Fedor “MMA’s Angel of Death” Emelianenko

Maybe we don’t want Fedor Emelianenko in the UFC. At first MMA fans had to wonder if he felt like an unwanted orphan, traveling from foster home to orphanage, leaving a wake of “closed” signs in the windows. At this point, it seems like Fedor has signed with every MMA organization except the UFC. He’s bounced around from Pride to Bodog to Affliction and now to Strikeforce.

Everyone’s been raving for years that they want Fedor to sign a UFC contract. But I say “nay.” Keep that angel of death away from the UFC.

It’s so perfect, too. He looks so innocent and jolly that you’d never expect an underlying force of destruction, waiting to latch on and suck each organization dry with his brilliant Sambo moves, keen eye for knockout sweetspots and deadly submissions.

In short, Fedor is simply too good of a fighter to market. I don’t need to see Brock Lesnar lose that badly.