Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson Complete Results


Round 1: The two middleweights touch gloves to start the third fight of the evening. Kennedy is pressing forward here, but now begins circling around the cage. No one is throwing as of yet, and Kennedy misses with a long right hand. Lawler takes a kick below the belt, but almost immediately says he is ready to start again. Kennedy shoots from an absurd distance, and Lawler stuffs it without a problem. Kennedy shoots again, and Lawler makes him pay for it, landing a few nice shots. Lawler is pressing forward and is staying active on the feet. Another shot, and Kennedy gets it this time. Lawler nearly escapes, but is dragged down again. Insane scramble going on and Kennedy somehow stays on top. He is looking for a choke, but can’t seem to get it. Lawler escapes back to the feet. Kennedy shoots again after a brief stalemate on the feet and earns the takedown. He goes from side control to mount almost effortlessly with 30 seconds to go in the round. Lawler pushes him off after eating some shots. The two are back on the feet and throwing bombs as the round comes to a close. HeavyMMA scores it 10-9 for Kennedy.

Round 2: Fighters touch gloves to begin round two, and Kennedy looking for kicks to start. He shoots in for a takedown, but it gets stuffed. Leg kick lands for Kennedy. Lawler is hesitant to engage. Kennedy shoots again, but can’t get the takedown. Lawler scrambles, but somehow gets taken down again. A ton of blood is flowing out of Daley’s forehead, as he looks to maintain dominant position. Kennedy postures up and is throwing big shots from the top. Lawler is brushing them off really well, but is still on bottom with a minute to go. Lawler lands a vicious elbow from the bottom. Not much scores for Kennedy considering how much he threw, and the round comes to a close. HeavyMMA scores it 10-9 for Kennedy.

Round 3: Kennedy looks for another takedown to begin the round, as Lawler throws vicious hooks. A front kick from Kennedy comes up short after the failed takedown. Lawler is pressing forward and certainly looks like the fresher fighter. Kennedy shoots for a takedown, but it gets stuffed. Head kick lands for Kennedy, but Lawler is still pressing forward. Leg kick lands for Kennedy. Not much action going on now as we reach the two minute mark. Kennedy looks to close the gap, but eats an uppercut and just dodges a hook. He gets the takedown as the fight winds down, likely taking the round. HeavyMMA scores it 10-9 for Kennedy.

Official Decision: Kennedy def. Lawler via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Round 1: Tate immediately looks for a takedown after Coenen misses with an overhand right. She presses Coenen against the cage, but can’t seem to get the takedown. Coenen thinks about pulling guard, but decides against it. Tate is warned for holding the fence, but continues to press the champion against the cage. Coenen breaks away and they are back in the center. Coenen lands a nice left hook, and Tate puts together a combo of her own. Coenen clinches and lands a knee, while Tate looks for a takedown. Coenen is thinking about a guillotine, as the two roll to the mat. It looks deep, and Tate is thinking about tapping here. Tate somehow survives a very deep choke there and is in side control. Tate rolls to a crucifix position, and Coenen attempts to roll out. North-south position now for Tate. Coenen looks to roll away yet again, but fails to. Under 30 seconds remaining. Not much action in the closing seconds, as Tate remains on top. HeavyMMA scores the round 10-9 for the challenger.

Round 2: The two fighters come forward to start out the second round, neither appearing the least bit frightened. Tate pressing Coenen against the cage, looking for a takedown. Coenen is attempting to get a kimura, but as Tate rolls, Coenen takes her back on the ground. Body triangle locked on by the champion, and Tate could be in trouble here. Elbows from the champion, who lets the body lock go. She continues to land shots with under two minutes to go. The champion is looking to flatten her opponent out, landing nice shots with under one minute to go. She is running out of time, but still looking for the choke. Tate nearly rolls completely over at the end of the round, but can’t completely escape. HeavyMMA scores the lopsided round 10-9 for Coenen.

Round 3: Coenen with leg kicks at the start of round three, but Tate is the one who gets the big takedown. Tate attempts to land from the top, but Coenen has her wrapped up, while looking for a submission opening. Tate postures up, but then moves back to the guard of Coenen. Finally, the two are stood back up with just under two minutes remaining in the frame. Leg kick lands for the champion, and Tate looks for another takedown. She earns it, but is eating elbows from her opponent. Coenen looking for a kimura here, back against the cage. She lets it go. Not much action going on, until Coenen reverses and takes top control at the end of the round. Too little, too late. HeavyMMA scores the round 10-9 for Tate.

Round 4: Right hands traded to start the first round. One-two combo lands for Coenen, and, after several ineffective exchanges, Tate looks for a takedown. She gets it, but Coenen is looking for a choke her. She lets it go. Tate is in side control, and Coenen is looking to burst out of this position. Tate nearly earns mount, but elects to go for the anaconda choke on the other side. She has it and submits the champion.

Official Decision: Tate def. Coenen via submission at 3:03 of Round 4


Round 1: Fedor comes out strong with several hooks, but misses with most. Henderson counters, but also is missing. Frantic start to the fight. Fedor lands a left hand, and Henderson presses him against the cage in the clinch. Someone is already bleeding. It is Fedor’s. Henderson is digging knees into the legend’s leg. Two minutes down and the pace has slowed drastically. Finally, Henderson separates and barely misses with a left hook that certainly could have ended the night. Fedor misses with a right hand, but presses forward and lands a big shot. Neither of these guys seem to want to go to the judges’ scorecards. Fedor pressing forward and lands a vicious right hand. Henderson falls to the floor. Fedor follows in, but is reversed. Henderson on top, blasting Fedor. It is over. Insane finish to the fight.

Official Decision: Henderson def. Emelianenko via technical knockout at 4:12 of Round 1


Gabriel Salinas-Jones d. Bryan Humes via submission, round 3
Derek Brunson d. Lumumba Sayers via submission, round 1
Alexis Davis d. Julie Kedzie via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
Tyler Stinson d. Eduardo Pamplona via TKO, round 1
Gesias Cavalcante d. Bobby Green via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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