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14 Best Black Friday Weed Deals (2019)

Black Friday? More like Green Friday. Today, cannabis is celebrated at the holidays. And with these Black Friday weed deals, you can save on everything from bongs to dab rigs and more.

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What is Green Friday?

Green Friday is Black Friday, but for cannabis enthusiasts.

It falls on the same day as Black Friday (this Friday, November 29, 2019). But it's all about huge savings on cannabis & CBD products, bongs, dab rigs, and more.

Interested? Us too. Cannabis products and tools are expensive. Stoners need to save money where we can.

Where can I find Black Friday weed deals?

If you're looking for awesome deals on bongs, dab rigs and more, use our guide to score the most epic deals on glass.

But to buy actual weed with Black Friday discounts, you'll have to visit a dispensary.

Okay. What are the best dispensary Black Friday deals?

If you're up for it, here's a great guide to state-by-state Green Friday dispensary deals. (Full disclosure: I used to write articles for that website, Leafbuyer.com, but I have no relationship with them currently.)

But if you'd rather stay glued to the couch, in various stages of a food coma, we get it.

If you're in California, you can order gourmet cannabis-infused chocolates to your door, with 35% off now through Black Friday!

If you're in any other state, you probably can't get Green Friday weed delivered to your door. Still — you don't want to miss out on incredible weed deals.

That's where we come in. Use this authoritative guide to discover the best Black Friday deals on bongs, dab rigs, and more.

Or, if you're looking for gigantic savings on CBD oil, check out our guide to the best Black Friday CBD Deals. (Bonus: Free Shipping!)

How is Green Friday different from Black Friday 2019?

The term "Green Friday" entered the cannabis industry lexicon by 2016, when marijuana blog Leafbuyer.com circulated a list of Green Friday deals.

(Full disclosure: I used to write articles for Leafbuyer, but I actually didn't know about their role in the "inaugural Green Friday" before coming across this 2016 press release just now.)

Can you find great prices on Black Friday bong deals?

Absolutely! If you've been thinking about getting a new bong, Black Friday is the perfect day to buy one online. We've included several of the best bongs available right now in our roundup above. As you can see, Black Friday means huge savings on bongs and bubblers.

We've included bongs from top glass brands, including Tsunami Glass, Snoop Dogg Pounds, Blaze Glass, Black Leaf, Glasscity, Cheech & Chong's "Up in Smoke" Collection, and more.

We've scoured customer reviews and videos to provide you with an honest assessment of the best bongs available right now.

How do you choose which bongs to include?

We only included heavily-discounted bongs, so you can take advantage of Black Friday savings. We also only include brands that use high-quality borosilicate glass.

We did include some cheap bongs and other glass pieces, in case you're on a tight budget. Affordable bongs can still deliver excellent filtration and smooth tokes.

What's the best kind of bong to buy on Black Friday 2019?

The best bongs offer the most filtration, so you can enjoy smoother hits. That's why we always recommend percolator bongs and ice bongs.

What's the big deal about bongs, anyway?

Bongs are a staple of stoner culture. The critical perk of bongs is that they filter your smoke through water. The bongs water filters out contaminants, delivering a cleaner hit to your lungs.

And bongs aren't just for dorm rooms: Glass bongs can be as sophisticated as a wine lover’s crystal decanter. Some cannabis consumers become so attached to their bong, they even give it a nickname, like a beloved pet. (Has any wine lover ever named their glassware?)

Whether you’re shopping for your first bong, or looking to diversify your glass collection, you probably know that bongs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.

Most connoisseurs prefer glass bongs to silicone or plastic pieces.

Glass bongs are translucent (so you can see how much smoke you’re preparing to inhale), and relatively easy to clean. They can also make for interesting home decor.

Water bongs are renowned for delivering monster hits, and sometimes — especially for first-time tokers — unpleasant coughing fits. This has spawned sayings, like “You have to cough to get off.” But this is untrue.

In fact, smoking is far more enjoyable when you don’t have a coughing fit.

That’s why we included so many percolator bongs. And it's why our bong reviews focus so heavily on the features that increase filtration.

The design of the percolator bong diffuses the smoke, so more surface area comes into contact with the water. The water cools down the smoke, making for a smoother inhale. It also filters the smoke, making it healthier for your lungs.

What do the experts say about bong technology in 2019?

