James Toney Wants Brock Lesnar

When it comes to his potential first fight with the UFC, James Toney certainly isn’t expecting any handouts. In fact, Toney wants to start at the top — with UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

“I want Brock Lesnar,” Toney told the cast of Inside MMA. “I’m the heavyweight champion of the world taking on the UFC champion. That would be a hell of a match.”

We’re all for bravado here at Heavy.com, and kudos to Toney for shooting for the stars. But challenging the biggest, strongest heavyweight wrestler in the division probably isn’t the best of moves at this junction in his MMA career.

Toney said he’d also be willing to face Randy Couture or Tito Ortiz if Lesnar isn’t available. “It doesn’t matter to me. I’m not a sideshow. This is the real deal,” Toney said.

It’s still very likely that Toney will face Kimbo Slice in his first UFC bout, but Slice first has to get past Matt Mitrione this summer.

Check out the video of Toney’s comments after the jump.