Elliot Sadler Thinks TapouT Car Will Be Intimidating In NASCAR

Tapout sponsored NASCAR Nationwide Series car

TapouT Sponsored NASCAR car

NASCAR driver Elliot Sadler is excited to drive the TapouT sponsored Kevin Harvick Inc. Chevrolet in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

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“It’s awesome. The car looks bad ass,” Sadler told TapouT Radio. “The car looks scary. I like the flat black look, and of course I love the logo. Everybody loves the logo. I think it’s going to show up good.”

“It’s straight and to the point. It’s is nothing fancy. There’s nothing girlish about it.”

The car will debut on the track at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on March 5.

“I’m glad I get to race it in Vegas. I know we have a ton of NASCAR fans in Vegas, but I know we have a ton of TapouT fans and MMA fans in that area also,” said Sadler.

“I’m pumped,” he added. “I’m glad to have it on my car and kind of reach out to a new bunch of fans to get interested in NASCAR.”

Sadler believes the TapouT logo will be intimidating on the track to other drivers.

“It’s got to be intimidating because it’s such a cool brand. We all know what TapouT means when we see it. We all know what that logo means and what sport it represents,” stated Sadler. “Then you add the black car, which in the history of NASCAR, every body that’s had black cars in the past have been intimidating. “

“I think people are going to love it first because I think you have a lot of young fans that are huge fans of your sport. We all know it’s the fastest growing sport that there is right now, and the demographic is a lot the same as NASCAR,” added the 35-year old driver.

“I think people are going to relate to it and love seeing it on the race track from a fan perspective. I think the drivers are going to be intimidated by it. It’s just a cool logo and the way it shows up on that huge hood on the front of the car, I just think it’s going to stand out.”

The 2011 NASCAR season begins this weekend at Daytona International Raceway.