5 Best Honeycomb Bongs: Your Easy Buying Guide (2019)

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Looking for a honeycomb bong? You should be, if you want the smoothest tokes possible: Honeycomb bongs are considered the best type of percolator bong.

When you inhale, a honeycomb percolator disperses your smoke into tiny bubbles. This maximizes the filtration happening in your bong water. Read on for the best honeycomb percolator bongs online.

What Are the Best Honeycomb Bongs Available Now?

  • Channeling the rapper and stoner icon
  • Layback design great for reclining users
  • Works for both dried herb and concentrates
Price: $131.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Triple honeycomb bong
  • Three honeycomb percs for max filtration
  • Nice height for passing (16 inches)
  • Includes splash guard, ice notches
Price: $168.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
icebong honeycomb bong
  • Two feet tall
  • Honeycomb perc plus 2 tree percolators
  • Ice notches, room for several ice cubes
Price: $142.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
WS honeycomb bong
  • Elegant glass artistry
  • For use with both herb & concentrates
  • Includes vapor dome, nail and bowl
Price: $89.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Triple honeycomb bong with glycerin coil
  • Three honeycomb percolators
  • Glycerin coil cools smoke without ice
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning/transport
Price: $119.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Best for the Ultra-Laid-Back Snoop Dogg Fan: Snoop Dogg Pounds Battleship Herb and Concentrate Bong

    Price: $131.00
    • Supporting the rapper and stoner icon, Snoop himself
    • Works for both dried herb and concentrates
    • Literally a laid-back design (meant for reclining users)
    • Great gift: Comes in Snoop-themed box
    • Includes quartz bucket attachment for large, clean dabs
    • No room for ice cubes
    • Somewhat expensive
    • Sensible height (12.5 in.) may not highlight your love of Snoop enough

    Is anyone out there *not* a Snoop Dogg fan? For decades, he’s been spreading his own message of peace and love drenched in THC. Now he has a cooking show with Martha Stewart, the 71-year-old lifestyle guru who calls Snoop a true friend.

    This bong, in true Snoop Dogg fashion, features a layback design that’s perfect for the reclining user. Whether you’re fully laid back, with your mind on your money and your money on your mind, is up to you.

    Snoop, for his part, would probably have his mind on his money *and* his money on his mind, considering the rapper has invested millions in cannabis-related businesses. He has also partnered with one of the largest cannabis producers in the world, to produce his own branded cannabis, Leafs by Snoop. His fund invests in cannabis start-ups like Miss Grass, a cannabis lifestyle site for women.

    The Battleship bong was released by Snoop’s glass brand, “Pounds” (named for the rapper’s weekly order of cannabis for personal use).

    This model contains a perforated honeycomb disc, breaking the smoke into bubbles in-between two tornado percolator discs. These three percolator discs work together to break up the smoke and filter it, and also create a hypnotic visual, swirling the smoke as you inhale.

    One possible drawback to this bong is that that you can’t chill your smoke in the traditional stoner method: adding ice cubes to a bong. (The bent-neck design has no room for ice.)

    But you wouldn’t want to use ice cubes when you’re dabbing anyway, and this bong doubles as a dab rig. (Most concentrate dabbers don’t use ice cubes, because they chill dabs too quickly, condensing vapor out of your hit and gunking up your rig.) This bong comes with a quartz bucket, which is among the headiest materials with which to vaporize your concentrates. Snoop knows what’s up.

    Plus, these hits are chilled by the bong’s Snoop vibes, so even when you’re smoking OG flower, you probably don’t need ice cubes. (And the ice cubes are probably all in the gin and juice anyway.)*

    *Last lyrical reference in this post. Promise.

  2. 2. Best For the Honeycomb Fanatic: Tsunami Ice Bong with Triple HoneyComb Heart

    Price: $168.00
    • Three honeycomb percolators maximize filtration
    • Includes a splash guard to make sure no bong water gets in your mouth
    • 16-inch height is ideal for passing with friends
    • Glassblowing technique for textured glass (for aesthetics and grip)
    • Designed to accomodate ice cubes
    • Quality thick borosilicate glass
    • Straight tube design isn't designed for use while reclining
    • Somewhat expensive
    • Not designed for use with concentrates

    This 16-inch bong includes three stacked honeycomb discs. Each one disperses the smoke into tiny bubbles, maximizing the surface area of your hit that gets filtered and cooled by the water. This model also features a splash guard, and ice notches.

    Tsunami Glass is headquartered in Michigan, and they provide great customer service. At 16 inches tall, this bong manages to incorporate all these features — three honeycomb percolator discs, a splash guard, and plenty of room for ice — without being unwieldy.

    Tsunami Glass pieces are known for craftsmanship and original designs. This bong lives up to the hype. And at checkout, you can choose color for the accents on the rim and foot.

