8 Best Weed Vaporizers: Your Buyer’s Guide (2019)

Best weed vaporizers

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You probably already know the benefits of weed vaporizers. Vaporizers heat cannabis at lower temperatures than traditional smoking methods, releasing fewer byproducts. Your lungs will thank you.

Bonus: You don’t need to spend a fortune. We’ve included vape pens as cheap as $30.

Time to light up — for your health.

What Are the Best Weed Vaporizers For Sale Now?

Pax best marijuana vaporizer
  • Compact, sleek design
  • Heats up quickly
  • Good for both dry herb and concentrates
Price: $199.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Rose Gold Pax Best Weed Vaporizer
  • Good for both dry herb and concentrates
  • Matte rose gold finish looks stylish
  • Heats and cools quickly
Price: $199.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Autloops Herb Best Weed Vaporizers Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Design resembles old-school tobacco pipe
  • LED digital temperature display
  • Large oven for packing dried herb
Price: $58.50 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Flowermate best weed vaporizer
  • Designed for both herb and concentrates
  • Heats up in under 30 seconds
  • Bong adapter makes vape fit onto bongs
Price: $174.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Flowermate best weed vaporizers
  • Works with flower and concentrates
  • Large ceramic chamber heats herb evenly
  • Lithium battery has long battery life
Price: $129.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Penguin portable best weed vaporizers Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable, for a dry herb vaporizer
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Includes temperature control and locking
Price: $43.79 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Nokiva best weed vaporizer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable
  • Works with dry herb (weed)
  • Ceramic chamber heats herb evenly
Price: $59.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
G Pen Vape Pen Best Marijuana Vaporizer
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use (press button for a hit)
  • Use with your favorite waxy concentrate
Price: $29.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Best for Busy Professionals: Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer

    Price: $199.00
    • Compact, sleek design provides discretion
    • Heats up quickly, with several temperature settings
    • Designed for use with both flower and concentrates
    • Comes with 10 year warranty
    • Can't use as-is with concentrates (you must buy concentrate-friendly insert separately)
    • Its mobile phone app makes you wonder: Should smoking pot really necessitate more screen time?
    • Expensive

    This model is perfect for the consumer who enjoys both traditional flower as well as cannabis concentrates. It’s also perfect for the high-tech stoner, because it comes with a mobile phone app to help you control the temperature.

    One of the settings you can select on your phone is “stealth mode,” which allegedly minimizes odor, by cooling down the device more quickly after your inhale. If you need to take a hit before walking into your meeting, this is the pen for you. (Bonus: You can pretend you’re taking notes on your phone, while you’re actually changing the settings on your vape pen.)

    This doesn’t mean you’re getting totally ripped before giving your Powerpoint presentation. (Or maybe you are. We’re not judging.) But today, many office employees are experimenting with “microdosing” THC at work, to help deal with the stress of their workday.

    Microdosing means consuming a “sub-perceptual” amount of a psychoactive substance. The term was initially coined for taking tiny amounts of psychedelic substances like LSD, but is now being applied to THC and CBD as well. People microdose to treat conditions like depression and anxiety, but they also microdose to heighten their creativity for their work. (This trend has received a widespread following among Silicon Valley tech workers.)

    The Pax 3 pen is perfect for the professional who’s microdosing cannabis at work.

    Pro tip: If you work in a stuffy office, just plug your Pax into your laptop, and pretend it’s a weird zip drive.

  2. 2. Best Weed Vaporizer for the Instagram Influencer: Pax 3 Vaporizer in Rose Gold

    Price: $199.00
    • Good for both dry herb and concentrates
    • Matte rose gold finish complements any complexion
    • Sleek, compact design
    • "Haptic feedback" means pen vibrates when ready/in use
    • Easy to load
    • Comes with 10 year warranty
    • Can't use with concentrates (unless you buy concentrate-friendly insert separately)
    • Bluetooth pairing won't help your phone addiction
    • Expensive

    Photogenic cannabis consumption is totally trending. This device looks so glamorous, it was practically made for Instagram. (Kind of like fairy lights and CBD bath bombs.)

    It doesn’t just look stylish. The Pax 3 is also known as the best portable vaporizer on the market.

    Unlike most vape pens, this model accommodates dry flower as well as cannabis concentrates. The Pax 3 is the new and improved version of the Pax 2, which was previously considered one of the best vaporizers on the market.

    You’ll need to download an app, so you can control your Pax vaporizer from your phone. The app uses Bluetooth technology to connect your phone to your vape. Now you can adjust your vaporizing temperature while scrolling through your feed. (Thank goodness.)

    This isn’t the only cannabis product to gain popularity by adding gold, whether as marketing or an actual material. Another company recently released rolling papers made with pieces of 24 Karat gold. (Naturally, these gold rolling papers are popular with Instagram influencers.) 

    Here’s the best part: You don’t need to be an influencer to enjoy this vaporizer. With five temperature settings, a long battery life, and a versatile design, this is one of the best weed vaporizers you can buy.

