WEC 47 Participants Talk Strategy, Opponents

All four participants in the two featured bouts and next weekend’s WEC 47 card in Columbus took the time to participate in a media conference call today. Brian Bowles, Miguel Torres, Dominick Cruz and Joseph Benavidez joined Peter Dropick and WEC General Manager Reed Harris for the call. Here’s a quick wrapup:

— Heavy.com blogger Miguel Torres talks about the decision behind changing his camp and his training style. Miguel says it had nothing to do with his regular training partners, but was based the idea that he needed training partners who were focused on mixed martial arts full time. Torres felt he had become too complacent and needed to shake things up, so he sought out Robert Drysdale, Kurt Pellegrino and others.

— Dominick Cruz talks about living a life devoid of excess. He only purchases the bare essentials and sleeps on a mattress on the floor of his tiny studio apartment. Cruz says he grew up in a trailer with nothing to call his own, and he has continued living that way because it allows him to focus on his goal of a championship belt. Says he may invest in a new television soon because he’s tired of his 25 year old screen and will probably buy a new bedroom set soon, but outside of that he doesn’t really need much to survive.

— Joseph Benavidez says the spotlight being on Torres and his return doesn’t affect him at all because he understands why Torres gets the spotlight. But if he beats Torres, the spotlight will be his. He’s been sparring with tall professional and amateur boxers to simulate the reach advantage Torres will have in the cage.

— Brian Bowles says nothing has changed for him as a champion. He takes offense to people who say he scored a lucky punch on Torres, because he trained to throw that punch and landed it, so how can it be lucky? He has a great point there.

— Reed Harris says that ticket sales for WEC 47 are strong in Columbus and that they are poised for a strong show. Harris also says that the Sacramento show next month with Aldo/Faber on PPV will be their biggest event ever in terms of ticket sales — the company is expecting over 15,000 sold tickets.

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