Top 5 Funniest MMA Videos by Lookoutawhale

It’s Friday, and after a long hard week at the office, we decided to start your day off with a laugh. Though it was tough, we narrowed down the body of work by “Lookoutawhale” into what we consider the top 5 videos in his catalog. If you don’t know who Lookoutawhale is, then you are in for a treat. He put Georges St. Pierre and his “riddum” on the map and has even messed with Fedor Emelianenko and UFC President Dana White. There is only one word to describe this man, and that word is genius. Behold, Lookoutawhale and all his glory.

1. George St. Pierre in MMA Punchout

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2. Understanding the “Riddum”

3. Dana White in Super F’n Mario Bros.

4. MMA Sky Suplex

5. Last Emperor’s Punchout

BONUS! Epic Beard Man’s Punchout

To watch all of Lookoutawhale’s videos, visit his Youtube page here.

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