  3. 3. Best High-Tech Vaporizer Masquerading as a Tobacco Pipe: Autloops Relova Vaporizer

    • Design resembles old-school tobacco pipe
    • Affordable
    • Free shipping with Amazon Prime
    • Option for cool wood finish
    • Short battery life
    • Plastic mouthpiece known to fall off repeatedly
    • No warranty

    This is a unique device. It is shaped like an old-school tobacco smoking pipe, yet instead of the bowl for tobacco, there’s a chamber for placing your dried herb. It’s a large chamber, so you can pack enough for 8-10 hits. If you’re want to puff on a pipe, think deep thoughts, and pretend you’re Ernest Hemingway — but you don’t want to kill your lungs — this product is perfect for you.

    Where Hemingway would light his tobacco, you’ll instead be gazing at a digital LED temperature display, where you can adjust the temperature for optimal vaporization.

    Some users have complained about short battery life. Battery problems are common among lower-range vaporizers, and it sounds like this pipe-shaped vape is no exception. If you want a longer-lasting vaporizer, you may have to spend more than $65.

    Other users have complained about the mouthpiece. Apparently, it is not sturdily affixed to the rest of the pipe. If you mostly plan on using this pipe for smoking at home by the fire, while pondering your existence, this probably won’t be much of a problem.

    This just isn’t the best vaporizer for travel. (Which is too bad, because you’d probably look great puffing on this during some retro train travel adventure.)

    Other users wish the mouthpiece was longer, because it can get hot. But if you’re going for that loner-poet aesthetic, with just a puff here and there, this could be perfect for you.

  4. 4. Best for the Serious Vaporizer Devotee: FlowerMate UNO Vaporizer

    Price: $174.00
    • Designed to vaporize both herb and concentrates
    • Heats up in under 30 seconds
    • "Haptic feeback" means it vibrates when ready
    • Long battery life
    • Portable
    • Charging dock, as well as USB cable, to charge battery (Extra hardware to hang onto)
    • Larger than some portable vaporizers
    • Expensive

    We’ve all been there: Your buddy wants to smoke out of a bong, but you want to smoke out of a vaporizer. Don’t worry. With this model, you can attach your vaporizer directly to the bong. You can still pack the vaporizer, and vape your herb, but you’ll also get the water filtration (and fun bubbling noise) for which bongs are renowned. Consider your toking dispute resolved, as you enjoy a futuristic vape-bong hit. 

    This conundrum actually isn’t unlikely, among health-conscious daily tokers. Maybe you and your friends disagree about the healthiest way to smoke cannabis. Some experts believe that vaporizing is best for your lungs (because the lower temperatures eliminate the byproducts of combustion). Others say the combustion byproducts (like tar and ash) are effectively filtered by water in a bong or bubbler hit. (Experts disagree about how much filtration your bong water provides, but they agree that filtration definitely occurs. That’s why your bong water turns brown, and needs to be replaced between bowl packs.)

    The FlowerMate UNO Vaporizer comes with a bong adapter, which fits 10mm, 14.5mm and 18.8mm joint size. That means it will form an airtight seal with basically any modern bong. (The bong adapter works with all the standard joint sizes.) Instead of packing your cannabis into a bowl, you pack the FlowerMate UNO, and attach it to the bong.

    You can also digitally adjust it to your preferred temperature. You may want to experiment to find your ideal temperature. Using the OLED digital display, you can explore any temp within 140°F – 446°F. You may find that your preferred vaping temp is different for concentrates — which this model also accommodates. (It comes with a separate pad for concentrates, so you’re future flower packs won’t be all gunked up with concentrate residue.)

    These features make the UNO perfect for consistent, daily tokers. The manufacturer took the serious stoner’s needs seriously.

    For example, we’ve all been there: You’re backpacking, far from electric outlets or charging stations. (And you’re in a fire zone, so you only packed a vaporizer, instead of any joints  — you’re a diligent, fire-conscious camper.) But then your vaporizer battery dies.)

    Luckily, with this model, you can order an extra battery, and keep a fully-charged backup battery in your backpack. When one battery dies, just replace it with your spare battery. Crisis averted. 




  5. 5. Best Portable Vaporizer for Cannabis Flower: FlowerMate V5 Nano Vaporizer

    Price: $129.00
    • Great for vaporizing dried herb
    • Large ceramic oven chamber heats evenly
    • Interchangeable capsules for concentrates and flower
    • Digital temperature display for fine-tuning
    • Lithium battery charges quickly and has long battery life
    • Easy to clean with included maintenance kit
    • One year warranty
    • Bulkier than some portable vaporizers
    • Somewhat expensive
    • Must switch out capsules when you want to smoke concentrates

    This handheld vaporizer can accommodate concentrates as well as flower, but FlowerMate’s devices are best known, as the name suggests, for vaporizing flower. They aren’t as slim and compact as some vape pens (which contain oil or wax in a small chamber or cartridge), because they include a large “oven” chamber, which you pack with dry herb. The ceramic chamber heats evenly, so you don’t need to stir it.

    This model boasts a tight lid, and there’s no leakage of vapor. Customers claim this makes their cannabis supplies go further.

