EA Sports To Produce Next UFC Video Game

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UFC Undisputed 3's Brock Lesnar, left, and Alistair Overeem

EA Sports attains licensing rights for UFC video game

Game developer EA Sports will produce the next official video game for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

BusinessWire announced today that Zuffa, LLC and EA Sports came to an agreement on a licensing contract.

THQ, Inc. previously held those rights.

“We’ve relished our relationship with the UFC over the last several years and believe that UFC gaming brand is in great shape,” THQ Brian Farrell told BusinessWire. “THQ’s more focused strategy moving forward meant that transferring the license to EA made sense to all parties.”

EA previously released “EA MMA,” but found little success due to a limited roster of fighters. Meanwhile, THQ, Inc. has released three UFC games, beginning with a 2009 debut.

EA is also the maker of massive sports titles Madden Football, Tiger Woods Golf, NCAA Football and FIFA Soccer.

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