Strikeforce: Nashville Draws An Unimpressive 2.9 Million Viewers

The numbers are in for Saturday night’s “Strikeforce: Nashville” broadcast on CBS and they are rather unimpressive.

The night featured three championship fights, all of which went the entire five rounds of scheduled fighting. In the evening’s main event, Strikeforce pitted the unappreciated middleweight champion Jake Shields against Dan Henderson, who was set to act as the biggest draw for the event.

However, the former PRIDE champion did little to bring in the attention, as the event drew in just 2.9 million viewers, making it one of the more unsuccessful mixed martial arts events to grace CBS. Comparing it to Strikeforce’s first event on CBS shows just how far the numbers have fallen.

“Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers” averaged just over 4 million viewers on CBS and was topped off by a stellar knockout victory for Fedor Emelianenko over Brett Rogers. The event was promoted in a much better way than the Nashville show, which could prove the reason for such a dip in the ratings and the reason Dan Henderson was not as large of a draw as the promotion had anticipated.