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7 Best Cheap Dab Rigs: Your Buyer’s Guide

cheap dab rig


There’s nothing wrong with buying a cheap dab rig. We’ve included seven great options below.

But beware: Cheap oil rigs come with glass dab nails, which are likely to break. That’s why we’ve included joint sizes for each dab rig listed below — so you can order the best dab nail for your new rig.

What Are the Best Cheap Dab Rigs Available Now?

Cheap dab rig with recycler
  • Recycler design for added filtration
  • Dome over nail makes dabs more efficient
  • Made for smoking flower as well as dabs
Price: $34.30 Shop now at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
cheap dab rig with beaker base
  • Beaker base holds more water
  • Beaker shape adds stability
  • Drum percolator adds filtration
Price: $39.99 Shop now at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
cheap dab rig with drum perc
  • Drum percolator provides smoother dabs
  • Quality borosilicate glass
  • Bent mouthpiece for more laid-back tokes
Price: $41.99 Shop now at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Cheap dab rig with glass eye Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Wide base for stability
  • Bent neck for ergonomic toking
  • Artistic glass eye design
Price: $26.60 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Cheap dab rig with two chambers Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Some level of percolation
  • Bent-neck for ergonomic toking
  • Artistic design
Price: $25.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
cheap dab rig looks like starbucks cup Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Made to be mistaken for a to-go beverage cup
  • Extremely affordable
  • Easy to replace included glass nail with better quality dab nail
Price: $22.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Best with Recycler Design for Added Filtration: Grace Glass Recycler Vapor Bubbler

    • Recycler design for added filtration
    • Dome over nail makes it more efficient
    • Made by reputable glass company
    • Made for smoking flower as well as dabs
    • Comes with glass nail (instead of quartz or titanium), like most cheap dab rigs
    • Glass nail may break under extreme temperatures
    • You may want to replace the nail with a higher-quality nail or banger

    The 6-inch vapor bubbler provides a lot of functionality at a low cost. It comes with a regular bowl that fits on the joint, so you can switch attachments when you want to smoke traditional bud.

    For dabbing, it includes a vapor dome with a nail. Nails with domes tend to be more efficient and make your concentrates go further. The dome helps contain the vapor when you dab, and feed it into the dab rig.

    The recycler design means that water circulates through multiple chambers while you inhale. As it returns through those tubes attaching the chambers, any residue generated by combustion (like ash or tar) will get stuck to the walls. (It also creates a swirling visual effect!)

    This added filtration means it may get dirty — and it looks difficult to clean. However, most of that residue will get trapped in the colored glass section. (They thought of everything!)

    This piece also features a bent neck and flared mouthpiece for ergonomic toking. This is the perfect dab rig for the consumer who wants smooth, filtered dabs, but doesn’t want to spend much.

    Of course, you’ll want to replace the glass nail with something that can withstand the high heat of your dab torch. Luckily, this model comes with a 14.5mm joint, which is the most common size. You can easily order a quart banger or titanium nail separately, and it will fit this wax rig perfectly. 

  2. 2. Best Dab Rig with Beaker Base: Glasscity Beaker Dab Rig with Drum Perc

    • Beaker base holds more water
    • Beaker shape adds stability
    • Drum percolator adds filtration
    • Bent neck and flared mouthpiece for laid-back toking
    • Glass banger fits 14.5mm joint (the most common size), so it will be easy to replace
    • Like most cheap dab rigs, the banger (nail) is made of glass
    • Glass nails and bangers are likely to crack under extreme heat
    • You'll probably end up buying a quartz or titanium nail separately

    Beakers: They’re not just for scientists anymore. Everyone loves a good beaker design. When it comes to smoking through beaker-shaped glass, you tend to get a cooler and more filtered hit. That’s because the wider base provides room for more water volume. (So there’s more water to cool and filter your smoke, before it reaches your lungs.)

    Plus, the beaker design provides a wider base. You’re less likely to tip it over. Although, after five dabs, all bets are off.

    The drum percolator helps filter your hit, by breaking up your smoke into smaller bubbles. These bubbles mean your smoke has more surface area to get filtered by the water.

    At 7 inches tall, this dab rig is perfect for passing with your friends. The bent mouthpiece makes it easier to hit while reclining. (Again, after five dabs, this could become a critical feature.)

    Like most cheap dab rigs, this comes with a glass nail. This model has a “banger nail,” which means it’s shaped more like a bucket than a nail, but it’s still made of glass. Glass can’t withstand the temperature changes exerted by many dabbers. Especially if the nail has reached cool temperatures before you start heating it with your butane torch. The nail is likely to crack. This one is designed for a 14.5mm joint, which is the most common size, so it will be really easy to order your quartz banger or titanium nail separately. Happy shopping — and happy dabbing!

  3. 3. Best with Drum Percolator: Glasscity Dab Rig with Drum Perc

    • Drum percolator for added filtration
    • Filters vapor for smoother dabs
    • Bent mouthpiece for more laid-back tokes
    • Quality borosilicate glass
    • Reputable manufacturer
    • Glass banger (like most cheaper dab rigs)
    • May want to buy quartz banger separately
    • Difficult to clean

    For an affordable price, this dab rig includes a drum percolator, which disperses your smoke into tiny bubbles to maximize filtration. 

