Marcus Davis Wants Dan Hardy to Die. Of AIDS.

1267506010_Marcus Davis Twitter.jpg

Remember how everyone went into a frenzy last week when Frank Mir spoke fondly of his wish for Brock Lesnar to become the first Octagon-related death in UFC history? Well, when it comes to wishing death upon a former opponent, Marcus Davis just made Mir look like a rank amateur.

Davis lost to Hardy last June, and he’s had a tough time letting go of the loss. Davis took Hardy’s pre-fight banter to heart and seemingly developed a hatred so intense that felt it necessary to take to the Twitter airwaves on Monday and announce publicly his wish for Hardy to die of AIDS. Yikes.

The UFC required that Mir apologize for his comments regarding Lesnar, and Dana White called it “the most unprofessional thing I’ve ever seen.” One can only imagine what White’s reaction was upon seeing these remarks from Marcus Davis.

Davis has since deleted the offending message, but that’s the beauty of the internet: someone always takes a screenshot.