“Burning cannabis produces a smoke stream,” Leafly explains, “that contains all the things you want — activated THC, CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes — and a lot of things you don’t, like hot smoke, tar, and fine particulate matter, a.k.a. ash.”

The water filters the ash and tar out of your toke. Experts disagree, according to Leafly, about how much helpful filtration bongs actually provide. But they agree that some filtration is definitely happening: that’s why your bong water changes color, and needs to be replaced between bowl packs.

To learn more about percolation, check out our guide to honeycomb bongs.

Can you save big on Black Friday dab rigs?

Totally! You'll find some of the best dab rigs of 2019 included above. And thanks to these Black Friday weed deals, you can score massive savings this week.

In this post, we've almost exclusively included dab rigs that come with quartz bangers. Quartz is widely considered to be the superior material for dab nails. (Unlike glass, it doesn't break under high heat; it also delivers the cleanest flavors of your cannabis concentrates.)

Pro tip: If you choose to buy a cheap dab rig, it will probably come with a glass dab nail, which is likely to break when you use it. But no worries! You can buy a dab nail separately. Just make sure to choose the correct joint size for your dab rig.

We've made it easy for you, by including joint sizing for each of the best dab nails available right now.

How do I choose the best dab rig for me?

In our dab rig reviews, we focus on features that deliver additional filtration, like inline diffusers and tree percolators. Similar to percolator bongs, these dab rigs filter your hit through water, making it easier on your lungs.

We also look for durable, sturdy dab rigs that are unlikely to tip over. A bent-neck design wins points with us, too. Ergonomic dabbing is important: you don't want to get a cramp in your neck midway through your dab sesh.

What's the deal with the Snoop Dogg glass collection?

Any of the dab rigs or bongs from Snoop's "Pounds" Collection would make a great gift. They come with a decorative Snoop-themed box. And what's more festive than Snoop-themed paraphernalia?

The rapper's glass line is called "Pounds," presumably named for his weekly intake of cannabis.

For decades, Snoop has been spreading his own message of peace and love drenched in THC. Now he has a cooking show with Martha Stewart, the 71-year-old lifestyle guru who calls Snoop a true friend.

Get a glass piece inspired by this cannabis icon, and you'll be laid back, Snoop-style. Whether you have your money on your mind and your mind on your money is up to you. But thanks to these Black Friday sales, at least your mind will be on your massive savings.

Can I buy CBD online on Black Friday?

You sure can! It's easy to buy CBD online. Just use our guides to make sure you're only buying CBD backed by third-party lab results.

In researching for our CBD coverage, I've contacted hundreds of CBD companies and asked them for lab results. (We don't cover any CBD products without third-party lab results.)

Check out our guide to the best CBD gummies!

And feel free to bookmark this page to stay tuned about Black Friday CBD deals later this week.

Can I buy CBD on Amazon on Black Friday?

On any given day, it is possible to buy real CBD on Amazon.

But it's not easy. You want to make sure you buy from legitimate brands, so you avoid scam "CBD" sellers.

Check out our article about avoiding scam CBD on Amazon for more information.

What's the best way to celebrate Green Friday?

Stay home. Crowds of shoppers will be storming all stores, including dispensaries.

So be prepared. Buy your weed in advance. Then spend Black Friday chilling out hard, while you shop up an appetite, so you can help polish off those leftovers later.

Online shopping helps you digest. That's a fact. So does weed. Pair them and shop for the best weed accessories online.

Maybe, in a turkey-tryptophan-induced haze, you'll realize that you're ready to pick up a new hobby: dabbing. Buy a dab rig on Black Friday! Don't forget a dab torch, too. 

Bonus: You can use your new dab torch to make creme brulee, or other caramelized desserts, like flamed s'mores. Which will sound great, after your fourth dab — even after all that turkey.

That's actually why butane torches were originally invented, before the dawn of dabbing. They were a favorite tool of professional chefs.

What other kitchen appliances could help us smoke weed more effectively? If you find out, let us know!

For inspiration, feel free to check out our guide to the best Black Friday appliance deals. (What could stoners come up with for the air fryer?)

Anyway, if you take advantage of these Black Friday weed deals, you'll be a hero of the holiday season. Get a bong for your stoner sister, your stoner roommate, your stoner parents, or your dabbing neighbor. This is what the holidays are all about.

Here's to well-filtered bong hits, huge dabs, and massive savings!

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