  3. 3. Best Honeycomb Bong for Maximum Percolation: Icebong with Honeycomb Plus Two Tree Percolators

    Price: $142.00
    • Well-filtered hits thanks to a glass honeycomb perc plus two tree percs, each with 10 arms
    • Quality 5 mm borosilicate glass
    • Glass beads at top of neck provide artistic finish plus easy gripping
    • Makes huge hits smooth thanks to all the percolators
    • Its size (2 ft tall) make it hard to hit comfortably by yourself, hard to pass
    • Intimidating to new users
    • Hard to clean
    • Heavy

    This monster bong provides plenty of percolation, thanks to the honeycomb perc plus two tree percolators stacked above it. After the smoke is broken into tiny bubbles by the honeycomb, the two tree percolators separate the smoke further, each tree dividing the hit between its ten branches.

    Then you can make your monster hits even smoother, by adding ice cubes to the top of the bong, above the ice notches.

    This bong may be hard to clean, with its several chambers and attached downstem. It’s also designed for use with flower, not concentrates. (It doesn’t come with any dabbing attachments.)

    But at two feet tall, it will make its presence known. This bong is a fan favorite, with plenty of glowing reviews from satisfied bong customers. One customer likened using this bong to a “religious experience.” 

    “Some people fall in love with other people,” the reviewer wrote. “I fell in love with this bong. Standing at a glorious two feet, this cannon […] is sure to grab the attention of everyone in the room. Some locals can only handle a single hit. This will change your life, as well as everyone who’s gaze falls upon it.”

    You, too, may feel compelled to wax Shakespearean about this bong.

    “The bards will sing of it,” the Grasscity reviewer concludes.

    This mammoth bong is pretty heavy and unwieldy, but if you want your bong to be the legendary center of attention in your home, it could be the high-drama statement piece you’ve been looking for.

  4. 4. Best Honeycomb Bong that Doubles as Artistic Home Decor: WS Ring of Fire Vapor Bong

    Price: $89.00
    • Could be disguised as an artsy glass vase
    • Honeycomb percolator for filtration
    • Swirls smoke through donut shape, creating cool visuals
    • Can't be used with ice cubes
    • Looks fragile
    • Looks hard to clean

    This bong would look great on a mid-century coffee table with fresh flowers on it. It’s designed for those who like to take both dabs and traditional flower hits out of one sleek device.

    If you live and move around your home with quiet, non-accident-prone grace, this bong could be perfect for you. (Otherwise, maybe you should try to keep in on an upper shelf.) It’s made from quality borosilicate glass, but the glass is only 3.2 mm thick, while most bongs are 4-5 mm thick. Combined with the delicate artistry of intersecting glass tubes, this looks like it’s asking to get broken, if it gets knocked off its reinforced circular foot.

    This bong is made by Weed Star, a glass company founded by a quirky glass artist known for consistently wearing a wig. He’s also known for advancing the science of percolators. This model features a Honeycomb percolator, but the smoke is further separated as it gets pulled through the donut shape glass. This also creates fun visuals to an already visually-appealing glass pipe.

    This looks like a challenge to clean, but if you keep the bong clean by often shaking it with salt and cleaning solution, you can probably keep it sparkling on your coffee table. Just be careful not to break it.


  5. 5. Best Honeycomb Bong for Sub-Zero Tokes, No Ice Cubes Necessary: Glasscity Triple HoneyComb Perc Bong with Glycerin Coil

    Price: $119.00
    • Three honeycomb percolators provide filtration
    • Glycerin coil cools smoke without ice (no melted mess if left unattended)
    • Disassembles for easy cleaning/transport
    • Must use included plastic clip to keep glass pieces together
    • Not meant for use with concentrates
    • Must remember to put glycerin coil in freezer in advance

    Do you ever forget about the melting ice cubes in your bong, and end up with a gross puddle on your table — or worse, on your carpet? Classic stoner problem. Enter glycerin coils. These are a relatively recent innovation in bong science. You put the glycerin coil (which, in this case, has an integrated glass mouthpiece) in your fridge, about an hour before you plan on enjoying your super-chilled bong hits.

    This does require some foresight, so if you only enjoy spontaneous bong sessions, this may not be for you. But if you cool your glycerin coil, the non-toxic, temperature-safe coil will stay cold for a couple hours — and you won’t have to deal with replacing any ice cubes.

    The only downside to glycerin coils is that they’re not intended for use with concentrates. (They cool the vapor too quickly, causing matter to precipitate out of your hit, gunking up the coil and removing flavors and cannabinoids from your hit.)

    This bong can be easily disassembled into two separate pieces, making it easier to transport and clean. It comes with a plastic keck clip to keep the pieces together.

If you're looking for honeycomb percolator bongs, you're clearly an advanced consumer who knows a thing or two about filtration. You don't need to visit a headshop to find the best bong, and you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to get the best honeycomb filtration.

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