Rogan, Miller, And Cuban Featured On Tonight’s Inside MMA

The latest edition of “Inside MMA” has an extra kick to it, as Jason “Mayhem” Miller, UFC commentator Joe Rogan, and HDNet Chairman and Co-Founder Mark Cuban will all be featured as guests.

HDNet officials announced the news earlier today.

Cuban’s appearance on the show will be his first and he is set to deliver “exciting news that MMA fans won’t want to miss”, as well as discussing his relationship with UFC president Dana White. Meanwhile, Rogan and Miller will certainly provide the show with some extra entertainment. “Mayhem” is set to discuss his upcoming fight with Kazushi Sakuraba, while Rogan will address Sakuraba’s place in the history of the sport.

The episode, which marks the three-year anniversary of the show, will air live tonight on HDNet at 9 p.m. ET. The episode will also feature Part Two of the exclusive and controversial interview with New York Assemblyman Bob Reilly, who makes several outrageous comparisons between crimes and the sport of MMA. Finally, Ron Kruck’s “Inside America’s Gym” series continues with a trip to Greg Jackson’s gym in New Mexico.