrefined Pre-Rolled Cone 32 Pack (1.25″) here.

7. Best Raw Rolling Paper: Choose-Your-Own-Length

Raw rolling paper


Don’t get me wrong–having regular rolling papers on-hand is a necessity if you enjoy joints. Unfortunately, though, they do have a downside: You don’t get to choose your size.

Yeah, a 1.25-incher will probably do it, but what if you want an extra-large one…or a tiny little baby one? That’s where the Raw Organic Rolling Paper 5 Meter Rolls steps in.

These bad boys are literally just a roll of Raw rolling paper. They’re not pre-cut, so you can choose the exact length. You’ll receive four packs of 15-feet each, for a whopping 60-feet of papers–they measure 44mm wide (1.75″).

They’re a pure hemp paper, with a pure hemp gum. The hemp gum can be slightly less sticky than other gums, so be sure to run a lighter over the seal when you’re done rolling. Roll the perfectly-sized joint with these babies.

If you like customizing your smoking experience, consider these other flavored rolling papers.

Price: $9.48 for 60-Feet of Papers

Buy the Raw Organic Rolling Paper 5 Meter Rolls here.

8. Best Raw Rolling Paper: King Black

Raw rolling paper


There are downsides to every single method of intaking cannabis. Edibles affect everyone differently, and if you take too much or too little, you’re going to have a bad time. Vaporizers need to be charged. Bongs and rigs need to be cleaned on a regular basis. And joints can taste nasty because of the paper.

In order to mitigate that issue, go for the thinnest Raw rolling paper possible: RAW Black Natural Unrefined King Size Slim Rolling Papers.

If you’re a seasoned stoner, you know what a great strain tastes like…and how easily it can be ruined with the paper. These babies are the thinnest Raw rolling paper on the market–it’s so clear in the difference in taste.

They’re double-pressed, to create extra-fine leaves. And, they’re made with the purest natural gum. Once you’ve rolled that baby up, toss it into the provided doob tube, and you’ll be well on your way to stoney bliss.

Thin papers are where it’s at, have you checked out these clear rolling papers?

Price: $9.95 for 96 Papers

Buy the RAW Black Natural Unrefined King Size Slim Rolling Papers here.

9. Best Raw Rolling Paper: Bulk Cones

Raw rolling paper


Most stoners will experience an insane love for joints at some point in their smoking careers. After all, you feel accomplished when you can just whip out a J at any point.

But, some of us really suck at rolling, and still want to experience that awesomeness. That’s where cones come in…but not just any cones, bulk cones.

For under $90, you’ll receive a whopping 800 cones. They’re made of pure, unbleached hemp, and have an all-natural hemp gum to seal the pre-roll. Coming with filters, they measure 26mm (about an inch).

And if you’re worried about additives or use of animal products, don’t fear–they’re all-natural and entirely vegan. Always have a cone on-hand, with this bad boy.

Bulk cones are a god-send, but you might want to throw in some boujee in-between those Raw cones, give these gold rolling papers a try.

Price: $85.99 for 800 Cones

Buy the 900 Raw Organic Pre Rolled 1.25″ Cones here.

Raw Rolling Paper Accessories

By this point, it’s pretty clear that Raw is the king of rolling papers. But don’t assume their other accessories suffer from this success. Instead, Raw accessories are some of the most well-priced, useful cannaccessories on the market. Below you’ll find the best ones for your set-up.

Peep these other cannabis accessories for more ideas.

10. Best Raw Rolling Paper Accessory: Rolling Machine

raw rolling paper


With so much talk about Raw rolling papers, it’s important not to forget about the Raw rolling machine. A rolling machine is perfect for those who don’t want to use pre-rolls, but also aren’t adept enough at rolling a J on their own.

Rolling joints takes a lot of time and effort. If you have low fine-motor skills or are just too lazy to learn, then a rolling machine is definitely the solution for you.

This particular Raw rolling machine fits up to a king-size rolling paper. So, if you like to smoke fattie joints, you can easily do so with this bad boy. It’s a super simple set-up, with just four steps: insert the Raw paper, place filter tip at the end, add greens, and roll. It’s literally that straightforward.

Stop looking like a total dweeb with your un-smokeable joints and invest in a Raw rolling machine. You’ll thank me later.

Price: $3.54

Buy the Raw Hemp Plastic King Size 110mm Cigarette Rolling Machine here.

11. Best Raw Rolling Paper Accessory: Filter Tips

raw rolling paper

FireBrand International

As mentioned above, adding a filter tip when rolling with Raw rolling papers makes your smoking experience all the better. Filters are super important when it comes to smoking Js.