  4. 4. Best Budget-Friendly Dab Rig With a Trippy Design: 6.5 Inch Dab Rig With Glass Eye Design

    • Wide base for stability
    • Bent neck for ergonomic toking
    • Artistic glass eye design
    • May arrive broken (but the company will replace it)
    • Glass nail that comes with it may break (you'll want to buy titanium or quartz nail separately)
    • Slow shipping
    • Eye design may be different color than pictured

    Your third eye, according to some Eastern philosophies, is invisibly located on your forehead, allowing you to look inwards. Now you can have your third eye on your dab rig.

    If this eye is looking inwards, it will see clouds of dab vapor. It would embrace that, at 6.5 inches tall, it’s the perfect height for passing. It might experience feelings of inadequacy when it realizes that its banger nail is made of glass, instead of quartz or titanium. It might start to feel fragile. Because it is.

    But this is true of all cheap dab rigs: the glass nail is likely to crack when you’re heating it with your dab torch. It could be difficult to order the correct size replacement (in a superior material.) Because the product listing does not say what size joint your replacement nail would need to fit. One reviewer suggested that it was a 10mm joint. You could order a “universal nail,” which will fit joints of any size.

    It’s too bad the seller doesn’t specify the joint size, but then again, many Amazon sellers are intentionally vague about their cannabis-related products. (Cannabis is still federally illegal.)

    In fact, on Amazon, this dab rig is categorized under “Eye Drops, Lubricants & Washes.” Please don’t try to lubricate your eyes with this product. (Except maybe your third eye.) It is a dab rig. And, according to Amazon customers, it works just great for taking powerful, smooth dabs, and it’s a hell of a deal for the price.

    You’ll just have to be patient during the shipping, which could take up to a month. And then you’ll have to be patient again, if it arrives broken, and you have to wait for the seller to ship you a new one. (Although it sounds like this is happening less frequently, now that they’ve improved their packaging process.)

    Still, if you want an affordable wax rig (or you’re really into third-eye-related philosophy), this is about as cheap as it gets. 

  5. 5. Best Budget-Friendly Dab Rig with Multiple Chambers: Elegant 2-Chamber Dab Rig

    • Affordable
    • Some level of percolation
    • Bent-neck for ergonomic toking
    • Glass banger is flimsy
    • You'll need to buy quartz banger separately
    • May be difficult to clean
    • Looks likely to tip over and break

    If you dab enough high-potency concentrates, this oil rig could start to look like a teacup character from a Disney movie, with its hand on its hip. This slender, looping design could also make it fragile, so be careful with this glass rig. The seller says it’s made from 3-5 mm glass, but it still looks fragile — and pretty likely to get knocked over.

    It’s packaged in tons of bubble wrap, so it’s likely to reach you fully intact. But then it’s up to you.

    However, for such a low price, if your home isn’t too rambunctious, this could be the perfect budget oil rig for you. Especially if you love elegant glass decor — this pipe will fit right in with your home aesthetic.

    Of course, the part that’s most likely to break is the glass dab nail. Glass is not an optimal material for dab nails. They are not built to withstand the rapid heating that occurs when you heat your nail with a dab torch.

    When the nail breaks, you’ll have to buy your banger or nail separately. That’s no problem — the seller specifies the joint size in the product description. (In fact, that’s the only information they provide in the product description, perhaps assuming that everyone will buy their own titanium nail or quartz banger.) The joint size is 14.5mm, which is the most common size, so you’ll have no problem finding a replacement dab nail for this dab rig.

  6. 6. Best for Disguising As a Beverage: 8.5-Inch Glass Dab Rig

    • Made to be mistaken for a to-go drink
    • Extremely affordable
    • Looks more stable than some dab rigs
    • Easy to replace included glass nail with superior nail (or banger)
    • You'll probably want a new dab nail (Look for 14mm nails or bangers to fit this joint!)
    • The shipping could take weeks
    • Incredibly low price makes you wonder about labor conditions at the factory

    This affordable dab rig stands out as one of the quirkiest dabbing devices around. And perhaps, depending on the situation (and your acting skills), the most discrete.

    It’s marketed as a portable dab rig, because you can stroll into the office while carrying your rig in one hand, cell phone in the other. Try to look busy. And important. Like you’re definitely not going to be doing dabs in your cubicle later.

    And while it may be the cheapest and sneakiest model around, it’s not the most likely to get tipped over. Unless you find yourself frequently knocking over Starbucks cups.

    You’ll probably want to buy your own dab nail, like with all the budget-friendly dab rigs for sale on this list. Most customers recommend replacing the included nail with a banger immediately. 

    Whether you choose a quartz banger, or you prefer ceramic or titanium nails, make sure the nail you choose is a 14mm female joint. That should be easy — there are plenty of quartz and titanium dab nails out there that fit 14mm male joints like the one on this rig.

    And you’ll have plenty of time to order one, because this quirky portable dab rig can take several weeks to arrive.