Dana White: Strikeforce Bush League, C-Level Promotion

In an interview with Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports, Dana White reacted to the craziness that took place this past weekend at Strikeforce: Nashville.  White says a verbal deal was in place to have the UFC on CBS a couple of years ago.  However, the deal fell through and White did not hold back in expressing what he thought of the whole situation:

“Now, they’re stuck with a bush league, C-level promotion that will probably be out of business next month,” he added. “And what you saw on Saturday is the kind of thing that happens when you put a product like that on national television.”

White goes on to discuss Nate Diaz, currently under contract with him at the UFC, and his role in the incident.  He ends with his thoughts on CBS commentator Gus Johnson, who totally blew it on the mic during the ordeal.