How many times has a homie rolled up, only to exclude a filter tip? You ultimately end up getting bits of green in your mouth, which, let’s be honest–that’s downright nasty.

Instead of puffing on a lumper-looking J, invest in Raw rolling tips. These babies come in small packs that can easily fit in your pocket, along with your handy-dandy rolling papers. Each packet comes with 50 tips, and you’ll receive 10 packs, totaling 500 filter tips for under $5.

Filter tips are a solid investment for your own rolling experiences, as well as when your buddy thinks a filter-less joint is the way to go. Stop the non-filter madness!

Price: $4.08 (49 percent off MSRP) for 500 Tips

Buy the Raw Rolling Papers Filter Tips Standard Size Vegan 10 Booklets here.

12. Best Raw Rolling Paper Accessory: Pre-Rolled Filter Tips

Raw rolling paper


“Wait a minute…didn’t you just put Raw filter tips earlier on this list?” Very astute observation! However, filter tips and pre-rolled filter tips are actually two different things. Anything with the term “pre-roll” in its name means it’s already been shaped to make your life easier.

Pre-roll tips have already been rolled–so you can just stick them in your joint. Filter tips that haven’t been pre-rolled, are flat and must be manually rolled like a regular rolling paper.

The advantage to pre-roll filter tips is they save you tons of time. You just plop it into your J, and you’re good to go. On the other hand, though, they take up more space than a small book of regular filter tips.

Evaluate whether you prefer to roll on-the-go, or roll at-home. This will help determine the best type of filter for your smoking habits. You’ll be thrilled you picked them up.

Price: $6.10 for 105 Pre-Rolled Tips

Buy the Raw Natural Unrefined Pre-Rolled Filter Tips 5 Pack here.

13. Best Raw Rolling Paper Accessory: Loader

raw rolling paper


One of the most annoying things about loading a bowl or rolling a J is the amount of bud that gets on your fingers. Sure, you could easily use a little piece of paper for a scoop, but you end up losing a bit of bud each time.

Having sticky bud is great…until you don’t get to smoke it all. That’s why investing in a loading tool is such an awesome option.

This loading tool comes with a poker. You may not think you need the additional accessory, but it comes in handy more often than you’d think. If you’re a big fan of smoking glass, especially bongs, in addition to rolling papers, a poker is a life saver.

Instead of trying to shove the corner of your lighter into the bowl, a poking tool will save the day. This little Raw rolling paper accessory kit will have you beaming in no time.

Price: $6.75

Buy the RAW Cone Loader With Card + Poking Tool here.

14. Best Raw Rolling Paper Accessory: Rolling Tray

raw rolling paper


No list would be complete with mention of a Raw rolling tray. Because the name is already so prominent in the cannabis community, Raw rolling trays pretty much sell themselves.

A rolling tray makes your life much easier, by collecting all the bits of bud that didn’t make it into your joint or bowl. Raw rolling trays come in all shapes and sizes to fit your smoking life.

This particular rolling tray is considered “full-size”. It’s about 13.25″ x 10.75″, so it’s large enough to hold your grinder and lighter, too. The rolling tray is made of a super durable, solid plastic.

Heck it’s so versatile you could eat a piece of pizza off of it after you’re done rolling…assuming you wash it well. Ok, maybe stay away from that–but it gives you a great idea of how large this rolling tray actually is. And, if you’re looking for something smaller, check out the small Raw rolling tray. You won’t be disappointed in any size you purchase.

Of course there are plenty of other rolling trays out there. Peep this list for more.

Price: $10

Buy the Raw Rolling Tray (Full Size) here.

15. Best Raw Rolling Paper Accessory: Rolling Kit

raw rolling paper


As you know by now, Raw makes the best rolling papers, filter tips, pre-rolls, trays, and more. Instead of purchasing everything individually, it would be prudent to your pocketbook to invest in a Raw rolling kit.

A rolling kit contains all of the best Raw rolling papers and accessories…for a fantastic price. If you’re looking to save a penny or two, the consider the Raw Rolling Tray Bundle.

This baby contains the following: A Mini Rolling tray, six packs of 1.25″ Raw rolling papers, a Raw 79 mm Roller, and a Laramie Tough Box Cigarette Case. If you purchased all of these individually you’d be spending far more than this under-$20 price tag.

This Raw rolling kit is perfect as a gift, or for someone who is just starting out in the world of Raw rolling papers. You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll get a taste of the awesome Raw life.

Want to live the cannabis life in luxury? Consider these high-end cannabis accessories, too.

Price: $16.49

Buy the Raw Rolling Tray Bundle here.

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