UFC Star Chael Sonnen Wins Jim Rome’s 2012 Smack-Off

Jim Rome Show – 2012 Smack Off (Chael Sonnen)Chael Sonnen2012-05-18T19:08:06.000Z

UFC top middleweight contender an equal opportunity smack talker on show

Call in to question Chael Sonnen‘s win over Michael Bisping, for instance, if you must. But it’s probably wise to never call in ot question his smack-talking skills.

Sonnen, the UFC’s top middleweight contender, took a break from prep for his title fight against Anderson Silva at UFC 148 in July to call in on Friday to “The Jim Rome Show” for Rome’s annual Smack-Off competition. And Sonnen walked away with the 2012 title.

His win, of course, had detractors crying that the fix was in – that Rome wanted to give the title to a celebrity. But Rome said on Twitter that in 18 Smack-Off competitions, Sonnen was the first celeb winner over a fan caller, including previous finalists Jay Mohr and Jim Harbaugh – and that Sonnen simply had the best call.

Sonnen took on just about everyone in his lengthy rant. Here’s a mostly complete list of whom he took to task:

Wayne Gretzky’s daughter, John Travolta, Jay Mohr, NFL athletes, the NBA, The Kardashians, Kobe Bryant, MLB, Obese Americans, the PGA, “Dancing With the Stars” contestants, Tiger Woods, NASCAR, and NASCAR, and NASCAR some more, uneducated Southern white males … and when he was finished, he even worked in a plug for his new book, “The Voice of Reason,” which was released earlier this month.

All in a day’s work for Chael Sonnen.