The Ultimate Fighter 14: Episode 10 Recap

John Dodson prepares for his bout with Johnny Bedford, under the watchful eye of none other than Johnny Bedford, who apparently doesn’t feel bad at all about watching Dodson train since, you know, Dodson leaked information to Team Bisping all season long.

Mayhem says he won’t be involved in coaching either guy and will let his team take it.

Bedford thinks he’s a bad matchup for Dodson, but Dodson ain’t hearing none of that. He says he’d love to see Bedford try to take him down. He says he might be short, but he has long-ass arms.

And we’re jumping directly into the weigh-ins. No playing around this week, at all.

Johnny Bedford (136) vs. John Dodson (135)

Dodson lets out his creepy laugh during the face off. Bisping tries to get under Mayhem’s skin by asking him who will win the fight. You know, since he coached both of them during the season.

Back at the house, Dodson tells a small group that he’s better everywhere than Bedford. Meanwhile, Bedford is swimming alone and shadowboxing all by himself out in the pool. Dodson sure doesn’t lack for confidence, does he? He says he’s gonna win because “he’s awesome and you’re not.” I’ve heard that catchphrase before.


Bedford looked pretty good, holding his own for much of the first round. And while he wasn’t able to take Dodson down (as Dodson promised), he likely won the first round. It was close.

But then Dodson caught him early in the second with a nasty left hook, dropped him to the canvas and proceeded to knock him completely unconscious with ground and pound. This was a late stoppage by Herb Dean, unfortunately. Bedford had no clue where he was, and I mean that literally, because he responded to the question of “do you know where you are” with “Ohio.” No, the Ultimate Fighter gym is not in Ohio. John Dodson d. Johnny Bedford via TKO, round 2

Bedford cries and says he still believes he’s the better fighter. At this point, it doesn’t matter, as Dodson will move on to face T.J. Dillashaw in the bantamweight finals. They’re the two best guys in the house and this was to be expected.

Back at the house, Diego is sharpening a knife. On a rock. They’re definitely playing up his crazy side, and Caraway looks worried. Well, he should be, because Diego Brandao is one crazy dude. Brandao says he wants to win so he can show up in Brazil, surprise his mother and buy her a house. Or something along those lines. Even with the subtitles, I’m still not quite sure.

Caraway’s telling his team how he throws up before fights. Mayhem is flabbergasted by this. He essentially tells Caraway to stop being crazy. He also admits that Bryan has a really tough opponent in Diego, but that he does have the skills to beat Diego if he can focus his nervous energy. I’m not sure about that.

Time for weigh-ins.

Diego Brandao (145) vs. Bryan Caraway (145)

Bisping tries to goad Mayhem into a bet on the fight, and this time he succeeds. It’s a $100 wager.

Back at the house, it’s party time. It’s the last night in the house, so they throw down. Mayhem rides a tiny bicycle through the house in his underwear, and then sets up a ramp to jump the bike into the pool. They start up a game of beer pong and everyone but Diego has a good time. He’s pissed off because he’s still trying to focus on his fight. He says an angel told him he’s going to kill Bryan and that God is with him. Yep, this guy is crazy.


Caraway tried early and often for the takedown, but seemed to mentally break when he realized it wasn’t going to happen. Diego used nasty leg kicks that quickly bruised Caraway’s lead leg, and at that point, it seemed like only a matter of time before this one ended.

And sure enough, it was. Diego started headhunting, finally rocking Caraway with a left hook and a head kick that dropped him to the mat. He absolutely killed Caraway with ground and pound, to the point where the fight could have (and should have) been stopped, but Caraway recovered enough to get back to his feet. Brandao continued beating him on the ground, but Caraway got back up. Brando drilled him with a flying knee, causing Caraway to stumble around the cage before falling to his back, where Brandao dropped a nasty flying punch and ended the fight. That guy is a total badass and I can’t wait to see what he does against better competition in the UFC. Diego Brandao d. Bryan Caraway via TKO, round 1

So our finals are set:

FEATHERWEIGHT: Diego Brandao vs. Dennis Bermudez
BANTAMWEIGHT: John Dodson vs. TJ Dillashaw

Dillashaw and Brandao have to be the favorites. The TUF 14 Finale fights are going to be very interesting.