    The digital temperature gauge allows you to fine-tune your preferred temp, on your quest for maximum flavor. The long-life battery allows for 6-10 seshes between recharging. Plus, if your battery runs out on the road, you can just swap it out for a spare battery. (You can recharge your lithium battery on the included rapid-charge cable.)

    If you want to smoke concentrates, you switch out the chamber for the concentrate-friendly capsule, which is included. You also get a magnetic loading cap, which helps you load your vaporizer chamber without spilling anything.

    This company provides fast shipping and great customer service. It includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Most customers find that these devices are built to last.

  6. 6. Best Portable Herb Vaporizer For the Consumer on a Budget: Penguin Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

    • Affordable, for a dry herb vaporizer
    • Sleek and compact design (inspired by shape of penguins)
    • Includes temperature control and locking feature (so it won't turn on by accident)
    • Automatic shut-off feature after 30 seconds of heating
    • One year warranty
    • Some complaints about battery life
    • May stop working after a while
    • May be some defective units out there (but there's a warranty!)

    Most hand-held units designed to vaporize dry herb will run you upwards of $100, but this compact model only costs $50. It may not work quite as well as the FlowerMate Nano vaporizer listed above, but you can get it for half the price — with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime!

    It probably won’t last as long. Most cheaper vaporizers end up having battery problems (the battery inexplicably stops charging at some point), and that seems to be a recurring complaint with this model. However, the Penguin comes with a one-year warranty, so you may be able to get a replacement if this happens to you.

    It probably won’t fit as much herb in the chamber, but thanks to its smaller chamber, it has a sleek, compact design. Some might say it looks like a penguin.

    This heats up quickly, and when it’s ready, you’ll see a blue light turn on. For $50, this vaporizer includes some high-tech features. There’s a temperature control with a “memory function,” so it automatically heats to your most recent selected temperature. It won’t turn on in your pocket by accident, if you remember to activate the locking feature by holding down the button for 1.5 seconds.  An automatic shut-off system prevents burning: After 30 seconds of heating, the vaporizer turns itself off. 

  7. 7. Best Cheap Portable Weed Vaporizer: NOKIVA Vaporizer

    • Affordable
    • Works with dry herb (weed)
    • Ceramic chamber heats herb evenly
    • Many temperature settings (Feel free to geek out)
    • LED display shows when battery getting low
    • Does not appear to work with concentrates
    • May experience battery-life problems
    • Not built to last forever; may break easily
    • Some reports of slow shipping and poor communication from seller
    • Can't pack more than a couple hits at once in chamber

    This is a great price on a portable vaporizer that works with bud.

    This device does not appear to work with concentrates, like oils or wax. The product information is slightly unclear, like most vaporizers sold on Amazon. (Cannabis is still federally illegal, so major online retailers like Amazon will often try to steer clear of cannabis-related products.) That’s why you have to be careful when buying cheap vaporizers on Amazon.

    And apparently, you’ve got to be creative when selling them. This product is currently listed on Amazon as “Outdoor Char Broil Cooking Gloves.” But it is evident from all the photos and many customer reviews that it is a weed vaporizer.

    But according to our research, this model should work just fine. For a while, at least. Most cheap vaporizers stop charging after a few months, depending on usage rates. 

    The product comes with a one-year warranty, but getting your refund from the seller may be a major hassle.

    You also can’t pack much herb into the chamber at one time. But if you like to microdose weed (take a puff or two at a time, and barely get stoned), this vaporizer could be perfect for you.

    The chamber is ceramic, which means the product gets heated evenly. Thanks to an LED display, you can set your specific preferred temperature, from among 135 varying temperatures. That’s quite a bit of sophistication for under 40 bucks. The display also shows when your battery is getting low.

    This isn’t the highest quality vaporizer on the market. But if you want to try vaporizing weed, without spending over a hundred bucks on a new device, this could be perfect for you. 

  8. 8. Best When You’re On a Tight Budget: G Slim Wax Vaporizer Pen

    Price: $29.00
    • Portable and lightweight
    • Comes with USB charger (If you misplace the charger, you probably have other USBs laying around)
    • Works with waxy concentrates
    • You can use with your favorite wax (unlike vape pens that only work with pre-filled cartridges)
    • Can get gunked up with wax between uses
    • One temperature setting
    • Not designed for use with traditional dried flower
    • No locking feature (could turn on in your pocket)

    This model is light on both your pocket and your pocketbook. This is a “vape pen,” which differs from a home vaporizer unit by being so small and portable. (Also, it looks like a pen.)

    Like many vape pens, this can only be used with concentrates. But unlike cartridge vape pens, you can purchase your own preferred concentrate. This can be preferable to vape pens that come with THC cartridges.

    With loadable pens like this, you get to choose your own wax and oil, instead of trusting a cartridge manufacturer. But loading and re-loading your pen can get messy. After a while, you’ll probably need to use rubbing alcohol to clean this, so it doesn’t get stuck together. (The wax can harden into a big solid mess.)

    Lower-price pens tend to start having problems with their batteries after moderate use. But this one comes with a one-year warranty.

    For the price, this is a great way to start vaporizing cannabis concentrates while you’re on the go.

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