In the world of mixed marital arts, few fighters have the charisma of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. The Memphis-born fighter rose to the top of the Pride ranks with a brutal, physical style that often featured him manhandling his opponents with suspiciously pro-wrestling-esque moves. Since coming to the UFC, his star has continued to rise, with several low-budget film roles coming his way. But now he looks poised to break through to the big time, with The Sun reporting that he’s been chosen to fill Mr. T’s shoes as B.A. Baracus in the upcoming big-screen A-Team movie, alongside Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper. It’s the Sun, so take it with a grain of salt, but I’d bet Rampage could drink milk, pity fools, get freaked out on airplanes and blow stuff up with the best of them.