Strikeforce: Houston Pre-Fight Press Conference Quotes & Photos


On how the fans are treating him now that he’s the light heavyweight champion:
“I don’t really notice a difference. I like the fans that understand MMA. But a lot of the fans don’t understand MMA, and they just want to talk trash. Like I said, the fans who don’t know anything, I just don’t even listen to. But the ones who are knowledgeable? I will listen to them all day. But the ones who just talk out of their neck, I don’t pay attention to.”

On the mutual respect between he and Feijao:
“I respect Feijao. We train with some of the same people. I have no problem with him. He never questioned my character like Mousasi did. Mousasi was quick to go on record and say that I’m full of myself and I’m this and I’m that. Me and Feijao, we didn’t need to do that. We’ll do that Saturday. We’ll fight Saturday and have fun.”

On whether or not he has anything to prove on Saturday:
“Yeah, man. The champion always has something to prove. I think any fighter that steps in the cage has something to prove. And to be real with you, in MMA there is no true favorite in the cage. Because when the door closes, everybody is even. So I’m not really worried about anything but just winning this fight.”

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